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Build and extend applications for Office 365 with PowerApps and Flow


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Come discover the capabilities of PowerApps and Flow as the unified high productivity application development and workflow platform across Office 365 and Dynamics 365. As the successor to InfoPath and Access Web Apps, PowerApps enables users to build both simple forms to advanced, feature-rich apps, while Flow as the successor to SharePoint Designer Workflow, enables users to build automated workflows for a range of scenarios from notifications to approvals. In this session, we'll cover integrations with SharePoint, Dynamics 365, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Graph, Excel, and more. Start extending and building apps and workflows for Office 365 and Dynamics 365 today!

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Build and extend applications for Office 365 with PowerApps and Flow

  1. 1. You’re Your team has a big backlog of apps and workflows but not enough time, money, or manpower to implement them. You’re a dev and need to quickly build a solution for your customer with data that lives in Office or Azure.
  2. 2. 213K+organizations are using PowerApps, Flow & CDS 1.1M+monthly active users Customer momentum across industries
  3. 3. New
  4. 4. “Business software is hard” - Everyone who ever built, bought, or used it
  5. 5. PowerApps Power BI Common Data Service for Analytics (CDS for Analytics) Common Data Service for Apps (CDS for Apps) Dynamics 365 Office 365 Standalone Apps Microsoft Flow Data connectors
  6. 6. non-developers Copy files Collect data Automate approvalsGet notifications
  7. 7. Example Trigger – the event that kicks off the flow Manual, Schedule based, Event driven
  8. 8. +
  9. 9. NEW Many reasons to use expressions
  10. 10. the New*** Flow and PowerApps are included with Office 365 and Dynamics 365
  11. 11. Within Teams Use the Flow Bot to Microsoft Teams
  12. 12. Announcing NEW: NEW:
  13. 13.
  14. 14. NEW: Item deleted trigger, Set Content Approval Status, HTTP Rest Action Coming shortly: Later:
  15. 15. You can create a flow for a list or a library directly from SharePoint:
  16. 16. NEW
  17. 17. Approval processes are an integral part of all businesses Flow is the successor to SharePoint designer; workflows and approvals were the most common workflow scenario in SPD
  18. 18. Customize to fit your business process: NEW:
  19. 19. Request Sign Off
  20. 20. Craft forms and screens in a visual designer that helps you see exactly what you’ll get Take advantage of device capabilities like cameras, GPS, and digital ink Extend the capabilities of connected data sources, or focus just on the bits you need Build business logic into your apps with an Excel-inspired expression language
  21. 21. S O P H I S T I C A T I O N High productivity app development without limits Advanced LOB apps Horizontal, end-to-end apps Simple LOB apps Mission critical LOB apps Embedded forms
  22. 22. Multiple data sources means data mash-up Use multiple data sources in a single application to easily build composite applications for tasks that span systems. Custom API support Easily integrate other custom data sources into your app through custom connectors that you can reuse in PowerApps and Flow. Easy data management Excel-style formulas allow filtering, sorting, lookups, joins, updates, deletes, etc.
  23. 23. Get apps to your team when and where they’re needed, whether that’s on the web, iOS or Android—no app store required.
  24. 24.  All identity is managed through Azure Active Directory, enabling rich policies and multi-factor authentication  Unified Admin Center providing centralized management, full audit logs, usage analytics, data loss prevention, security and data management  Designed to assist in GDPR compliance, consistent with the experience across Dynamics 365 and Office 365
  25. 25. Embed apps in Power BI, Teams Build PowerApps to extend Power BI, Teams, and more. We’ve also recently announced that 3rd party ISVs will be able to take advantage of the same capabilities to extend their software.
  26. 26. Built in connectivity allows easy access of your data from a multitude of Office365 and organization Out of Office Shout-outs Book a Room Onboarding Tasks Leave Request Quick Task Meeting Capture Company Pulse 360 Meeting Prep Estimator Pro
  27. 27.
