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Us8406863 b2

  1. 1. 111111 1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 US008406863B2c12) United States Patent (IO) Patent No.: US 8,406,863 B2 Lingg (45) Date of Patent: *Mar.26,2013(54) DEVICE FOR USING SAVED FREQUENCY (52) U.S. Cl............................................. 600/519; 607/3 INFORMATION (58) Field of Classification Search .................. 600/519; 607/3(76) Inventar: Gerhard Lingg, Bregenz (AT) See application file for complete search history.( *) Notice: Subject to any disclaimer, the termoftins (56) References Cited patent is extended or adjusted under 35 U.S.C. 154(b) by 667 days. U.S. PATENT DOCUMENTS This patent is subject to a tem1inal dis- 6,029,084 A * 2/2000 Long et al. ....................... 607/2 claimer. 2005/0222625 Al 10/2005 Laniado et al. .. ....... 607/2 2005/0239493 Al* 10/2005 Batkin et al. .. 455/550.1 2006/0224215 Al 10/2006 Pattern et al. .................. 607/62(21) Appl. No.: 12/522,212 FOREIGN PATENT DOCUMENTS(22) PCTFiled: Dec. 31,2007 wo wo 2004/011091 2/2004(86) PCTNo.: PCT/EP2007/011479 * cited by examiner § 371 (c)(l), Primary Examiner Eric D. Bertram (2), (4) Date: Aug.19,2009 (74) Attorney, Agent, or Firm Andrew Wilford(87) PCT Pub. No.: W02008/083847 (57) ABSTRACT PCT Pub. Date: Jul. 17, 2008 The inventionrelates to a device for applying saved frequency information in the form of modulated magnetic fields and/or(65) Prior Publication Data modulated light to the body, wherein the device comprises at US 2010/0004551 Al Jan. 7, 2010 least one transceiver, one display, one memory, one control electronic, one D/A-converter, and a coil (6) for the applica-(30) Foreign Application Priority Data tion of modulated magnetic fields and/or a Iaser (7) for the application of modulated light. The inventionalso relates to a Jan. 9, 2007 (AT) .................................... A 45/2007 method fortapping signals ofthe electric potential ofthe heart Jun. 19, 2007 (AT) .................................. A 950/2007 and the pulse value and applying saved frequency informa- tion by means of a device according to the invention.(51) Int. Cl. A61N 1100 (2006.01) 15 Claims, 3 Drawing Sheets 18 --------------...,I 15 I 19 23 . . ,, I I I ~ / ;1 I~-~ I I 7 ~~ 6
  2. 2. U.S. Patent Mar. 26, 2013 Sheet 1 of 3 US 8,406,863 B2 4 4 ~ :"- r/ .... - ------- ------- ----. 2 1 ~ ------ --- --- 3 ---- 1- - 5 4 ~~ .-- ----- Fig. 1 6 r------------ I 1 I I 7 L------------J 1 Fig. 2
  3. 3. U.S. Patent Mar. 26, 2013 Sheet 2 of 3 US 8,406,863 B2 11 8 14 [> 21 9 11 1310 22 12 15 21 7 19 <J 21 216 <J 20 Fig. 3
  4. 4. U.S. Patent Mar.26,2013 Sheet 3 of 3 US 8,406,863 B2 18 ---~-------~--..., 15 I I 19 19 1923 , I I I I )l ~-- / " I I I I 7 6 Fig. 4
  5. 5. US 8,406,863 B2 1 2 DEVICE FOR USING SAVED FREQUENCY A further characteristic of the invention is that the coil INFORMXIION creates a magnetic field with a fluctuating irequency with a mean value of 9 Hz, wherein furthermore the maguetic field CROSS REFERENCE TO RELATED Catl be oriented synnnetrically transverse to the longitudinal APPLICATIONS axis ofthe device. The strength ofthe magnetic field which is created by the coil can range from 0.1 up to 70 11Tesla at a This application is the US national phase ofpCT applica- measuring distance ofO m. The Iaser can be a semiconductor-tion PCT/EP2007 /011479, filed 31 Dec. 2007, published 17 laser-diode which creates light of a fluctuating red waveJul. 2008 as W02008/083847, and claiming the priority of length with a mean value of 650 mn. The power of the Iaser isAustriatl patent application A45/2007 itself filed 9 Jan. 2007 1o smaller than 1 mW, preferably armmd 0.5 mW at araund 15andAustrian patent applicationA950/2007 itselffiled 19 Jun. mW/cm 2 •2007, whose entire disclosures are herewith incorporated by A further characteristic of the invention is that the fre-reference. quency information which shall be used can be downloaded The invention relates to a device for applying saved fre- with the transceiverfrom a server, stored in the memory ofthequency information in the form of modulated magnetic fields 15 device, and transmitted to the coil andlor the Iaser via theandlor modulated light to the body. digital-analog converter. For this, the frequency infom1ation It is known that the application of modulated magnetic to be used is represented by a digital file fonnat, for exatnplefields and/or modulated light to the body can have different a digital audio file. Therefore, a substantial advantage oftheeffects on its function. For exatnple, bio-information can be invented device is, that an indefinite number of differentrecorded in the form ofelectromagnetic spectra and transmit- 20 frequency information can be stored on the server and can beted to the body with a respective device. Depending on the downloaded by means of the transceiver every time andspectrum of the substance, the influence on the body can be everywhere and can be applied to the body by meatls of thedifferent. There are, for example, spectra of substances which coil or the Iaser, respectively.cause a strained body to calm down, or others, which are It is further a characteristic ofthe invention that the deviceactivating in the case oftiredness. 