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OIA Trivial Pursuit


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A trivia game of questions about the staff of OIA and their work, to help the new Dean of OIA get to know us.

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OIA Trivial Pursuit

  1. 1. Trivial PursuitInternational Admissions and Recruitment Edition
  2. 2. Subjects: Geography Literature Entertainment Science & Nature History Sports & Leisure
  3. 3. Subject: HistoryWhich of the following questions is one I have never been askedin the past on a recruiting trip?a) Are you the real Purdue University?b) Have there been any shootings on your campus?c) Do you know of any good matchmakers in the U.S.?d) What is your international retention rate?
  4. 4. Answerb) Have there been any shootings on your campus?
  5. 5. Subject: Sports & (non-)LeisureThe average workday on a recruitment tour is 8 hours. True False
  6. 6. AnswerFalse!The average workday on a recruitmenttour is usually around12 hours.(Jennifer longs for beach-time breakswith bon-bons.)
  7. 7. Subject: Science & Nature&NatureHow many software programs does International AdmissionsUse?a) 12b) 3c) 5d) None; we only use paper, typewriters and carrier pigeons
  8. 8. Answer c) 5 SIS Sunapsis Outlook IUIE Onbase
  9. 9. Subject: GeographyInternational Admissions processes applications of U.S. citizens. True False
  10. 10. AnswerTrue!IF the student hasmore than one year ofeducation outside of theU.S., then InternationalAdmissions will process theapplication.…although there are exceptions.
  11. 11. Subject: GeographyFrom which country has International Admissions processed anapplication in the past year?a) Madagascarb) Coralandc) Paraguayd) Republic of Mauritius
  12. 12. Answerd) Republic of Mauritius
  13. 13. Subject: HistoryWhich of the following is Administrative Support Assistant and OfficialOffice Baker Tony Wooden’s biggest pet peeve?a) The student omits his or her zip code on the applicationb) The student lists a major that we don’t have, such as chemical engineering or umbrella engineeringc) Spelling her name on her SAT scores as “Sally Chen”, but as “Ziyi Chen” on her application, thus resulting in duplicate SIS records for the same student and an e-mail to the SIS help desk that will be answered in 4 to 48 hoursd) A 137-page set of course descriptions to scan
  14. 14. AnswerC) Spelling her name on herSAT scores as “Sally Chen”,but as “Ziyi Chen” on herapplication, thus resulting induplicate SIS records for thesame student and an emialto the SIS help desk that willbe answered in 4 to 48hours(Sub-question: how many cakes canTony make in 48 hours?)
  15. 15. Subject: EntertainmentWhich of the following entertaining activities does LeadInternational Credentials Analyst, Mary Dunaway do during theworkday?a) Trip students in the hallb) Have lunch with her husbandc) Shop online for stuffed kittensd) Take long walks on the canal
  16. 16. AnswerAlthough Mary has been suspected of Student Tripping, the onlyactivity that has been confirmed that she enjoys isb) Having lunch with her husband
  17. 17. Subject: Literature What do the following questions have in common?What undergraduate degree program at IUPUI do you wish to pursue?As of today, what academic achievement are you most proud of?Have you been away from school for more than three months?Have you failed any courses or earned more than one or two poorgrades?Is there anything else in your background that you want to bring to theadmissions committee’s attention as it reviews your application?
  18. 18. AnswerThese are all questionswe ask undergraduateapplicants to answer intheir “Statement ofPurpose.”
  19. 19. Subject: Science and NatureWhich of the following is Director Jan Aycock’s biggest fear in her OIAwork life?a) One day the Canadian Geese on this campus will rise up, take over and fire all the humans in what will be known as the “Water Foul Revolution”b) The women’s restroom will be relocated to an even further location from OIA and she will be reduced to wearing “Depends.”c) A solar flare will create a magnetic field that will wipe out this year’s data of admitting 553 undergrads and 697 grads, and she won’t have anything to compare next year’s data withd) The graduate “e-app” will increase the number of processing “nodes” from four to five
  20. 20. Answerb) The women’s restroom will be relocated to an even furtherlocation from OIA and she will be reduced to wearing “Depends.”
  21. 21. Subject: HistoryWhere has Marienne Kinsey, International Credentials Analystworked in the past?a) Hallmark Cardsb) As a telemarketer for the Indiana Arborist Societyc) Barnum & Baily Circus as a High-wireistd) NCAA
  22. 22. Answerd) NCAAMarienne was a credentials analyst at the NCAA before we stoleher to work at OIA.She still has dreams of walking the high wire someday.
  23. 23. Subject: HistoryOrder the following International Admissions stafffrom shortest to longest time with the office:Ming Liu, International Credentials AnalystSuzy Younger, International Transfer Credit AnalystTony Wooden, Administrative Support AssistantCora Schneider, Lead International Credentials Analyst
  24. 24. Answer Ming Liu Cora Schneider Suzy Younger Tony Wooden
  25. 25. Thanks for playing Trivial PursuitInternational Admissions and Recruitment Edition