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Industrial Process Automation

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Control & InstrumentacióN

  1. 1. Product Solution Catalog (Field Instruments and Analyzers) Bulletin 00A03B02-01EPIControl & Co. INVERSIONES Y PROYECTOS INDUSTRIALES - Bogotá Tel: 6128849 - Medellín Tel: 4302815 -
  2. 2. Field Instruments Pressure Transmitters DPharp EJA Series Differential Pressure DPharp EJX Series Differential Pressure and Pressure Transmitters and Pressure Transmitters Liq Liq Gas Gas Stm Stm A field proven, best-selling pressure transmitter series Ultra-high performance, the newest model of DPharp. featuring silicon resonant sensor. • Fast response. • Proven track record throughout the world. • High accuracy. Unique features include; • Excellent long term stability slashes maintenance costs. • Multi-sensing (Differential pressure and Static pressure). • Output signal characterizer. Easy-to-use compact design. • Multi-functional indicator (optional). • Alarm output for measured pressure and static pressure Wide variety of product lineup. (optional). Explosion-protected type available. High reliability. • SIL2 certified by TÜV IT. Temperature Transmitters and Sensors YTA Series Temperature Transmitters Thermocouples and Resistance Temperature Detectors Converts a temperature sensor or mV DC signal to a 4 to 20 mA Superb reliability and proven track record. signal and transmits it. Fully compliant with IEC (and JIS). Minimizes the error due to the extension wires, thus improving the accuracy. Variety of mounting hardware for application to Only a small length of extension wires or three-core cable is required, all types of process. thus reducing the wiring costs. The sensor type and measurement range can be set according to the purpose. Dual-compartment housing (YTA110, YTA310, and YTA320 ) SIL2 certified by TÜV NORD (YTA110, YTA310, and YTA320 with BRAIN and HART protocol)PIControl & Co. INVERSIONES Y PROYECTOS INDUSTRIALES - Bogotá Tel: 6128849 - Medellín Tel: 4302815 -
  3. 3. Your Single-Source Partner for Operational ExcellenceIndustry leaders striving for operational excellence will benefit from a new vigilant approach to plant automation.Yokogawa VigilantPlant solutions help you to Measure, Control, and Optimize your processes, ensuring plant-wide integration.A worldwide network of committed experts supports your operations 24/7 for life-cycle optimization. Production Management Asset Management and Operational Efficiency Plant Information Management Advanced Process Control Operation Efficiency Improvement Integrated Plant Optimize Resource Management Production Control and Safety Management Data Acquisition and Logic Control Integrated Production Integrated Safety SCADA and Network-based IT Machine Control Paper and Paperless Recorder Data Acquisition Equipment Controller and Conditioner Control Management Control Control Sensing and Actuation Analysis and Quality Control Flow Multivariable Pressure Level Temperature Valve Positioner / Others Analyzer Measure Technical Partners Products Flow Multivariable Pressure Level Temperature Valve Positioner / Others PIControl & Co. INVERSIONES Y PROYECTOS INDUSTRIALES - Bogotá Tel: 6128849 - Medellín Tel: 4302815 -
  4. 4. Field InstrumentsFlowmeters Level Transmitters ADMAG CA Capacitance EJA118W/EJX118A Differential ADMAG AXF Magnetic Flowmeter Magnetic Flowmeter EJA210A/EJX210A Pressure Transmitters Level Transmitter with Diaphragm Seals Liq Liq Liq LiqPredictive diagnostics User-oriented functionality High performance Measures the flows of ultra-low - lowers TCO - the global leader in stability conductivity fluids up to 0.01 µS/cm. Multi-line backlit LCD. Non-wetted electrode structure ensures Electrode adhesion detection reduces Enhanced dual frequency excitation. stable measurement free from the effects process downtime. Easy-to-install rotatable primary of build-up of insulating material or coating, (converter). 0.2% reading accuracy (Optional). Flange-mounting, compact differential Ideal for measuring the levels and and noise of high-density slurry fluid. Replaceable electrode construction is pressure transmitter. densities of corrosive and high- available. Multiple status alarms. 