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Stefano Maestri - JBug Milano April 2012

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  1. 1. Who is Stefano?● JBoss WS[1] committer since early 2007● Committer of various Jboss projects● JBoss / Red Hat employee since July 2010● JBoss AS7[2] team memeber● IronJacamar[4] team member● Wise[3] project leader● Follow me:, [1] [2] [3] [4]
  2. 2. AS7 in a nutshellFast●Very fast●Blazingly fast (<3s startup)●#@*%ing fast●
  3. 3. AS7 in a nutshell (seriosly)●Blazingly fast (<3s startup)●Lightweight●Modular core●Hot, parallel deployment●Elegant administration●Domain management●Easy testable
  4. 4. Boot time
  5. 5. Memory
  6. 6. Core rewritten from scratch to achive..● Improved usability, increased manageability, simplified configuration● Domain management● Multiple consistent management interfaces ● CLI, Java API, HTTP API, Console● Unified user-focused configuration● Modular ● Only API – no implementation details ● True isolation
  7. 7. Simplified user-focused configuration
  8. 8. Standalone mode● Standalone is a single AS process for use in development, where the additional management functionality is not required● Provides a similar development experience to previous versions of the JBoss AS, allowing a deployment to be dropped in a folder and automatically be deployed● Same management tools and APIs as domain mode
  9. 9. Domain mode● Easy management of multiple JBoss AS instances● Managed from a single point, all have access to the same domain configuration● Allows for management and configuration updates to be pushed out to all servers● Domain mode has three separate processes ● Process Controller ● Host Controller ● Server instance
  10. 10. Domain processes● Process Controller ● Responsible for managing, starting / stopping processes ● Extremely simple● Host Controller ● One host controller is the domain controller, the rest are slaves ● Domain controller responsible for pushing management and configuration changes
  11. 11. Domain mode
  12. 12. Demos● Booting standalone mode● Booting domain mode
  13. 13. Architecture
  14. 14. JBoss Modules● New classloading project● Provides a modular (not hierarchical) classloading environment● Classloading is extremely fast● Classloading is truely isolated by default● Classloading is extremely flexible
  15. 15. Hierarchical classloading
  16. 16. Modular classloading
  17. 17. JBoss Modules● Fast ● O(1) dependency resolution ● Concurrent (lock-free in most Vms)● Pure modular classloading ● Can only resolve what they import● External configuration (module.xml)● Dynamic (can be redefined)● Extensible (JBoss OSGi)
  18. 18. module.xml
  19. 19. JBoss Modular Service Container (MSC)● Small, lightweight and efficient● Highly concurrent scalable state machine
  20. 20. Dynamic Model Representation (DMR)● Central detyped management API ● All management operations with/on DMR ● Backwards compatible● Can be used to control standalone or domain● Detypes (i.e. string based) API uses small set of Java classes● Various transports (Java remoting, JSON/HTTP)
  21. 21. Dynamic Model Representation (DMR)
  22. 22. Managing with cli● Text base user interface● Easy to use both for standalone and domain mode● Scriptable.● Demo....
  23. 23. Managing with webconsole● Web console in AS7 is a best effort● It is now developed for most common administration tasks● It will increase its functions in next months● Its adding a lot of metrics● JBossON for EAP
  24. 24. Community● Get involved ! ● Base for JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6● Download ●● Forum ● ers
  25. 25. Community● Hacking on AS 7 ● 7● Webinars ●● Documentation ● umentation