pressure transmitter differential pressure hvac air quality bas transmitters flow gage gauge switches irrigation digital switch building automation systems agriculture modbus flow transmitter test equipment room pressure monitor room status monitor iaq indoor air quality temperature transmitter remote monitoring potable water bacnet building automation school nurse offices pharmaceutical limit switch temperature liquid flow sensor hazardous rated intrinsically safe flowmeter dust collector clean room single pressure mechanical room monitoring heat exchangers carbon dioxide water meter weatherproof valve high accuracy cubic meter gallon dry contact residential water monitoring water flow pulse output water totalizing multi-jet indicating controller air velocity transmitter magnehelic low differential pressure refrigeration hvac; test instruments; hvacr; handheld; app dental offices hospital isolation room schools ndir co2 sensor indoor environments vivariums semiconductor research lab pressure monitor critical environment clean manufacturing areas leed® certification leed demand control ventilation remote display building commissioning hottap hot tap filtration systems filtration system leak detection pump protection cooling systems cooling system ground water remediation non-magnetic sensing liquid flow rates series pft pft paddlewheel insertion dwyer pressure transmitters pressure transmitter sensors vav systems differential modbus® communications blue digits red digits thermostat digital thermostat panel mount digital panel mount digital indicating energy monitoring inline flowmeter energy meter liquid level submersible transmitter submersible level transmitter lightning protected wastewater submersible level transmitter level freeze protection monitoring on demand ventilation temperature sensor air economizers humidity transmitter building balancing dwyer instruments air handlers flow switch carbon monoxide transmitters air velocity chiller water non-dispersive infrared sensor ndir energy co2 wireless wireless differential pressure module filter monitoring variable air volume duct pressure air handler differential pressure transmitter explosion-proof spring return double acting pneumatic actuators blowout proof industrial brass boiler magnetically driven hot water monitoring plastic water meter magnesense photohelic indicating transmitter manometer valves cleanroom hvacr hvac&r magnehelic gauge pharama low pressure high pressure high differential pressure magnehelic gage cooling temperature control temperature switch room monitoring pumps balancing test instrument testing and balancing process automation radonaway radon system radon levels radon indicator radon alarm indicator alarm flow indicator air flow alarm indicator secondary collector secondary baghouse particulate transmitter particulate sensor emission sensor broken bag detector we08 2-way 2-piece pressure manometer instrumentation validation industrial process verification hvac balancing instruments critical environment testing building hvac test and balance ultra pure water process water neutralization disinfection deionized water dechlorination compressed air clarification hospitals single beam dual wavelength school iaq particulate matter transmitter office iaq iaq transmitter hospital iaq healthcare facilities educational institutions air purifiers positive or negative pressure pharma universal output tamperproof tamper-proof passive temperature office buildings leed certification energy saving digital barometric co2 monitoring co2 measurement carbon dioxide transmitter carbon dioxide monitoring level sensor level switch level float switch float switch vertical level float switch building control remote water monitoring residential water measurement chiller water usage commercial water usage nsf certified residential water metering water usage in manufactured equipment irrigation flow monitoring vertical water meter temperature set point north american housing european housing dip switches communicating cdtc magmeter insertion transmitter insertion magmeter insertion flow transmitter electromagnetic transmitter electromagnetic flow transmitter electromagnetic flow meter testing hvac equipment performance nist calibration hvac balancing bacnet communication pencil style transmitter dwyer transmitter pencil style building ducts ief hvac system hvac efficiency heat energy energy measurement energy efficiency building automation system btu measurement btu boiler monitoring timer boards timer board dust collection springless diaphragm valve springless rdcs dcs series rdcs series dcs pulse diaphragm replacement diaphragm kit pulse valves pulse valve diaphragm valves diaphragm valve rsm series rsm room status monitors monitor gas regulator single limit indicating switch electronic pressure controllers pressure controllers pressure controller limit switches series is626 is626 velocity transmitter vav system series avlv low velocity low flow low air velocity transmitter low air velocity building duct avlv transmitter avlv air velocity transmitter avlv air velocity measurement air speed air movement air measurement air indicator heat exchanger fire-protection damper ventilation duct fan heater cooling-air circuits air filter filter status series adps/edps series adps/edps differential pressure switch series tsxt relay refrigeration systems defrost master slave configuration refrigeration control t-tsxt tst-041 tst-031 tst-021 tst-011 low-temp heating systems ts-probes t-tst capacative touch keys 638r series 638r oem extreme temperatures aggressive fluids paint and agriculture spraying closed loop hydraulics isolated diaphragm packages building pressurization leak detection systems refrigerant recovery refrigeration equipment hvac equipment hvac-r pressure surge resistance configurable temperature transmitter thermocouple transmitter universal input field selectable in head mounting in-head mounting uhh-cbl2 a-709 pt100 connection micro-usb model tbu-00 temperature transmitter model tbu series tbu temp transmitter tbu transmitter