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Title ix risk reduction

  1. 1. Risk Reduction and Proactive Strategies
  2. 2. Risk Reduction & Proactive Strategies While victims are never to be blamed for a sexual assault, there are still proactive strategies that each student can adopt to reduce one’s risk for being targeted.
  3. 3. Use the buddy system
  4. 4. Close your blinds and lock your doors
  5. 5. Avoid hitchhiking and picking up hitch hikers
  6. 6. Avoid the beach AFTER DARK
  7. 7. Don’t go somewhere with someone you don’t know well.
  8. 8. Remove yourself from the physical presence of a sexual aggressor.
  9. 9. Trust your instincts if you feel uncomfortable or unsafe.
  10. 10. Make your limits clear when in a relationship.
  11. 11. Avoid substances that impair judgement.
  12. 12. Don’t leave any beverage unattended, get a new one
  13. 13. Get an agreement with your friends to watch out for each other.
  14. 14. Take a self defense class
  15. 15. Aloha Late Night Shuttle Services • Security provides the Aloha Late Night Shuttle Service for all students free of charge. We will transport students from campus to their off-campus home in Laie, Hauula, Punaluu and Kahuku. This service is provided Monday-Saturday at 10:00 pm and 12:00 am (midnight). • Students can come to the Security office in McKay Building 148 and sign up for a shuttle ride. One of our Security officers will drive you home.
  16. 16. Learn the difference between abusive and healthy relationships Healthy Unhealthy Partnership Domination Respect Intimidation Economic equality Economic control Emotional honesty Emotional manipulation Sexual respect Sexual abuse-force Support/Trust Control Kind Belittle/bully Physical safety Physical abuse
  17. 17. Title IX “Report a Concern”
  18. 18. If you have additional questions or concerns or would like to learn more, please contact: Title IX Office 207 LSB (808)675-4585 Dr. Debbie Hippolite-Wright,Phd Rebekah Strain, JD Title IX Coordinator Title IX Deputy Coordinator (808)-675-3707 (808) 675-4585