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Looking at WordPress through the eyes of a Software Researcher


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Talk given at WordCamp Europe 2015 on:

"What does a researcher have to say about the WordPress source code and the community behind it? Join us on this talk on unusual “WordPress analytics” and see what we can learn, and improve!, from the way WordPress (and the plugin and theme ecosystem around it) is developed nowadays."

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Looking at WordPress through the eyes of a Software Researcher

  1. 1. Looking at WordPress Through the Eyes ofa SoftwareResearcher Jordi Cabot Javier Cánovas & Valerio Cosentino @softmodeling
  2. 2.
  3. 3.
  4. 4. With a little help from my friends Flickr/ShenanPeruma Seelast slidefora fulllistof tools/articlesusedinthepreparation ofthistalk through-the-eyes-of-a-software-researcher
  5. 5. 1. Measuring WordPress Flickr/ SeanMacEntee
  6. 6. “ You cannot fix what you cannot measure
  7. 7. Temporal Evolution
  8. 8. File Evolution
  9. 9. 2. Improving WordPress Flickr/JDHancock
  10. 10. “ The best way to start contributing to an OSS is by using a static analyzer
  11. 11. Errorsin the WordPresscore
  12. 12. Errorsin the WordPresscore
  13. 13. Plugin Interference Hookinterferences (WP+Top10plugins) Flickr/ RobertDavies Actions Filters Shortcodes 38 43 2
  14. 14. 3. WordPress Community Flickr/JamesCridland
  15. 15. “ Power to the people © Apple Records
  16. 16. Internal vs. External Collaborators
  17. 17. Top5 Committers
  18. 18. Bus Factor NumberofWordPressdevelopers who wouldneedtobehitbyabustomake theprojectunabletoproceed Flickr/ ThomasHawk
  19. 19. Bus FactorEvolution
  20. 20. Bus FactorEvolution 64.43% 12.58%
  21. 21. Label Analysis LabelUsage
  22. 22. Label Analysis User Involvement
  23. 23. ExplicitGovernance Model ******
  24. 24. ExplicitGovernance Model ******
  25. 25. ExplicitGovernance Model ****** All bugs and feature requests will be accepted or rejected with no deadline by theleaderoftheproject… /generate/2010000000500000000001 Verbalization Permalink
  26. 26. And much more...
  27. 27. Let’s work together jordi.cabot@ @softmodeling Flickr/ StasluTomczak
  28. 28. List of references ◎ WP Codebase metrics calculated with Gitana, a sql-based Git inspector: ◎ Error detection thanks to static PHP analyzers by JetBrains (, SSVChecker ( and Weverca ( ◎ Results on plugin interference taken from: L. Mousavi Eshkevari, G. Antoniol, J.R. Cordy, M. Di Penta: Identifying and locating interference issues in PHP applications: the case of WordPress. ICPC 2014: 157-167 ◎ Read more about the bus factor of a software project and how to calculate it on: ◎ Label analysis thanks to GiLA: ◎ Governance proposal for OSS described in: J.L Canovas, J. Cabot: Enabling the Definition and Enforcement of Governance Rules in Open Source Systems, ICSE SEIS, 2015 Except whereotherwisenoted,content on this site is licensed undera CreativeCommons Attribution 3.0License.