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December 2012 newsletter, Women in Business - Cache Valley


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December 2012 newsletter, Women in Business - Cache Valley

  1. 1. December 2012 ISSUE #6 | 12/1/2012 President’s Message Happy Holidays! It is hard to believe how fast this year has gone by! Thank you for your attendance at the November luncheon. Jacoba gave a wonderful overview of Social Media. The information she presented gave us a lot to think about. I hope thatyou were able to put the information to work in your businesses. Please plan to join us at the December luncheon. It will be a fun and relaxing Holiday Cooking demonstration and I look forward to seeing you there. RSVP early and bring a friend! We live in a very giving community and I am overwhelmed at the generosity and giving nature. I know that many of you have experienced strugglesin 2012 but I sincerely hope that things have started to show positive progress. I like to concentrate, especially this time of year, on what I do have and the many blessings in my life. Each month, I am honored to rub shoulders with you and glean information from you. You are truly remarkable women! Have a wonderful holiday season with your loved ones! Tammy Selley, President WIB December Holiday Luncheon Tuesday, December 11 – 11:55 am Bridgerland Applied Technology College Main Campus: 1301 North 600 West, LoganWe will be tasting holiday foods and learning some tipsto take the pressure out of the holiday season. RSVP onthe web
  2. 2. N GH TO TL ISPO DRU S N IEA JAM Jamie Andrus is the Director of Partners In Business in the Huntsman School of Business at USU. She leads a team of bright and talented Business students who organize and provide professional business conferences. Partners currently holds four conferences on Campus; Accounting, Leadership, Operational Excellence, and Information Technology. They also coordinate the SHRM Crossroads Conference for the Utah Human Resources State Council. These conferences serve the professional business community as well as the business students. She loves her job and the opportunity to work with such outstanding students and professionals. Jamie has a bachelor’s degree in Business and a Master’s Degree in Human Resources from USU. She is the current Bridgerland SHRM Chapter President where she enjoys the association with some really great Human Resource professionals. In her spare time Jamie loves the Arts, especially music and dance The George S. Eccles Ice Center will host a family New Year’s Eve celebration from 7 p.m. until midnight on December 31st. There will be live bands playing 80’s music all night, dancing, ice skating and entertainment for the children. The cost is $10 per person. There will also be dinner available by Café Sabor for an additional cost. Please go to for more details. Bring your date, bring the neighbors and the kids and come help bring in the new year with the community at the Eccles Ice Center.    
  3. 3. The holiday season is a time to celebrate with family & friends, but for many it also becomes atime for over-eating & weight gain. By implementing a few simple tips you can stay healthythrough the holiday season.Ten Tips for Healthy Holiday Eating1. Be realistic. Don’t try to lose pounds during the holidays, instead try to maintain your current weight.2. Plan time for exercise. Exercise helps relieve holiday stress & prevent weight gain. Try a brisk walk twice a day.3. Before leaving for a party, eat a light snack like raw vegetables or a piece of fruit to curb your appetite.4. Survey party buffets before filling your plate. Choose your favorite foods & skip your least favorite. Include vegetables & fruits to keep your plate balanced.5. Eat until you are satisfied, not stuffed. Savor your favorite holiday treats while eating small portions.6. Be careful with beverages. Alcohol can lessen inhibitions & induce overeating; non-alcoholic beverages can be full of calories & sugar.7. If you overeat at one meal, go light on the next.8. Take the focus off food. Turn candy & cookie making time into non-edible projects like making wreaths, dough art decorations or a gingerbread house. Plan group activities with family & friends that are not about food. Try serving a holiday meal to the community, playing games or going on a walking tour of decorated homes.9. Bring your own healthy dish to a holiday gathering.10. Practice Healthy Holiday Cooking. Preparing favorite dishes lower in fat & calories will help promote healthy eating.• Gravy — Refrigerate the gravy to harden fat. Skim the fat off.• Dressing — Use a little less bread & add more onions, garlic, celery & vegetables. Add fruits such as cranberries or apples. Moisten or flavor with low fat low sodium chicken or vegetable broth & applesauce.• Turkey – Enjoy delicious, roasted turkey breast without the skin.• Green Bean Casserole-- Cook fresh green beans with chunks of potatoes instead of cream soup. Top with almonds.• Mashed Potato — Use skim milk, broth, garlic & Parmesan cheese instead of whole milk & butter.• Quick Holiday Nog — Four bananas, 1-1/2 cups skim milk or soymilk, 1-1/2 cups plain nonfat yogurt, 1/4 teaspoon rum extract, and ground nutmeg. Blend all ingredients except nutmeg. Puree until smooth. Top with nutmeg.• Desserts — Make a crustless pumpkin pie. Substitute two egg whites for each whole egg in baked recipes. Replace heavy cream with evaporated skim milk in cheesecakes & cream pies. Top cakes with fresh fruit, fruit sauce, or a sprinkle of powdered sugar instead of fattening frosting. Enjoy the Holidays. Plan time for activities & incorporate healthy recipes into your holiday meals. Your mind and body will thank you.
