Net bro final2


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Recuitment campaign for Netsuite (I developed the campaign concept and wrote and art directed a brochure, advertisements and a section on the website with video)

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Net bro final2

  1. 1. Join the leader in Ready toUS OFFICESCorporate Headquarters:Voice: 650-627-1000 on-demand software make yourFax: 650-627-1001E-mail: careers@netsuite.comURL: solutions mark?Denver area:Voice: 303-600-3800 At NetSuite, our vision is to change the way growing and mid-sized companies do business by delivering theINTERNATIONAL OFFICES market’s leading integrated, on-line business applicationsCanadaVoice: 905-629-8486Fax: 905-219-8450 for CRM, ERP and Web commerce. With a solid trackE-mail: record of success and aggressive growth plans, NetSuiteEurope/Middle East/AfricaVoice: +44 (0) 1628-774400 offers many exciting career opportunities to support theE-mail: ukcareers@netsuite.comURL: design, development, delivery, promotion, sale andNetSuite Australia Pty Ltd support of our award-winning applications. No matterVoice: +61 (0)2 9464 6100Fax: +61 (0)2 9464 6111 what your role, you will be helping companies makeE-mail: australiacareers@netsuite.comURL: better faster decisions, streamline their operations andSingaporeVoice: +65-6511-6130 achieve significant cost savings. Are you ready to takeFax: +65-6549-7001E-mail: make your mark in the business world?URL: KongVoice: +852-3180 9660Fax: +852-3180 9399E-mail: hongkongcareers@netsuite.comJapanVoice: +81-3-5545-7621Fax: +81-3-5545-7622E-mail: japancareers@netsuite.comURL: +632-856-3888Fax: +632-856-1550Email:
  2. 2. We aren’t looking for you to fit into a We aren’t looking for you to fit into aspecific mold. We want people who will specific mould. We want people who willtake risks, be bold and creative. We take risks, and be bold and creative. Wedon’t care about politics. We care about don’t care about politics. We care aboutresults. And we care about your career results. And we care about your careersuccess. At NetSuite you will be encour- success. At NetSuite you will be encour-aged to grow on the job, share your ideas aged to grow on the job, share your ideas At NetSuiteand try new approaches. You will have and try new approaches. You will have there are no limitsthe opportunity to take on different roles the opportunity to take on different roles to what you can achieve.and work in different areas of the com- and work in different areas of the com-pany, all over the world. And you will be pany, all over the world. And you will berewarded for your hard work and your rewarded for your hard work and yourcontributions. But the biggest reward of contributions. But the biggest reward ofall will be the impact you make every all will be the impact you make everyday, as you solve complex business prob- day, as you solve complex business prob-lems and change the way companies lems and change the way companiesare doing business around the globe. are doing business around the globe.
  3. 3. “Our team works with small to medium size businesses who are already customers. It is our job to help them optimize their use of NetSuite. So I really use my brain. I have to review a lot of information about customers to make good recommendations. Because I am engaging with different kinds of companies with different needs, every day is a challenge. I also love the fact that NetSuite doesn’t tell you how to do revolutionize your job. They really promote entrepreneurship. Here when you see an opportunity, you’re encouraged to grab it. This organization will stand out in your career roadmap.” Vincent Villamil, Account Management Group Team Leader, business “I joined NetSuite because of the product. It really Love your job Makati City, Republic of the Philippines is an answer to all your business problems. I’ve learn been in the software business for 8 years, but drive“My job is to make sure our customers are happy and that their needs are NetSuite is different. Our product has everything being met. I like that I’m an important part of their business. I’ve worked you need to run your business and it is so far & grow in San Mateo and now I work from a home office in Pittsburgh. NetSuite your career ahead of the competition. I’m just approaching gives you the flexibility to do your job the way you want. And they give a year with NetSuite and it’s been good fun. you the resources to be successful. The training is excellent and the What I like most about my job is fixing problems management is awesome. There’s always an open door at NetSuite and, “NetSuite’s technology is so innovative it’s a salesperson’s dream. I am and seeing the impact on our customers. And it’s when I have questions, the answers are at my fingertips. I’m learning making more money than I ever thought possible and I am encouraged exciting to be with a company that is growing something new every day. I love that. ” and supported to try new ideas everyday. For instance, when I first came so rapidly. It feels good to finally be selling on board four years ago, I decided to test out a new e-marketing tool Shannyn Jones, Client Management Representative, something I can really believe in.” with some of my prospects. It was so effective in reaching new custom- Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S.A Daniel Winterbottom ers, it is now used company wide. I am also learning so much about how International Sales Operations Manager, different businesses operate. So I am constantly evolving in my role. I dare to be yourself Maidenhead, England, UK really feel like there are no limits to what I can achieve at NetSuite.” Teresa Mazzaferro, Sales, Account Executive, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada