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Odoo - Office 365 Integration


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Serpent Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd., an Odoo Partner offers a solution on Odoo which integrates Odoo with Office 365 in the Odoo versions of 8, 9 and 10.

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Odoo - Office 365 Integration

  2. 2. INTRODUCTION A powerful open source platform having number of apps for different business verticals Includes apps for CRM, eCommerce, Accounting, Manufacturing, Project Management and many other niche A complete office suite in the cloud Offers standard office products like Word, Excel, Outlook, SharePoint Accessible from any internet enabled computer 01 02 04 03 05
  3. 3. ODOO – OFFICE365 INTEGRATION Offers synchronization to your calendar with single sign-on feature No additional set-up program is required The information is spared safely and no risk of data loss The set-up takes just few minutes in synchronizing your data 01 03 0402
  4. 4. ODOO – OFFICE365 INTEGRATION Single Sign-On (SSO) You can use one set of login credentials to access multiple applications The SSO service authenticates end user for all the applications Eliminates further prompts when user switches application during same session At backend, SSO keeps log of user activities and monitors user accounts 01 03 02 04
  6. 6. YOU NEED TO ENTER FOLLOWING DETAILS: Login with main account and create one application Access below url for create application for Microsoft Office365 integration You will get following message on successful registration
  7. 7. YOU NEED TO ENTER FOLLOWING DETAILS Finally your profile will be created after clicking on“Save”button. It will generate client id and secret key which we need to enter in the provider record
  9. 9. SIGNING IN WITH SSO LOGIN As you check on“Allowed”check box, the“Log in with Microsoft”link will be enabled This will set up your SSO login for Odoo – Office365 integration
  10. 10. SUCCESSFUL LOGIN AND VIEWING SSO CREDENTIALS After successful SSO login, you can view your SSO credentials from the above screen
  11. 11. ODOO – OFFICE 365 INTEGRATION Sync with Calendar Lets you sync your scheduled meetings and events with Odoo dashboard and Microsoft account It is a two-way sync functionality
  12. 12. SYNC WITH OFFICE365 Two-way sync is done when you click on“Sync with Office365”button No need to remember or miss out your scheduled meetings or events
  13. 13. FEATURES OF ODOO – OFFICE365 INTEGRATION OFFICE365 FEATURES Integrated Odoo Calendar Management Powerful Customer Relationship Management Powerful Integration with all scheduled meetings and events Reports
  14. 14. WHY CHOOSE SERPENT ? Core expertise in Open ERP / ODOO platform. The best combination of expertise and hard working personnel. Excellent after sales support. Multinational firm gaining trust from clients of over 130 countries. The best in class service provider at a rate you cannot afford to lose. SERPENT CONSULTING SERVICES 301, Siddhraj Zavod, Nr. Kh-0 Circle, Vasna Hadmatiya, Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India. Pin – 382423. Jay Vora +91-987-935-4457 +91-903-347-2982Husen Daudi Ready Partner India USA UAE Australia Oman Mauritius UK NigeriaSudan OUR GLOBAL PRESENCE