  4. 4. Understaffed for the Holidays? Let our friendly staff at Nexeo help! Whether it’s extra hands for a day or some for the long run, we will service you with skilled employees that meet your needs. Contact Kristina @ (435)313-3399 or Now on , &       Logan  Regional  Hospital  Foundation   Virtual  Giving  Tree   This  holiday  season  the  Logan  Regional  Hospital  Foundation  is  hosting  a  Virtual  Giving  Tree   to  raise  funds  for  items  to  benefit  the  young  patients  at  Logan  Regional  Pediatric   Rehabilitation.   The  Virtual  Giving  Tree  includes  equipment  we  call  “toys”  (with  photos,  descriptions  and   costs)  that  will  be  used  in  physical  and  occupational  therapy  at  the  Pediatric  Rehabilitation   Center.  Items  range  in  cost  from  $15  to  $5000. “We  realize  that  some  of  the  requested  items  are  quite  expensive,”  said  Christina  Roberts,   Foundation  specialist.  “Please  know  that  you  may  make  a  dollar  donation  toward  any  of  the   items  without  having  to  contribute  the  entire  purchase  price.  A  gift  of  $100,  $25  or  any  other   amount  helps  Logan  Regional  Hospital  Foundation  further  our  mission  of  Bringing  Healing   Home.” You  can  view  and  purchase  these  toys  online  at  or  contact   Christina  Roberts  at  435-­‐716-­‐5430  or  
  5. 5. 8505 Old Main Hill, Logan, UT 84322-8505 Phone 435.797.3138 Fax 435.797.3150 ! UPR!Online!Holiday!Auction!Now!Featuring!200!Items!!The!UPR!Holiday!Online!Auction!has!a!gift!for!everyone!on!your!list!.!.!.!even!you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gift!certificates!for!restaurants,!salons! &!spas,!art,!event!tickets,!car!care,!ice! cream!and!more!are!ready!for!your! bids.!There!are!more!than!600!items! and!200!of!these!have!yet!to!receive! bids.!In!addition,!there!are!no! minimum!bids!!Go!to!!to! begin!bidding.!The!auction!continues! through!Tuesday,!December!11th!and! all!items!will!be!delivered!in!time!for! Christmas.!It’s!also!not!too!late!to!donate!to!the!UPR!Holiday!Auction.!Promote!your!business!or!begin!your!own!bidding!by!going!to!!or!call!Perry! Muckerheide!at!435R797R0676.! NO!MINIMUM!BIDS! ! !
  6. 6. Happy, happy Christmas, that can win us back to the delusions of our childish days; that can recall to the old man the pleasures of his youth; that can transport the sailor and the traveller, thousands of miles away, back to his own fire-side and his quiet home! ~Charles Dickens, The Pickwick Papers , 1836Questions about the WIB Newsletter?Please contact Teri Guy – 435-797-3215 or