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HIP Academy


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By: Tristen

Published in: Education
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HIP Academy

  1. 1. HIP Academy By: Mrs Abernethy’s Robotic Rhinos
  2. 2. Livingstone Himself Livingstone started a school in Kimilili, Kenya and has fought through many challenges such as keeping the school open making sure the kids are able to make it to school and other obstacles.
  3. 3. Livingstone Himself This does sound amazing but lets make it even better Livingstone is only 24 years old! Imagine being 24 years old and being this overwhelmed by having teachers from all over the world calling him almost every ten minutes!
  4. 4. HIP Academy HIP Academy is a school in Kimilli that is the only school that some kids are able to go to for miles around if the school were closed these kids would not be able to go to school
  5. 5. Schools Room The school rooms can be as small as closets and class as many as 14 students! Kids have to crawl under desks to get to the back! Imagine that having to crawl under desk to get to your seats every single day.
  6. 6. Our Cause These kids don’t all have books and the first grade class only have books like Harry Potter and other very thick books so our cause is to collect books that are age appropriate for the kids at HIP academy. Your small donations make a big difference.
  7. 7. How we Helping We are making 3d printed animals and we are collecting books to help them learn