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Auction information, membership form and August Newsletter for Women in Business, Cache Valley Utah.

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Wib 8 13 newsletter

  1. 1. Issue 2 | 8/6/13 August 2013 Newsletter wib Board “If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it.” Margaret Fuller, journalist, critic, and women’s rights advocate President’s Message The dog days of summer are here. That phrase really sums up summer’s sultry days that encourage you to take a moment to enjoy the warmth, the blue sky and the sunny day. I think that our August meeting will allow us to pause and consider the beautiful valley that we are blessed to live in. July was a great month for Women in Business! We had an exciting speaker from the Leonardo Museum in Salt Lake City. I encourage you to attend one of the fascinating exhibits that will be on display this year. It was very informative to hear how they raise money for those exhibits. After learning how many dollars are raised for an exhibit our scholarship goals seem attainable. Over the past month, the Executive Board has been reviewing and updating the WIB Bylaws. As we review the purpose for WIB, I wanted to remind us all of the two main reasons we are part of this tremendous organization. Continued on page 2 President:   LJ  Bolton   Pres-­‐Elect:   Wendi  Coombs   Past  Pres:   Tammy  Selley   Secretary:   Linda  Kimball   Treasurer:   Cindy  Johnson   Membership:   Julie  Hughes   Past   Scholarship:   Nicole  Meyer   Scholarship:   Jacoba  Poppleton     Scholarship   Elect:   Bel  Azyuk   Raffle:   Randee   Haberstick   Chamber   Liaison:   Becky  Conger   IT  Specialist:   Denise  Irwin   Newsletter  &     Public   Relations:   Teri  Guy  
  2. 2. 2 Women in Business provides networking and professional development opportunities and helps to raise funds to provide scholarships to women who demonstrate financial need and meet other scholarship criteria. As members of WIB, my hope is that you will take advantage of the networking opportunities. If you have an idea for a subject or speaker for upcoming meetings, please let me know. Because a great part of our focus is funding for scholarships, we’d like to remind you to buy extra raffle tickets at every monthly lunch. Please plan to participate in our annual auction at the October meeting. Every dollar raised helps us fund scholarships. Also reaching out, meeting, and networking with the other members every month will maximize your experience with Women in Business. With all of us working toward the same goals not only will you enjoy your time spent with WIB, we will continue to provide a benefits the women of our community. LolaJean "LJ" Bolton President WIB Luncheon Tuesday, August 13 Catered by: Aggie Station NOTE Lunch pricing change: $12 when you prepay with your application, $14 when you RSVP for the luncheon and $15 walk-in. A first time guest is always $12. Guest Speaker: Bear River Land Conservancy Where: Deseret Industries 175 W 1400 N, Logan Multi-Purpose Room Time: 11:55 am RSVP
  3. 3. 3 Cache Chamber of Commerce | 160 N. Main | Logan, UT 84321 | phone: 435.752.2161 Dear Women in Business: It is time for another fun filled networking year! We have another great schedule of exciting speakers; we hope you will join us this year. This past year we have had a tremendous amount of support. Our scholarships were a huge success because of you! Thank you again. Our meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month at 11:45 a.m. at various locations. As you are aware, the mission of the Women in Business Organization is to raise monies for the educational needs of women. Donations and lunch tickets from its members raise these monies. When members RSVP and then do not attend the luncheon, Women in Business is forced to cover the lunch ticket expense. For this reason, "no shows will be billed $12.00" which enables the organization to give all of its monies to scholarships rather than the cost of the lunch. Please fill out your renewal application and return to the registration desk at the Women in Business luncheon or mail to Denise Irwin, C/O University Inn & Conference Center, 5005 Old Main Hill, Logan, Utah 84322 or you may complete the application online. Please make check payable to WOMEN IN BUSINESS. Thank you. !-----------------!-----------------!-----------------!-----------------!------------- WOMEN IN BUSINESS (WIB) Cache Chamber of Commerce Invoice July 1, 2013 - June 30, 2014 Name Business Name Address City/State/Zip Phone # Email Annual Dues / One fee per business $ 30.00 Monthly luncheon per year/per person $144.00 TOTAL DUE $174.00 "WOMEN IN BUSINESS WAS ESTABLISHED TO PROVIDE PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT THROUGH TRAINING, EDUCATIONAL AND NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES FOR ITS MEMBERSHIP."
  4. 4. 4   Teresa  Merrell     Development  Specialist  at  Deseret  Industries       Eleven  years  ago,  Teresa  Merrell  received  a  knock  at  the  door  that  dramatically  changed  her   life;  her  husband  had  been  killed  in  a  fatal  aircraft  accident.    As  she  faced  her  children,  ages   six,  five,  three  and  one,  she  knew  life  would  never  be  the  same  again.    Little  did  she  know   that,  two  months  later,  she  would  become  the  primary  caregiver  to  her  parents  for  the  next   seven  years,  as  her  mother  struggled  with  terminal  cancer  and  as  her  father  suffered  from  a   life-­‐threatening  stroke.    Following  their  passing,  Teresa  felt  compelled  to  pursue  further   education  to  provide  for  her  young  family.    Although  she  received  a  B.S.  in  Business   Management  from  Brigham  Young  University  in  1994,  she  felt  she  needed  to  update  her   skills.    Therefore,  she  enrolled  in  Utah  State  University’s  highest  nationally-­‐ranked  program   and  received  a  Masters  degree  in  Rehabilitation  Counseling.     Prior  to  graduation  in  2012,  Teresa  was  privileged  to  accept  a  position  as  a  Development   Specialist  at  the  Deseret  Industries,  a  non-­‐profit  organization  and  a  division  of  the  Welfare   Services  of  The  Church  of  Jesus  Christ  of  Latter-­‐day  Saints.    The  Deseret  Industries  (DI)  was   established  in  1938,  to  help  people  help  themselves  by  encouraging  independence  through   learning  principles  of  thrift,  work,  giving,  and  sharing.    This  is  a  mission  Teresa  believes   in!    Since  Teresa’s  first  day  with  the  DI,  she  has  been  engaged  in  the  work  of  developing  and   of  transforming  lives  of  individuals  into  more  productive,  more  self-­‐supporting,  and  more   confident  workers.    At  any  given  time,  she  may  be  found  managing  personnel;  providing   direct  client  services  of  vocational  assessment,  career  counseling,  case  management,   resource  development,  work  adjustment  training,  or  job  placement;  providing  consultations   with  local  ecclesiastical  leaders  and  store  operations  staff;  or  coordinating  training  and   management  of  LDS  missionaries  assigned  to  provide  specific  services  to  the  store.    She   reaches  out  to  the  community  to  identify  resources  for  developing  her  associates  and  for   providing  job  placement  opportunities  to  those  prepared  for  successful  employment.     When  not  at  the  DI,  Teresa  enjoys  teaching.    Last  fall,  she  presented  at  the  National   Rehabilitation  Conference  in  Chicago,  and  she  will  be  teaching  masters  level  courses  in   Rehabilitation  Counseling  at  Utah  State  University  this  fall.    However,  Teresa’s  greatest   satisfaction  comes  from  teaching,  spending  time  with,  and  developing  her  four  children-­‐-­‐who   are  now  teenagers!    During  any  given  season,  she  is  found  cheering  for  them  in  softball,   baseball,  soccer,  or  basketball  games.    As  Teresa  embraces  life’s  challenges  and  successes,   she  finds  her  life  is  sweetened  by  them.    Therefore,  she  looks  with  anticipation  to  the  future,   expecting  both  difficulties  and  victories,  knowing  she  will  find  joy  and  treasures  worth   discovering.     WIB SPOTLIGHT
  5. 5. 5 SAVE THE DATE! ! WOMEN IN BUSINESS ANNUAL AUCTION TUESDAY – OCTOBER 8, 2013 Riverwoods Conference Center Lunch begins at 11:55 am ALL PROCEEDS GO DIRECTLY TO THE 2014 SCHOLARSHIP FUND “This is an annual event,” said Nicole Meyer of SOS Employment Group, chair of the scholarship committee. “Each year we ask members of our community to donate goods or services—proceeds from the auction go directly into the scholarship fund for the coming year.” In 2012, Women in Business, Cache Valley awarded seven scholarships to those studying business in Cache Valley. Wondering what to donate? Items donated in previous years include: • Art$ • Crafts$ • Lawn$services$ • Hotel$get4away$packages$ • Jewelry$ • Retail$gift$certificates$ • Treats$(cookies,$candies,$homemade$goodies)$ • And$plenty$more!$ Donations of all kinds are being accepted. Contact Nicole Meyer for details, 970-590-0784, nlmeyer@live.com Don’t see a donation idea on list? Contact us. We are glad to give you some ideas! RSVP to attend by visiting us on the web. http://wib.usu.edu/Luncheon.cfm?pg=mo Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WomenInBusinessCacheValleyUtah
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  7. 7. The Bingham family: (from left) Megan, Hunter, Jason, Stacey, Gage, Sierra and Lindsey In the summer of 2006, 6-year-old Sierra Bingham, niece to two of New Dawn’s employees, was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy. This is a condition where the heart weakens, becomes enlarged, and cannot pump blood efficiently. She was transported to Packard Children’s Hospital in California, where she was placed on a transplant list to await a heart. Unless she received a new heart soon, she would die. After a long ordeal, a heart did become available and Sierra became the beneficiary. In May 2012, Lindsey, Sierra’s 8-year-old little sister, was diagnosed with the same disease. She was flown to the same hospital where Sierra had been treated, and the family’s ordeal began again. Lindsey received a new heart just a few months ago—on Valentine’s Day— and so far is recovering well. But . . . two heart transplants, the procedures and care leading up to them, and all the medication, testing, and biopsies that will follow throughout their lives don’t come cheap. Nor will transplants and treatment for the other three kids, all of whom show early symptoms of the disease and will need new hearts at some point. The Bingham family is facing monumental health care expenses. New Dawn Technologies regularly awards community grants to the winners of drawings at our trade shows in lieu of prizes. It’s an honor to award the Binghams, a local family and a relative of New Dawn employees, with a Community Grant. The Binghams were featured on Dateline NBC Wednesday, June 5. You can help: You can donate directly by visiting http://www.heartsforbinghams.org. At New Dawn Technologies we care about people. Building communities is something we are passionate about. We know that our JustWare | Solution Suite helps our customers do their jobs more efficiently. For more than 17 years, New Dawn Technologies has served communities worldwide by providing leading edge web-based, on-premise, and cloud-based case management solutions for governments. We offer the JustWare | Solution Suite case management software, data sharing, e-filing, e-payment, e-discovery, and public access solutions for every type of government agency. Stay inTouch with New Dawn Technologies: LinkedIn (linkedin.com/company/new-dawn-technologies) Twitter (@newdawntech), Instagram (@newdawntech), Google+ (http://j.mp/NDTplus) and like us on Facebook (facebook.com/newdawntech) New Dawn Technologies supports Hearts for Binghams