1 micro-S/cm conductivity. Maintenance costs greatly reduced. temperature fluids. Direct mounting to a tank. Error messages and diagnostic instructions Wide range of liners and electrode Maximum-speed response. Small flange size model also available. simplify and optimize maintenance. materials. Small flange size model also available. digitalYEWFLO EJA/EJX Series Differential EJX910A Digital Vortex Flowmeter Pressure Transmitters Multivariable Transmitter Control Elements and Converters Liq Liq Liq VP200 Current-to-Pneumatic YVP110 Valve Positioner Gas Gas Gas Positioner Stm Stm Stm Multi-variable Reduced type bore type Spectral signal processing automatically Built-in temperature sensor within the Combined with an orifice, measures Fully compensated mass flow: all flow optimizes the settings at all times, from shedder bar offers the mass flow output or liquid, gas, and steam flow rates. factors can be automatically and immediately after power-on. the temperature output. dynamically calculated to an optimal value. Available for direct mounting without Self-diagnostics, one step ahead of other No installation of the temperature device is three-valve manifold. 1.0% mass flow rate accuracy over 1:10 flowmeters, enables predictive needed for the process. Applicable to various actuators from Fieldbus-enabled digital valve positioner. Outstanding long-term stability slashes flow range. maintenance. diaphragms to cylindrical actuators, and Durable meter design mostly meets the maintenance costs. Simultaneous dual output of 4 to 20 mA globe and rotary valves. A wealth of functions such as auto-tuning Simultaneous analog and pulse signal steam flow such as water hammer, high to effectively use the combined valve. and pulse signals for total flow, flow rate, Positions small and large valves (stroke: outputs. temperature process, etc. or alarm status. 10 to 100 mm). High-temperature and cryogenic models Reduced bore type measures lower Air consumption reduced to one quarter also available. flowrate. that of previous models, reducing the cost of generating instrument air. US300FM Ultrasonic US300PM Portable ROTAMETER ROTAMASS Flowmeter Ultrasonic Flowmeter Variable Area Flowmeter Coriolis Mass Flowmeter PK200 Current-to-Pneumatic FieldMate Converter Versatile Device Management Wizard BT200 BRAIN Terminal Liq Liq Liq Gas Stm Maximum two flow-input channels enable two path measurement Complete stainless steel Mass flow for nearly all flowing or the measurement of two different flows in different pipes. design. fluids. High-performance, high-reliability electro- The pipe sizes from 25 mm to 6,500 mm (1 to 255 inches). feedback achieves linearity of ±0.2%. Local indication and analog Highly independent from As one integrated tool, FieldMate handles Hand-held terminal to communicate with With the noise suppression technique, the measurement against parameter setting for intelligent field BRAIN communication-enabled instruments output. external loads or vibrations Energy-efficient, cost-effective design. air bubbles in the fluid has been vastly improved. devices regardless of field communication and devices for setting up, viewing, through special decoupling With the original signal processing, fast and accurate protocols. modifying, and printing parameters required Air consumption reduced to one quarter Various process connections system. measurement has been realized. for the instruments and devices to operate. that of previous models, reducing the and wetted materials. Precise flow and density FieldMate enables quicker device cost of generating instrument air. The transducers are calibrated one by one when shipped and easy Options such as Exi-version, measurement. configuration and problem solving, Special instrumentation work and parts to install at the sites. It is not necessary to adjust zero flow inductive alarms, pulse output, reducing complex and time-consuming not needed to replace the former electric- condition, which has been often said to be necessary. etc. Wide temperature range work steps. pneumatic converter, 5502. US300PM portable type is equipped with wall thickness ( 200°C to 350°C). measurement function. Note: Liq , Gas , and Stm symbols indicate applicable process fluid types (liquid, gas, steam). PIControl & Co. INVERSIONES Y PROYECTOS INDUSTRIALES - Bogotá Tel: 6128849 - Medellín Tel: 4302815 -