  28. 28. NEW
  29. 29. NEW
  30. 30. Connectors are wrappers around a web API that allows it to connect to Microsoft Flow, Logic Apps, and PowerApps 200+ connectors today
  31. 31. Why
  32. 32. Have a service with a REST API Use a supported authentication type: API Key Basic Authentication OAuth 2.0 Requirements How to build a connector? Develop Custom API Validation & share within tenant Submit for certification
  33. 33. Roadmap is for general information purposes only and subject to change User Experience o Built-in guidance for debugging actions and conditions o AppSource for company-wide app sharing o Customized From and attachments in Modern Approvals o Business processes with stages Office 365 Integration o Microsoft Teams trigger and integration o “In-the-box” review Flows in SharePoint Online o SharePoint Online Content Publishing approvals o Enhanced SharePoint Online field types support o Office client integration Compliance o Support for GDPR compliance o Data residency within the UK cloud geo o US Government cloud deployment IT Pro, Admin and Developer o Sandbox environments Q2/Q3 Calendar 2018 Next Microsoft Flow Roadmap Highlights User Experience o Leverage device signals on mobile devices o Use a HTML rich text editor to build emails Office 365 Integration o Enhanced SharePoint Online integration o Enhanced Microsoft Teams integration o Enhanced Office client integration Compliance o Data residency in newly launched cloud geos IT Pro, Admin, and Developer o Azure functions integration o Additional admin and governance capabilities o Additional ALM capabilities
  34. 34. PowerApps Roadmap Highlights Spring 2018 Next o Major Common Data Service improvements including server-side business logic for validation and defaulting o Compose model-driven apps from CDS, use them across platforms o Use attachments and images with SharePoint o Improved performance for makers and end users o Enhanced application lifecycle management and administration capabilities o Support for GDPR compliance o Streamlined, modular maker experience o Improved controls and shareable components o Improved Office embedding in Teams and beyond o Embed canvas components in model-driven apps o In-line guidance for app optimization o Unified admin center with improved governance o Improved sharing and security management o Government cloud deployment o SharePoint mobile app adding support for PowerApps form Roadmap is for general information purposes only and subject to change
  35. 35. Try for free with the Community Plan Get a free environment to explore, learn and develop your PowerApps and Flow skills. Full-featured, use the Common Data service, premium connectors and bring in your own custom APIs. Sign up here!
  36. 36. THR2303 Build a workflow in 10 minutes 12:00PM - 12:20PM Expo Hall Theater 1 THR3401 Real-World Solutions with PowerApps: Performance and optimization tips 1:00PM - 1:20PM Expo Hall Theater 2 BRK2302 Automating business processes and approvals with Microsoft Flow 1:15PM - 2:30PM Sheraton Grand Ballrm D BRK3411 Accelerate your SaaS App development using the Business Application Platform 4:45PM - 6:00PM WSCC Room 603 THR2302 Build a full business app in 10 minutes 12:00PM - 12:20PM Expo Hall Theater 1 BRK2420 Streamline business processes with Flow and Office 365 1:00PM - 2:15PM Sheraton Grand Ballrm D BRK2303 Build and extend applications for Office 365 with PowerApps and Flow 4:30PM - 5:45PM WSCC Room 603 BRK3404 Deep dive into building apps on Common Data Service for Apps 8:30AM - 9:45AM WSCC Room 620 THR1201 Distribute your apps to millions of users via AppSource 9:30AM - 9:50AM Expo Hall Theater 2 THR3402 Real-World Solutions with PowerApps: Building Composite Controls 10:00AM - 10:20AM Expo Hall Theater 1 THR1202 Deliver a compelling experience on Microsoft AppSource 10:30AM - 10:50AM Expo Hall Theater 2 THR2304 Real-World Solutions with PowerApps: ALM via Microsoft Flow & PowerShell 12:00PM - 12:20PM Expo Hall Theater 1 BRK3405 Developing custom connectors for Microsoft Flow and PowerApps 1:00PM - 2:15PM WSCC Room 603 BRK3403 Extending PowerApps and CDS for Apps with custom controls and server side logic 2:45PM - 4:00PM WSCC Room 620 THR3403 Real-World Solutions with PowerApps: Tips & tricks to manage app complexity 3:00PM - 3:20PM Expo Hall Theater 1 BRK3408 Advanced app building with PowerApps expressions and rules 4:30PM - 5:45PM Sheraton Metro. Ballrm A
  37. 37.