tbu-00 tbu hockey puck temperature transmitter hockey puck transmitter pulp petrochemical paper oil gas food chemical beverage led status indicators visual indication adjustable set point thermal low pressure drop non-mechanical thermal flow switch thermal dispersion flow switch thermal dispersion series tdfs series tdfs2 tdfs2-1-p-06 tdfs tdfs2 tenant billing meter utilities billing heat metering ultrasonic energy meter thermal energy meter modbus flowmeter energy flowmeter btu meter bacnet flowmeter low temp switch series dfs low temperature switch condensation switch condensation protection switch freeze protection switch low limit temp switch air handling unit temperature switch air handing unit temperature monitoring ahu temperature switch ahu freeze stat temp switch copper temperature switch copper capillary temperature switch automatic temperature switch manual temperature switch low limit temperature switch freezestat freeze stat piezoresistive reservoir sump oil tank chemical storage digester clarifier sludge pit alum tank lime slurry sbltx sblt2 sblt water tank water tanks down hole surface water monitoring environmental remediation ground water monitoring well monitoring measure pressure drop pressure drop hydronic valve balancing vehicle maintenance facilities loading dock ventilation leak detector garage ventilation co transmitter co switch co detector co alarm carbon monoxide switch carbon monoxide detector carbon monoxide alarm relative humidity reference pool room humidity monitoring outdoor temperature water temperature sensor wall temperature sensor wall mount temperature sensor thermistor temperature sensor thermistor sensor rtd temperature sensor rtd sensor pipe temperature sensor outside temperature sensor outside air temperature sensor nema 4 temperature sensor nema 4x temperature sens hvac temperature sensor duct temperature sensor duct mount temperature sensor bas temperature sensor water flow measurement water differential pressure transmitters monitoring pressure differential pressures measuring vessels clogging measuring fluid flow low differential pressure measurement industrial processes hydronic systems high static water pressure high static pressure fluid differential pressure transmitters fan coils dp for process vessels differential pressure transducers differential pressure sensors detecting low differential pressures chillers insertion thermometer thermometer accessories thermocouple thermowell thermometer thermowell 304ss thermowell 316ss thermowell machined thermowell industrial thermowell threaded thermowells stainless steel thermowells stainless steel thermowell ss thermowell themowell thermowells relative humidity rh rtd thermistor humidity sensor wall mounted room comfort monitoring variable flow variable area flowmeter variable area valve meter valve flowmeter valve flow meter rotogear roto-gear rotameter panel mount flowmeter panel mount flow meter meter liquid meter gear flowmeter gas meter flow meter flow indication flow control air meter chemical plant midstream refinery poultry/hog/greenhouse wastewater treatment pump skid powder and bulk hvac testing hvac systems containment chamber chiller plant terminal unit manufacturing hvac retrofit air flow measurement fume hood exhaust flow verification vav air flow measurement flow sensors hydraulic industrial process monitoring irrigation system pressure pumping systems compressors controls dampers according to flow automatically starts auxiliary pumps and engines control of sequential operation of pumps protection against low or no flow paddle flow switches garage or loading dock ventilation gas transmitter nitrogen dioxide transmitters duct traverse mobile app application software measuring coils filters flow elements wet/wet differential pressure transmitter fiberglass insulation fep insulation type k type j wire thermocouple hydronic refrigerant pressure testing portable measurement residential water meters single-beam dual-wavelength savings clean debris removable bottom wrbt handheld module vane thermo-anemometer thermo-hygrometer thermo-anemometer building air volume differtential pressure presure transmitter gas flow weather proof explosion proof two-position modulating electric full port ball three-way 3-way we35 condenser high temperature hot water meter wmh low cost lead free wpt digimag switch transmitter hydronic pressure air flow monitoring bas air velocity hvac air flow transmitter duct monitoring fan supply measurement hvac air flow duct supply monitoring hvac air velocity transmitter air flow transmitter bas air velocity transmitter hvac air velocity bas air flow transmitter duct flow transmitter exhaust stack flow monitoring bas air flow clean room ventilation air ventilation monitoring duct velocity transmitter digital pressure switch heating gui interface touch screen pump control touch screen room alarm room alarm pump control touch screen freezer monitor touch screen level control touch screen level monitor room display level monitor touch screen freezer monitoring touch screen level monitoring room monitor touch screen freezer control level control panel meter freezer control touch screen panel meter freezer monitoring instrumentation lighting current transformers process control fans testing; capture hood; air hood air balance hood air flow hood air flow commissioning npt ball valve bubble tight ball valve stainless stell ball valve on off ball valve quarter-turn valve hvac inspections vt-300 measure air temperature measure air volume miniature vane thermo anemometer vane thermo anemometer measure humidity telescoping vane probe duct traverses dwyer vt-300 thermo anemometer measure air velocity replacement vane probe water sensor water detector water alarm sump pump water sensor basement water detector basement water sensor sump pump leak dectector leak sensor leak alarm watchdog detector wa pid loop controllers hvac; test instruments; hvacr; handheld; app; mano hvac; test instruments; hvacr; handheld; app; mano
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