  5. 5. Liquid AnalyzerspH/ORP Analyzers Conductivity Analyzers PH450G PH202 PH100/OR100 PH71/PH72 pH/ORP Sensors SC450G DC402G SC202 SC100 ISC450G ISC202 SC72 for Conductivity 4-Wire pH/ORP 2-Wire pH/ORP Panel Mount pH/ORP Personal pH, 4-Wire Conductivity/ Dual Cell Conductivity/ 2-Wire Conductivity Panel Mount 4-Wire Inductive 2-Wire Inductive Personal Process Use Sensors Converter Transmitter Converters pH/ORP Meters Resistivity Converter Resistivity Converter Transmitter Conductivity Converter Conductivity Converter Conductivity Transmitter Conductivity Meter PH8EFP/ SC4AJ-AD-09 PH8ERP SC4AJ-AD-15 FU20 SC4AJ-SA PH10 Large, high-resolution Designed for 2-wire Compact housing Waterproof (IP67) (for PH100) Large, high-resolution Differential, ratio or Designed for 2-wire Compact housing Large, high-resolution Designed for 2-wire Intelligent, portable graphical display and configuration, construction allows graphical display and calculated outputs configuration, graphical display and configuration, SC4AJ-SB conductivity meter Large, 4-digit digital Large, 4-digit digital touchscreen allowing use in display measurement in wet touchscreen Universal conductivity allowing use in display touchscreen allowing use in large- with waterproof (IP67) operation large-scale environment operation for ease of /resistivity, software large-scale operation for ease of scale instrumentation construction Drip-proof (IP65) OR10 Drip-proof (IP65) for ease of use instrumentation Various convenient (for OR100) use switchable instrumentation use A single stain- Various convenient front panel (option) front panel (option) SC210G Diagnostic functions Intrinsic safety: functions: 300-point Diagnostic functions Matrix temperature Intrinsic safety: ATEX, Diagnostic functions resistant sensor functions: 300-point for minimum ATEX, CSA, FM, data memory, alarm for minimum compensation for CSA, FM, TIIS for minimum covers a wide data memory, alarm maintenance TIIS clock, etc. maintenance pure water applications maintenance measuring range SC10XB (for SC100) clock, etc. Temperature HA405/HA406 * Temperature * Temperature Intrinsic safety: ATEX, Easy to use EXA compensation and compensation, control panel compensation and CSA, FM, TIIS predefined pH buffer predefined OIML predefined OIML Appropriate sensor tables for best buffer tables, cell USP<645> monitoring buffer tables for best for your application accuracy Appropriate sensor fouling monitoring accuracy. for your application for best accuracyTurbidity Analyzers Chlorine Analyzers Dissolved Oxygen Analyzers TB750G TB450G TB400G FC400G FC500G RC400G DO402G DO202 Right Angle Scattered NTU-compliant Surface Scattered-Light Free Available Chlorine Free Available Chlorine Residual Chlorine Dissolved Oxygen Dissolved Oxygen Light Turbidity Analyzer Scattered TypeTurbidity Analyzer Turbidity Analyzer Analyzer Analyzer Analyzer Converter Transmitter Non-reagent Type Non-reagent Type Long-term stable sensor Universal input accepts Polarographic method using Polarographic method using rotating Display unit in mg/l, ppm, or % Galvanic and Polarographic sensors User configurable measuring range NTU turbidity unit display is Surface scattered light method using rotating gold electrode gold electrode Reagent Type saturation and various temperature from 0-0.2 NTU to 0-100 NTU. available by Right-angled scattering kaolin, formazin, or PSL compensating elements Ideal for measurement of free Ideal for measurement of free Polarographic method using rotating Temperature compensation, Highly reliable measurement with light. (polystyrene latex) for calibration Wide measuring range including ppb, available chlorine in water available chlorine in water supply platinum electrode salt concentration compensation and excellent linearity and repeatability. Measuring Range: 0-0.1 to 0-100 Highly reliable measurement at water supply and distribution systems and distribution systems barometric air pressure ppm and % saturation Ideal for measurement of residual In-line connection available NTU/0-10 to 0-2000 NTU supply and sewage systems compensation for best accuracy Certification for hazardous area Field-configurable from 0-1 to 0-3 Measuring range selectable: chlorine in chlorination processes of Measuring range: 0-2 to 0-2000 mg/l mg/l for two switchable output 0-1/0-2/0-3 mg/l switchable or water supply systems and in cooling Ideal for measurement of dissolved (ATEX, IECEx, FM, CSA) Easy-to-clean cell (or degrees, unit selectable) ranges 0-5/0-10 mg/l switchable water of thermal power stations oxygen in aeration tanks at sewage Communication: mA HART, Micro processor-based, intelligent Measuring range: 0 to 10mg/l treatment plants, etc. PROFIBUS-PA, converter Foundation FieldbusMLSS Analyzer Liquid Density Meter FT-Near Infrared Analyzers Clean Room Gas Monitor SS400G DM8 InfraSpec NR800 CM500 MLSS Analyzer Vibration Type Liquid Density Meter Fourier Transform Near Infrared Analyzers Clean Room Gas Monitor Wide measuring range from 0-1000 mg/l to Measures