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some mistakes that we make in spoken English

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  1. 1. —— 纠正20个常见雅思口语错误
  2. 2. Q1 Personal InformationHow are you?• How are you doing these days?•How‟s it going?•What‟s up?• Cool!• Alright! Fine, thank you, and you?• I‟m doing fine, thanks. How about you?
  3. 3. Q2Part1: Talk about your study.•My English is not very well.•So-so!= “一般般” How are you? So-so. How was the movie? So-so. It is a bit iffy. Needs a little work. It could’ve been better.
  4. 4. Q3 计划出国继续学业I want to go abroad to learn moreknowledge. I want to gain knowledge. I want to learn some skills/ further my study.
  5. 5. Q4Part2:Describe a special family event andintroduce the family members you invited. (IELTS 2011-11) nuclear family --- there‟s my parents and me, and I also have a younger sibling: my brother. --- I have five brothers and two sisters. cousins, nephew, niece
  6. 6. Q5Part1: What do you plan to do aftergraduation? (IELTS 2011-8) I teach. I am a teacher. I program. I am a programmer.I design costume. I am a costume designer.I create comic books. I am a comic book creator. I cook. I am a cooker.
  7. 7. 中英默契 Too many cooks spoil the broth. I heard they broke up because he was seeing another girl, but my friend told me it was her fault. Yeah, he said, she said! What doesn‟t kill you makes you stronger!
  8. 8.  He is an officer. He is an office worker. She works in an office. My parent is a white-collar worker. My parent works in an administrative position. My parent has managerial duties.
  9. 9. Q6Part2: Describe a person whomyou would like to travel with?natural hair colors: brown/black/grey/red/blonde
  10. 10. salt & pepper yellow
  11. 11. Better solutions: Fat— plumpa little overweight Old— middle-ageda senior citizen Ugly— not so attractive Surrender himself to justice! Open to questions!
  12. 12. Part2:Describe an experience in badweather. The weather in yourhometown. (IELTS 2011-11) Hot ! Cold! There are four seasons in my hometown.  muggy humid chilly freezing  It‟s changeable. It‟s like four seasons in one day.  It‟s extreme.
  13. 13.  The weather in my hometown is really changeable. Sometimes it‟s like four seasons in one day. You know, it „s kind of Murphy’s Law. If I take my umbrella it won‟t rain, but if I forget to take my umbrella there will be a downpour.
  14. 14.  Well, it‟s a Catch-22 situation. The school gave me a conditional offer depending on getting my visa. But the visa office said they could only give me a visa if I got an unconditional offer.
  15. 15. Q8Part2: Describe a popular leisurecenter in your area. (IELTS 2011-8) I have many pastimes= hobbiesI like to pass time by doing something In the past time, I was a student.
  16. 16. Q9 KTV? KTV: = ? Korean TV Karaoke (a Japanese word) “kara” means “空” “oke”=orchestra I want to sing at a karaoke bar.
  17. 17. Part3: Do you think children shouldbe educated how to cook?(IELTS2011-9)student: cut the tomato. Putthe oil in the pan. Put the eggin the pan with the tomato.
  18. 18. Q10Part3: Do you think children shouldbe educated how to cook?(IELTS2011-9)1.Prepare rice and vegetable.2.Cut vegetable into equal strips and cut each crab stick in half.
  19. 19. 3 Place bamboo rolling mat on cutting board. Lay one sheet of nori shiny onto bamboo mat.4 Place rice on the sheet and spread it out gently.5 Place several crab strips.
  20. 20. Q11Firstly- secondly-thirdly--finally=last6 Lift the front of bamboo mat closest to you. Roll by pressing bamboo mat firmly on the nori sheet.7 Moisten sharp knife with cold water and cut the roll into 5 to 6 pieces.8 Sprinkle with sesame seeds.
  21. 21. Q12Part2:Describe one of yourbest friends.(IELTS 2011-9) play with my friends chill out with my buddies. Kill time with… Hang out with my friends
  22. 22. Q13Part1: What do you usually dowith computers?(IELTS 2011-11) Play computer play computer games. Surf the world wide web.(www.) Closeopen the computer Open an account. Open your mind. Close your mind=close-minded turn onturn off the computer/TV Switch on/off Turn off your brain and enjoy the movie!
  23. 23.  PS: postscript Ur: CUL8R: LOL: QFT: quoted for truth= that‟s true, I agree.
  24. 24. Q14Part2:Describe a sport match. (IELTS 2011-11)  Sports are healthy, but people do them for their health.  I like to do sports for my health.  I like to work out to keep fit.  I like to hit the gym to stay in shape.
  25. 25.  It costs about one week. ----- it takes… my assignment is due on Friday. I have to buy some time to finish it. cost time=waste time. The delay cost me two days.
  26. 26. Q15Part1: How often do you watch TV?What kind of TV programs do youlike most? (IELTS 2011-9) ? Soap opera ? “Desperate Housewives”: primetime TV series “Friends” = sit-coms- situation comedies They often feature “canned laughter
  27. 27. Q16Part1: Do you think painting ordrawing is very important to children? (IELTS 2011- painting8) Sketching Doodling doing graffiti ----street artists
  28. 28. Q17Part3:Which is a better choice, living incity or in countryside? What are theadvantages and disadvantagesrespectively? (IELTS2011-11)  What are the advantages? ----There are many merits.  Are there any disadvantages? ---well, there are a multitude of drawbacks.  In my hometown, it‟s really humid, you know, muggy.
  29. 29. Q18Part3:Introduce sometraditional Chinese food?(IELTS 2011-11) Dumplings The type of dumpling that is steamed in a cane basket is called “dim sum” “steamed buns” Mandarin Guangdong Dialect= Cantonese we‟re going to be late. Chop chop! chopsticks
  30. 30.  tofu=bean curd stinky tofu kung fu tai chi kung pao chicken typhoon Won tons Barbeque: BBQ kebab Pizza spaghetti
  31. 31.  Panda eye you have bags under your eyes. WC(water closet)---old no light, spiders and other insects crawling around bathroom the toilet the men‟sthe ladies‟
  32. 32. Q19Part3: What do you learn from theinternational traveling? (IELTS2011-7) The statue of liberty (freedom) the opera house (theatre) Taj Mahal
  33. 33. Q20 GRAMMAR Q: What would you do if I gave one million dollars? A: Well, I will travel around the world. First, I might go to England… Chinese VS English Q: Are you Chinese? A:Yes. A:Yes. Q: You are Chinese, aren‟t you? A:Yes. A: Yes. Q: You aren‟t Chinese, are you? A:No. A: YES!
  34. 34. Skills in speaking test self-correct My father is a doctor. She… oops, I mean he…” How to say How can I put it? It‟s on the tip of my tongue! It‟s slipped my mind!
  35. 35. Figuratively:He‟s going to kill you If you don‟t do the homework! He runs like the wind! He drinks like a fish!
  36. 36. FIN!