Social clay: Facebook Marketing Experts - Services & Products 2013.01.01


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Social clay: Facebook Marketing Experts - Services & Products 2013.01.01

  1. 1. Facebook Marketing ecosystem: Services & Products Last updated 12th December 2012
  2. 2. About Social clay Social claySocial clay is a Facebook Marketing agency. We help brands to retain existing customersand to recruit new ones by engaging the 30 million people on Facebook in the UK.Social clay was founded in 2007. It employs 10 staff, some of whom are full time, whilespecialists are brought in to work on niche client requests.We offer Facebook Marketing Services on a monthly subscription basis, allowing ourclients to have access to an experienced team of Facebook Marketing professionals for afraction of the cost of hiring additional in-house staff.At Social clay we provide nine great products that leverage the Facebook Marketingecosystem from tabs to apps and F-commerce to engage 1 billion people globally.In 2011, we developed our unique Performance Measurement and Reporting system,Sub-Social™. Sub-Social™ measures actual value by tracking sales, leads andopportunities, in addition to measuring perceived value, such as Likes and Shares. Sub-Social™ allows clients to track their return on investment in near real time.Geoff Hughes, our CEO, has 15 years industry experience and a Masters in Economics. Heis Treasurer of the Facebook Developer Garage London. In 2008 Geoff co-founded andlaunched the first Facebook Commerce store with 900,000 items for sale.12th December 2012 Copyright Social clay 2012 2
  3. 3. Facebook Marketing Products and Services Social clayIn this section we look at Facebook Marketing Services.• Social clay’s retained Facebook Marketing services are aimed at planning, measuring, reporting on and managing your Facebook Marketing Products.• We sell our services in monthly packages to ensure consistency and results.Later in this document we look at Facebook MarketingProducts• 9 Social clay Products are offered in conjunction with our Facebook Marketing Services to create your efficient Facebook ecosystem• You can jump to the Products section.12th December 2012 Copyright Social clay 2012 3
  4. 4. Facebook Marketing Services Social claySocial clay offer several Facebook Marketing Services which we have grouped into financially efficient monthly packages.The services provided in these packages are examined on the next slide. S2. Business package S1. Start-up package S3. Enterprise package Performance Measurement & Reporting + Performance Measurement & Reporting Performance Measurement & Reporting + Facebook Marketing Surgery + Facebook Marketing Surgery + Facebook Marketing Surgery + Facebook Campaign Design OR Strategic Planning & Direction Facebook Campaign Design + Strategic Planning & direction + Page Tab support12th December 2012 Copyright Social clay 2012 4
  5. 5. Facebook Marketing Services explained Social clay Performance Measurement & Reporting • Social clay has created Sub-Social™, a one stop Performance Measurement & Reporting system. • Sub-Social™ tracks and reports on your Facebook Marketing key performance indicators (KPIs). • Data includes Likes, audience engagement, referral volumes from Facebook to your website, and Total Return on Investment. • If you enable e-Commerce on your website the system can also be configured to track users as they become leads and paying customers across your web properties. • Sub-Social ™ is included in all packages offered by Social clay. Facebook Marketing Surgery • Questions abound. We’ll answer them for you. Some we already know the answer to or can find out quickly while you wait on the phone. Others require technical investigation. • Crisis Management. Facebook will powerfully amplify your voice to the world. If things go wrong we will advise you on how best to deal with each situation as it arises. Strategic Planning & Direction • We have access to best practice Facebook Marketing case studies. • The ecosystem is always evolving - part of this time will be spent updating your Facebook strategic plan to keep you ahead of the competition. • Let us research the strategic ideas that suit your overall brand strategy versus those of your competition. • You will be provided with guidance on how your brand is performing.12th December 2012 Copyright Social clay 2012 5
  6. 6. Facebook Marketing Services explained Social clay Facebook Campaign Design • Once campaign ideas are born, they need flesh put on the bones. • A Senior Designer will produce 2 Designs allowing you to visualise how your Campaign will look. • Your Campaign Planner will work with you to mould each of your Social Media ideas so that each integrates with Facebook and achieves its goals in the most efficient way. • We’ll keep you on the right side of Facebook’s strict terms. • Campaign Planners have access to Director level Strategists, who, drawing from long experience can advise the very best approach. Facebook Marketing Service Bolt-ons Add any of these bolt-on services to your package as required Timeline Setup and Facebook Orientation Personnel Product Support • Create your Facebook Timeline • Designer • Page Tab support • Design 2 x Profile & 2 x Cover image £1,050 per day • Required per tab • Add your staff as admin • 0.25 days per month • £1,050 • Measurement & KPI specialist £1,050 per day12th December 2012 Copyright Social clay 2012 6
