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Easter in France


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Published in: Spiritual, Self Improvement
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Easter in France

  1. 1. PÂQUES
  2. 2. In France, Easter is known as Pâques. It comes in Spring(Printemps) and is celebrated in much the same way as we celebrate it here in New Zealand.
  3. 3. One difference is that when the church bells stop ringing on theThursday before Easter, children are told that they have gone to Rome to be blessed by the Pope.
  4. 4. When the bells ring out again on Easter Sunday morning, the childrenare told that they have flown back, dropping chocolate eggs and other chocolate treats in their gardens.
  5. 5. At Easter time, the shops are full of chocolate goodies, including chocolate chickens, rabbits, eggs and bells.
  6. 6. This bell might just be big enough for the whole Junior School!
  7. 7. People send Easter cards to friends and relatives.
  8. 8. After church on Easter Sunday, families sit down to a traditional dinner of roast lamb.
  9. 9. Or maybe you would prefer this table de Pâques!
  10. 10. Some towns organise an Easter egg hunt called a Chasse aux œufs
  11. 11. Quelle jolie chasse!