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Intro JBug Milano - September 2011


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Edoardo Schepis - JBug Milano - September 2011

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Intro JBug Milano - September 2011

  1. 1. JBoss User Group Milano We like to share!20 Settembre 2011 JBoss User Group Milano
  2. 2. Agenda 20 Settembre 2011 ● 9.30: Welcome coffee ● 9.45: Benvenuto e prime informazioni sul JBUG ● 10.15: JBoss AS7 ● 11.00: Coffee Break ● 11.15: JBoss AS7 e i webservices ● 12.00: JBoss in cloud con OpenShift ● 12.45: Closing ● 13.00: Pranzo a buffet20 Settembre 2011 JBoss User Group Milano
  3. 3. Benvenuti!!!20 Settembre 2011 JBoss User Group Milano
  4. 4. Perchè il JBUG ● Sharing ● Knowledge ● Try ● Networking ● Ideas ● Solutions ● Relax!20 Settembre 2011 JBoss User Group Milano
  5. 5. JBoss in the News - Online● Webinars: ● AS7 on OpenShift:● JSFUnit:● Michael Anstis posted a story about the new Guvnor wizard framework, a nice improvement for Guvnor:● JBoss AS 7: Andy Taylor provided a quick tutorial on how to get started deploying JMS resources and MDBs using HornetQ:● We knew that HornetQ was fast, but now its faster than ever: 8 million messages per second, against the industry-standard SpecJMS2007 benchmark: Settembre 2011 JBoss User Group Milano
  6. 6. JBoss in the News - Events● JUDCon London: 31 Oct – 1 Nov ●● Devoxx 2011: 14-18 Nov ●● JavaOne 2011: 2-6 Oct ●● Cloud Developer Conference 2011: 13-14 Oct ●● Open Source Conference 2011 in Amsterdam: 9 Dec ●● ECOWS 2011 ●● JavaZone 2011: Testable Enterprise Development with Arquillian -● JBoss Events: ● Settembre 2011 JBoss User Group Milano
  7. 7. JBoss in the News - Books ● JBoss ESB Beginners Guide - Packt ● Practical RichFaces - APress20 Settembre 2011 JBoss User Group Milano
  8. 8. JBoss in the News - Openshift20 Settembre 2011 JBoss User Group Milano
  10. 10. JBoss Community & JBoss Enterprise Targeting Different Users & Use Cases Community Enterprise Community for developing open source middleware;  Use case driven platforms that integrate multiple focus on “release early, release often” projects into a single distribution By developers, for developers  Target corporate developers, enterprise architects & IT Operations 150+ projects with different release schedules, dependencies, versions etc.  Product focus on long- term stability & application application compatibility Community support focuses on current release only (e.g. no patches) & available via public forums, wikis, public  Up to 24x7 enterprise support for mission critical issue trackers, etc. applications & backed by a global network of Red Hat partners Ideal for experimental starter projects & early proof of concepts; not recommended for production use  Ideally suited for long-term enterprise production use 20 Settembre 2011 JBoss User Group Milano
  11. 11. JBoss Enterprise Middleware Product Delivery Process20 Settembre 2011 JBoss User Group Milano
  12. 12. Red Hat Services Cloud Strategy & Cloud Cloud Selection Implementation Governance JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform JBoss  JBoss  Developer  JBoss Enterprise JBoss Enterprise Data Services Platform OperationsEnterprise Studio  Business Rules Management System JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform Network Ready Seam Hibernate JBoss Enterprise Application Platform JBoss Enterprise Web Platform JBoss Enterprise Web Server Web Framework Kit Red Hat Enterprise Messaging JBoss Enterprise Data Grid RHEL, Unix, Windows Amazon EC2 Red Hat Enterprise Microsoft Other VMWare Virtualization Hyper-V Public Private20 Settembre 2011 JBoss User Group Milano
  13. 13. Lets Start!●●● Linkedin: JBUG Italia20 Settembre 2011 JBoss User Group Milano