  7. 7. Facebook Marketing Products Social clayIn the previous section, we understood theneed to choose a package of FacebookMarketing Services.If the services are the brains of the ecosystem,the products make up the body.We now examine nine Facebook MarketingProducts that will retain your existingcustomers and recruit new ones.Together these Products and Services createyour Facebook Marketing ecosystem and makeit run efficiently.How many of these Products are required tomeet your brief?12th December 2012 Copyright Social clay 2012 7
  8. 8. Facebook Marketing Products – An overview Social clayThese are the nine products of the Facebook Marketing ecosystem.There are two levels to the ecosystem, Core and Advanced.These products are explained in the following slides. 12th December 2012 Copyright Social clay 2012 8
  9. 9. Facebook Marketing Products – Core Social clayThe Core Products of the Facebook Marketing ecosystem are:C.1. Page tabsC.2. TimelineC.3. Performance,Measurement & ReportingC.4. Connect your websiteC.5. Grow your audience 12th December 2012 Copyright Social clay 2012 9
  10. 10. Facebook Marketing Products explained – Page tabs Social clayC.1. Page tabsPage tabs allow you to display your preferred content in a customdesign on Facebook.This is critical to establishing your identity and credibility with your Page tabaudience.The next slides show you two examples of this approach: I. The Cover page, targeted at all your visitors, and; II. The Fan-Only Special Offer tab, targeted at a specific subset or demographic e.g. Special offer12th December 2012 Copyright Social clay 2012 10
  11. 11. Facebook Marketing Products explained – Page tabs I Social clayC.1 Page tabs I: Cover PageYour Cover Page on Facebook is the first impression of yourbrand that visitors to your Facebook ecosystem will see.Social clay will design this page with your needs in mind. Weengage the user’s attention, affirming to the visitor who youare and what you do.Your primary call to action may be to ask the visitor to Likethe Page, click through to your website, subscribe to yourNewsletter or purchase your special offer.Whatever your goal, retailers who build a Fan base onFacebook earn customer loyalty and with it, arecommendation to each visitor’s Facebook friends.12th December 2012 Copyright Social clay 2012 11
  12. 12. Social clay12th December Copyright Social clay 2012 122012
  13. 13. Facebook Marketing Products explained – Page tabs II Social clayC1. Page tabs II: Special Offer tabYour Special Offer tab offers a discounted price forone of your products or services in return for being aFan of your brand.To become a Fan, users will click Like at the top of theSpecial Offer tab. Only when users click Like is theoffer validated.When users click Like, a story is created in theNewsfeed.Each Friend and Friend of Friend who sees this story isexposed to your brand and has the opportunity toclick through to learn more.12th December 2012 Copyright Social clay 2012 13
  14. 14. Facebook Marketing Products explained – Timeline Social clayC.2. Timeline Content generation:Your Timeline needs to be populated regularly with authentic content.If you have the internal resource to do this for you, we will give yourstaff the training they need to meet and exceed the standardsexpected of them by the audience TimelineIf you prefer your content to be curated by us, this can be arranged.If you do not have a Timeline, we will create one for you, preparingthe page for scale, industry and with imagery.For more information on our Timeline set-up and FacebookOrientation service, please see slide 6.12th December 2012 Copyright Social clay 2012 14
  15. 15. Facebook Marketing Products explained – Performance Measurement & Social clayReportingC.3. Performance Measurement & Reporting ReportingBefore reporting can begin using Sub-Social™, we willneed to plug-in each of your Facebook properties intothe Performance Measurement & Reporting system to Engagementbegin collecting the data. Leads & SalesWe connect the products in your Facebook Marketingecosystem and stream data in a dynamic, confidential Return on Investmentreporting dashboard.12th December 2012 Copyright Social clay 2012 15
  16. 16. Facebook Marketing Products explained – Connect your website Social clayC.4. Connect your websiteWe will connect your website to your Facebook Marketing ecosystemthrough the implementation of Facebook Like buttons.Like buttons contribute to your Engagement KPI, aimed at retaining Connect your websiteexisting customers and recruiting new ones.Each click on every Facebook Like button on your website creates a storyin the Newsfeed.How compelling the story is will decide whether the friends of yourvisitors who see your story engage with your content or not.Social clay will ensure that your implementation maximises thecomments and clicks on these stories.We’ve yet to work for a client who hasn’t benefited from our qualityassurance in this critical area.12th December 2012 Copyright Social clay 2012 16
