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Tech Star Line Book

  1. 1. Instrumentation and Analytical Sales, Service & Training
  2. 2. Level Products Modernizing MeasureMent technology level radiation • Radar Based • uided Wave G MeasureMent Radar • Level • Ultrasonic • Density • Capacitive • Weigh Scales • Interface switching • Source Holders • Capacitive • lectronics and E • Conductive Accessories • Vibration Pressure • Process Pressure • Hydrostatic • agnetic Level Indicators M • ridle Measurement Solutions B • agnetostrictive M • adar or TDR R Level Transmitters Combination Systems • iscrete Alarming Switches D • ustom Design & Integration C 2
  3. 3. Pressure, Temperature & Flow Products FlowMeters For liQuids, gases and steaM • otaMASS Coriolis Flowmeters R • igitalYEWFLO Vortex Flowmeters d • XF Magnetic Flowmeters A • JA and EJX Pressure Transmitters E • TA Temperature Transmitters Y • ifferential Pressure Transmitters D Pitot tuBe • ost Effective Choice Measuring /Control C of the Flow of Liquid, Steam or Gas • Insertion-Type Flow Meter • Easily Installed • No Electronics or Moving Parts 3
  4. 4. Analytical Products (Gas) Mine saFety aPPliances Fixed gas detection instruments Portable gas detection instruments Multi-gas instruMents • Altair® 4 Altair® gas sensors/ • Orion® trans transMitters • Orion® Plus IR Orion® • UltimaX® Gas Monitors • Combustibles • Toxics • O2 saFeye™ Xenon 800 single-gas oPen Path systeM instruMents • FlameGard® • ALTAIR® • ALTAIR Pro® controllers • Suprema® • 9000 Series • GasGard® gala galaXy® test and caliBration e eQuiPMent industrial analyzers • ALTAIR® • MultiGard® • ALTAIR Pro® • Chemgard® • Chillgard® 4
  5. 5. Analytical Products (Gas) Process MeasureMents: • as Density Analyzer and Detector G • irconia Oxygen Analyzers Z and Detectors • rocess Gas Chromatograph P • uneable Diode Laser T Spectroscopy Analyzer Analytical Products (Liquid) analyzers and sensors: • H p • onductivity C • nductive Conductivity I • issolved Oxygen D • RP Measurements O • ART Foundation Fieldbus H • ROFIBUS P • nline Sensor Diagnostics O 5
  6. 6. Analytical Products (Liquid) in-line liQuid MeasureMents • Process Refractometers • Universal Calibration • Full Measurement Range • Dual Connectivity • Ethernet Connection • Digital System • Process Temperature Range: -20°C to 150°C -4°F to 300°F Upstream Oil & Gas Products • il and Gas Pressure Sensors O • est and Control Pressure Sensors T • Process Pressure Sensors • Wireless Products 6
  7. 7. Instrumentation Products hart® coMMunicator, caliBration, wireless, Pressure / level / Flow MFc 4150/4150X hart® MFt 4000 coMMunicator MultiFunctional • uick Start Up and Connect: Q Modular caliBrator 15 Seconds • HART® Communication • 60 Hours of Battery Life • ntrinsically Safe Option I • pdate Device Via U • anages and Stores M the Internet Calibrations network solutions: • XAdvanced Data Acquisition D and Display Station • T351 and YS1700 Industrial U Controllers 7
  8. 8. Connectivity Solutions • ignal Interface Modules S • able Interface Modules C • in-Rail Mounted Terminal Blocks D • rinted Circuit Board Products P • ndustrial Ethernet – Class 1, Div 2 I • ensor Actuator Interfaces S • ireless W • nclosures E • ectangular Connectors R • ools/Marking Products T 8
  9. 9. Product Offering analytical Product instruMentation general instruMentation oFFering Product oFFering Paperless VGR Chart Recorders liQuid analytics level P.I.D. Controllers pH/ORP Nuclear Positioners Conductivity/Resistivity Nuclear Interface Actuators Dissolved Oxygen Radar for Liquids Signal Conditioners Turbidity Radar for Solids Pump Controllers Nuclear Density Guided Wave Radar Wireless Systems Refractive Index/Percent Guided Wave Radar Interface HART® Communicators Concentration Magnetostrictive Level Gage Instrument Stands Colorimeters Magnetic Level Indicator Nuclear Brackets Oil/Water DP: Differential Pressure Stilling Wells Water/Oil Point Switch, Vibration, Silica, Fluoride, Ammonia, Nuclear & Microwave Barrier Pressure tanks & sensors Chloride Ultrasonic Differential Capacitive Gauge gas analytics Absolute area & Perimeter analyzers Flow Multivariable LEL Detectors Wedge Meters Hydrostatic Toxic Gas Detectors Vortex Meters Pressure Calibrators Oxygen Detectors Ultrasonic Meters Manometers Refrigerant Portable Ultrasonic Meters Point Infrared Detectors Coriolis Meters connectivity solutions Flame Detection Magnetic Meters Signal Interface Modules Open Path Monitor Multivariable Cable Interface Modules Photoacoustic Infrared Pitot Tubes Din-Rail Mounted Terminal Moisture Orifice Meters Blocks Flow Computers Printed Circuit Board Products Industrial Ethernet – teMPerature Class 1, Div 2 Field-Mounted Transmitters Sensor Actuator Interfaces Universal Input Transmitters Wireless Rail-Mounted Transmitters Enclosures RTDs Rectangular Connectors Thermocouples Tools/Marking Products Thermowells 9
  10. 10. Techstar Services nuclear services • Onsite Commissioning, Calibration and Start-up • Source Holder and Shutter Repair • Leak Tests and Shutter Checks • Source Disposal Facilitation • Bracket Fabrication • Radiological Services • Maintenance and Troubleshooting Manufacturer software calibration Procedures Flow surveys wireless surveys care and Maintenance of analyzer systems supervision • Pre-Installation • Installation/Start-up Factory certified in-house Bench repairs 10
  11. 11. Training techstar offers a variety of training services that can be administered at our training facility in Deer Park, or at your location. Through coordination with our various manufacturers we can provide courses that are specifically designed to meet your needs. Training is conducted by factory certified personnel with the goal of providing students hands-on experience and detailed technical training materials. Contact us directly to discuss your training needs. Pactware (radar) Pc hart communication software training • Basic Session gas analyzer Maintenance and long-term care • Advanced Session Basic gauge user course smartPro training radiation safety officer certification 11
  12. 12. houston ship channel – deer Park corporate headquarters greater houston corpus christi Baytown austin chocolate Bayou dallas Beaumont amarillo Port arthur Midland / odessa texas city longview Freeport Proudly representing for all of texas Deer Park Office: 802 West 13th Street | Deer Park | Texas | 77536 | telephone [281] 542-0205 | facsimile [281] 542-6606 Corpus Christi Office: 5541 Bear Lane, Suite 112 | Corpus Christi | Texas | 78405 | telephone [361] 289-6825 | facsimile [361] 289-2512 Toll Free [866] 542-0205