Thyssenkrupp access elevators and lifts


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ThyssenKrupp Access is a leading manufacturer of elevators and lifts. ThyssenKrupp Access elevators and lifts are specially designed to enhance your home’s comfort and value.

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Thyssenkrupp access elevators and lifts

  1. 1. DAY Elevator and Lift Call: (212)775-0080ThyssenKrupp Access elevators and liftsWhen it comes to elevators and lifts, manufacturer ThyssenKrupp Accesshas hardly any rivals. With a history dating back to 1947, ThyssenKruppAccess is indeed one of the most well-known and trusted providers ofaccessibility equipment. The indoor and outdoor lifts and elevators that thecompany offers ensure safe andcomfortable access in multistoriedbuildings including schools, churches,office buildings and homes. Besidesproviding people with enhancedaccessibility, many ThyssenKruppAccess elevators are built to eventransport heavy items such asfurniture, laundry and groceries between floors.Noted for their advanced technology and functionality, ThyssenKruppAccess elevators and lifts are specially designed to meet the needs of thephysically challenged and elderly. ThyssenKrupp Access offers a widevariety of mobility devices with attributes and specifications to suit tovarying client specifications. You can find elevators and lifts that can bemade to blend with your home décor.With ThyssenKrupp Access elevators and lifts, you are ensured ofefficiency, consistent performance, reliability, low maintenance, anddurability. This makes them a much favored choice of builders, architects,developers and homeowners. Elevators and Lifts
  2. 2. DAY Elevator and Lift Call: (212)775-0080Well-known models of accessibility equipment from ThyssenKrupp Access: • Home elevators – Destiny Gearless Home Elevator, Destiny Hydraulic Home Elevator, Destiny Winding Drum Elevator, LEV II, Rise Elevator, Volant Gearless, LEV II, Evolution, and Shuttle Dumbwaiter • Stair lifts - Flow II, Comfort and Levant • Wheelchair lifts - Supra, Journey, PL-S, PL-TG, PL-EZE, PL-P, BC / HBC, BC Portable, CDE/HCDE, PCDE/HPCDE, WOV 355 and RA 750All these models come with the latest technology and customization options.The residential elevators are incorporated with advanced safety featuressuch as door interlocks, emergency light, alarm, emergency stop buttons,over speed governors, telephone and more.The elevators from ThyssenKrupp can be customized to match the interiordecor of different types of buildings. Being a well-known elevator supplier,ThyssenKrupp Access offers limited warranty to cover manufacturingdefects for most models. The company’s stair lifts come with a full five-yeardrivetrain and two-year parts warranty.Whether you want to install elevators in your new home or existing one,ThyssenKrupp Access has a solution to suit your needs. As there are a widevariety of designs and style options available, you can choose the rightsolution from these elevators and lifts to suit the architectural design of yourhome, your budget and your specific accessibility requirements. Purchasingyour equipment from an authorized dealer of ThyssenKrupp Access lifts & Elevators and Lifts
  3. 3. DAY Elevator and Lift Call: (212)775-0080elevators ensures efficient installation support and prompt after sales serviceincluding maintenance, repair and testing. If you have budget constraints,ask your dealer if a certified, pre-owned device is available. DAY Elevator and Lift 54 Thompson Street, 2nd Floor New York, NY 10012 Contact Details Phone: (212)775-0080 URL: Elevators and Lifts