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Baseball ABCs


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By: Maggie L.

Published in: Education
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Baseball ABCs

  1. 1. Baseball ABCs By: Maggie L This is Aaron Judge.
  2. 2. Baseball This is a ABC picture book about baseball. There might not be the whole alphabet in here, but enjoy along the way!
  3. 3. Letter A A is for Athlete. Kris Bryant is an athlete!
  4. 4. Letter B B is for Batter, ball, base, bat, and batters box.
  5. 5. Letter C C is for catcher and center field. Gary Sanchez!! When you get to Letter N, remember that Jacoby Ellsbury and Gary Sanchez play for the same team.
  6. 6. Letter D D is for Dugout This is Bryce Harper’s home dugout.
  7. 7. Letter E E is for Eephus pitch. It is a “very slow junk pitch”.
  8. 8. Letter F F is for Field, First base, and Fly ball. First base
  9. 9. Letter G G is for game and glove. Josh Bell getting ready for the big game. This is a baseball glove
  10. 10. Letter H H is for Home Run. This is Aaron Judge, the guy from the video.
  11. 11. Letter I I is for infield. This is the New York Yankees Infield and Outfield.
  12. 12. Letter J J is for jumbotron, or scoreboard.
  13. 13. Letter K K is for Knuckle ball, a type of pitch.
  14. 14. Letter L L is for Left Field.
  15. 15. Letter M M is for Major League Baseball. This is the Pittsburgh Pirates logo. They are my favorite baseball team. This is Andrew Mccutchen. This is when he used to play for the Pirates, but now he plays for the San Francisco Giants!
  16. 16. Letter N N is for New York Yankees. Jacoby Ellsbury!!!!
  17. 17. Letter O O is for Oakland Athletics and outfield. Rajai Davis!!! Outfield at Marlin’s Park in Miami, Florida, USA.
  18. 18. Letter P P is for Pitcher and Pitch. This is Zack Greinke. He plays for The Arizona Diamondbacks.
  19. 19. Letter Q Q is for Quick Pitch, an illegal pitch pitchers sometimes use.
  20. 20. Letter R R is for Right Field.
  21. 21. Letter S S is for Second base. Second base.
  22. 22. Letter T T is for Taijuan Walker. Say hi to Taijuan!!!!!!!!! Pronounced (Tywan).
  23. 23. Letter U U is for Umpire. Strike Three!!!!
  24. 24. Letter V V is for Visiting team, or basically the opponent. Mike Trout Bryce Harper OPPONENTS
  25. 25. Letter W W is for Warning Track, or the dirt before the wall.
  26. 26. Letter X X is for Xander Bogaerts.
  27. 27. Letter Y Y is for Yard, or saying someone hit a homerun. This is Bryce Harper, the guy from the video.
  28. 28. Letter Z Z is for Zack Greinke. I hope I pitch good tonight!!!!
  29. 29. Hope you liked my book. I hope you liked the book!