liquid density with Continuous, multiple, Barcode reader Ideal for measurement of ammonia and 0-20000 mg/l high sensitivity and stability and simultaneous provides easy operation acid gases in clean rooms Ideal for measurement of mixed liquor Measuring range of 0.5 to measurement of for at-line and routine Highly reliable ion chromatograph suspended solids (MLSS) in an aeration 2.0 g/cm3 unaffected by flow component concentration At-line Model analyses and property values High sensitivity of 0.01µg/m3 for tank of activated sludge processes in rate and viscosity Reduces operating (density, polymerization ammonia and of 0.02 µg/m3 for acid sewage and industrial wastewater treatment Detector is available in and maintenance costs degree, octane value, gases facilities general-purpose, sanitary, by consolidation of lab etc.) of various processes and process calibration and flameproof types On-line Model Measurement of trace models and on-site water content available hands-on training PIControl & Co. INVERSIONES Y PROYECTOS INDUSTRIALES - Bogotá Tel: 6128849 - Medellín Tel: 4302815 -
  6. 6. Gas Analyzers Gas Chromatograph Oxygen Analyzers GC1000 Mark II ZR402/ZR202 AV550G Process Gas Chromatograph Direct In Situ Zirconia Averaging Converter Oxygen Analyzers ZR402G ZR22G/S Capable of accepting inputs from up to ZR202G/S 8 oxygen detectors and 8 individual Measurement with probe directly inserted outputs are available into furnace or boiler Averaging of multiple point oxygen Integrated and separate types available measurements is ideally suited for Also can be used as a high temperature combustion control humidity analyzer Fully field-repairable probe HART communication MG8G/MG8E Explosionproof (FM, CSA, ATEX) Paramagnetic Oxygen (ZR22S,ZR202S) Analyzers OX100/OX102 A broad range of applications for industries such as oil refinery, petrochemicals, chemicals, Oxygen Analyzers and environmental monitoring Ideally suited for measuring oxygen New TCD with 10 times higher sensitivity concentrations of N2 purged flow- soldering machine, etc. Ideally suited for measuring oxygen Remote control of utility gas concentrations of flammable gases User-friendly operation interface MG8E has flameproof construction Y-purge model available Gas Density Meter Gas Calorimeter Dust Monitor GD402/GD40 CM6G DT450G Gas Density Meter Gas Calorimeter Dust Monitor Measures gas density with high sensitivity and quick Ideally suited for measuring Automatic range setup and no response. Also capable of displaying specific gravity calorific values of gases in manual adjustment required and molecular weight derived from the density data. applications including city gas Triboelectric detection method Can be used in hazardous areas with explosive and iron & steel gas unaffected by dust adhesion atmospheres (FM, CSA, TIIS) For bag filter detection and Hydrogen purity and replacement meter for power adjustment of electrostatic generators precipitator efficiency Infrared Gas Analyzers IR100/IR200/IR400 NDIR Type Infrared Gas Analyzers SG700 Stack Gas Analyzer Simultaneously measures NOX, SO2, CO,CO2 and O2 with sampling system IR100 IR200 IR400 Measuring Components IR100: CO2, CO, CH4 IR200: CO2, CO, CH4, IR400: NO, SO2, CO2, CO, SO2, NO, O2 CH4, O2PIControl & Co. INVERSIONES Y PROYECTOS INDUSTRIALES - Bogotá Tel: 6128849 - Medellín Tel: 4302815 -
  7. 7. NOTICE q Before operating the product, read the instruction manual thoroughly for proper and safe operation. q If this product is for use with a system requiring safeguards that directly involve personnel safety, please contact the Yokogawa sales offices.YOKOGAWA ELECTRIC CORPORATION Middle East IndiaWorld Headquarters YOKOGAWA MIDDLE EAST B.S.C.(C) YOKOGAWA INDIA LTD.9-32 Nakacho 2-chome, Musashino-shi, 180-8750, JAPAN Singapore AustraliaTel: +81-422-52-6316 Fax: +81-422-52-6619 YOKOGAWA ENGINEERING ASIA PTE.LTD. YOKOGAWA AUSTRALIA PTY. LTD.North America CORPORATION OF AMERICA KoreaGeorgia, U.S.A YOKOGAWA ELECTRIC KOREA CO., LTD. America ChinaYOKOGAWA AMERICA DO SUL LTDA. YOKOGAWA CHINA CO., LTD.BRAZIL Represented by: YOKOGAWA SHANGHAI INSTRUMENTATION CO., LTD.Europe EUROPE B.V. YOKOGAWA SICHUAN INSTRUMENT CO., LTD.European Headquarters NETHERLANDS Taiwan YOKOGAWA TAIWAN CORPORATIONYOKOGAWA ELECTRIC CIS LTD. FEDERATION Vig-PMK-G·NL-07E Printed in Japan, 805(KP) [Ed : 06/b] Subject to change without notice. All Rights Reserved, Copyright© 2001, Yokogawa Electric Corporation.PIControl & Co. INVERSIONES Y PROYECTOS INDUSTRIALES - Bogotá Tel: 6128849 - Medellín Tel: 4302815 -