  17. 17. Facebook Marketing Products explained – Growing your audience Social clayC.5. Growing your audienceWe will work with you to grow your audience.The primary method of maintaining the engagement of your audienceis advertising.We also have alternative methods that can be used to promote growth, Grow.for example, you may have a large email database that we can assistyou in converting into referrals, leads and sales.Advertising (or its organic alternatives) provides the daily critical massof views that you need to keep your stories at the top of the Newsfeed.The stream of stories created in the Newsfeed is what causes the buzzaround your brand.12th December 2012 Copyright Social clay 2012 17
  18. 18. Facebook Marketing Products - An overview Social clayThe Advanced Facebook Marketing ecosystem contains:A.1 Permission appsA.2 Mobile and tablet appsA.3 Customer dataA.4 F-commerce 12th December 2012 Copyright Social clay 2012 18
  19. 19. Facebook Marketing Products explained – Permission apps Social clayA.1. Permission appsOnce your Core Facebook Marketing ecosystem is in place, yourbrand will be ready to begin efficiently using the Advanced Permission appsFacebook Marketing Products .You will have access to far more user data. You will be able tocollect email addresses and take payments inside Facebook.Mechanisms made available to us by Facebook can turn a singlecampaign respondent into an entire group of new customers.This is where your return on investment accelerates e.g. Competition12th December 2012 Copyright Social clay 2012 19
  20. 20. Facebook Marketing Products explained – Mobile & tablet apps Social clayA.2 Mobile and tablet appsFacebook is accessed via mobile by more than 50% ofusers.Social clay will ensure that your content is accessible and Mobile +easy to engage with, whether the user is at the office, on aski-lift or airplane mode. tablet apps12th December 2012 Copyright Social clay 2012 20
  21. 21. Facebook Marketing Products explained – Customer data Social clayA.3. Customer dataFacebook Marketing Campaigns plus Permissionapps adds up to large volumes of data.Ask us about handling, securing, scaling andextracting your data. Customer data12th December 2012 Copyright Social clay 2012 21
  22. 22. Facebook Marketing Products explained – F-commerce Social clayA.4. F-commerceConverting a high ratio of visits into sales is paramount to many ofour clients.Taking payment inside Facebook reduces friction in your paymentprocess and speeds up your sales cycle.Social clay enjoy nothing more than delivering beautiful andfriction-free buying experiences inside Facebook. F-Commerce 12th December 2012 Copyright Social clay 2012 22
  23. 23. Setting expectations Social clayFacebook is full of young software developers calledHackers.The poster on the right features on the walls atFacebook offices worldwide.The culture is very simple: we’re connecting a billionpeople on a scale never seen before, so expect somedowntime.At Social clay we know that this is not ideal for brandswho expect uptime and impeccable service.All our resources are employed to bring our clients alow risk approach to this young platform - but we areoccasionally limited by the Platform with which wework.You should expect to experience a Facebook bug inthe ointment from time to time.12th December 2012 Copyright Social clay 2012 23
  24. 24. Budget – Price list Social clay Facebook Marketing Services Detail Budget Duration / Delivery S.1. Core service package See slides 5 and 6 2025 Monthly S.2. Business Service Package See slides 5 to 7 3775 Monthly S.3. Enterprise Service Package See slides 5 to 7 5525 Monthly Timeline set-up (FREE with Enterprise service Package) 1050 2-3 days Page tab support (FREE with Enterprise service Package) 175 per tab, pcm 2 hours Facebook Marketing Products C.1. Page Tab 3500 - 5500 5-15 days C.2. Timeline content generation Half-day training / 1 week scheduled content POA - C.3. Plug in to Performance One-off instrumentation charge 1200 10 days Measurement and Reporting C.4. Connect your website 3500 and up 10 days C.5. Grow your audience According to customer need 1200 and up - A.1. Permission apps Custom application build POA 10 days + A.2. Mobile and tablet apps Custom application build POA 10 days + A.3. Customer data According to customer need POA - A.4. F-commerce Custom application build POA 10 days + All figures are net of UK VAT12th December 2012 Copyright Social clay 2012 24
  25. 25. Contact Social clay Jazzmine Breary Geoff Hughes Tel: +44 7449 488 635 Tel: +44 7811 160 121 e: e: London, UK: Social clay are based in the London borough of Hammersmith, next to Riverside Studios. 24 Chancellor’s Wharf London W6 9RT Tel: +44 20 3397 3768 E: Online:12th December 2012 Copyright Social clay 2012 25