25 comprises at least two, preferably three sensors for measuring Applying the frequency infonnation to the body can take the electric potential of the heart and at least one sensor,place either without prior analysis of the current state of the preferably in form of a phototransistor, for measuring theuser, or there can be made a state analysis by meat1s of a pulse. In one embodiment, three meta! sensors in form ofheartrate-variability-heart-coherence-(HRV)-screening for electrodes, for example made of plastic bodies that are coatedthe more precise selection of a suitable frequency. The HRV- 30 with Ag/AgCI and a photo sensor can be provided, eachscreening is a non-invasive, by finger sensors recorded located around the edge points of a cell phone, wherein eachscreening ofthe autonomaus nervaus heart regulation in the sensor is touched by one finger ofthe user.sense of a heartrate-variability-heart-coherence-analysis. The control electronic of the device processes the signalsThis allows for hints on the overall state of the functioning of received from the sensors atld computes a heartrate-variabil-the autonomous nervous system. It enables statements about 35 ity-heart-coherence-analysis and finally shows the result onthe strength ofthe sympathetic activity, the autonomaus bal- the display of the device.ance, and its shift in direction of a sympathetic or parasym- As a fhrther characteristic of the invention, the controlpathetic dominance, respectively, wherein these statements electronic can compare the computed result with a database incorrelate with the metabolic regulation ofthe human organ- the memory of the device, and can show on the display of theism and point to a catabolic or anabolic metabolism, respec- 40 device a respective selection of applicable frequency infor-tively, and further enable to conduct a stresstest which allows mation, as weil as fhrther information, wherein the shownstatements regarding the physical and mental stress. applicable frequency information is downloadable from a It is known to save frequency infomwtion of organic sub- server by means ofthe transceiver.stances on a computer and to transmit them on the body by In a further possible embodiment, the sensors, the memory,means of a counected magnetic coil or modulatable light 45 the control electronic, the digital-analog converter, as well assources, respectively. A drawback of this is that the devices the coil andlor the Iaser ofthe device are provided in a com-are !arge and therefore allow only a stationary use. The num- mon module, which can be cmmected to the cell phone or canber of supported frequency infom1ation depends on the size of be built into it. The module can further comprise its ownthe memory of the device and it is not possible for the user to current supply, for exatnple an accumulator. For the commu-apply a respective frequency information or conduct a state 50 nication between the module and the cell phone it can beanalysis any time atld anywhere. Furthermore, the state atlaly- equipped with an interface, for example a Bluetooth andlorsis by means ofHRV-Screening for the selection ofthe proper USB-interface.frequency information and for its application requires differ- The inventionalso relates to a method fortapping signals ofent and sometimes bulky devices and substantial know-how, the electric potential ofthe heart and the pulse value and usingso that the usability is strongly reduced. 55 the frequency information in the form of modulated magnetic It is therefore a goal of the invention to create a handy and fields at1dlor modulated light on the body by means of aeverywhere usable device which allows to apply an indefinite device according to the described invention wherein thenumber of different frequency information to the body and method comprises the following steps:which also allows to analyze the current state ofthe user by Recording the signals via three or four sensors at themeans of HRV-Screening. 60 device, wherein preferably one sensor is a photo transistor This task is solved by the device which comprises at least and the other sensors are suited for the tapping of electricone transceiver, a display, a memory, control electronics, a signals. Creation of a heartrate-variability-heart-coherence-digital-analog converter and a coil for applying the modulated analysis by means of the device. Comparing the computedmagnetic fields andlor a Iaser for applying modulated light. It result with a database in the device, where the database hasis a characteristic of the invention, that the device is a cell 65 stored respective information for different results, like, forphone which is equipped with a coil andlor a Iaser and a exatnple, nutrition suggestions or suggestions of possiblerespective digital-at1alog converter. applicable frequency information. Showing the computed
  6. 6. US 8,406,863 B2 3 4results, as weil as the respective database entries, on a display This samples the EKG-signal with a sample rate of2ms=500ofthe device. The optional, user-controlled downloading of Hz. The control of the AD-conversion is dorre by a centralthe respective displayed frequency infonnation by the user RISC-processor 15, which also transfers the data from thefrom a server, and the transmission onto the device by means ADC 18 to the buffer-R.A.M 14. Its stored data is transmittedof the transceiver. Conversion of the transmitted frequency on request ofthe cell phone 1 via the Bluetooth-interface 20.information by means ofthe digital-analog converter into an In parallel to this EKG-recording, a special, on analogueanalog frequency. Application ofthe analog frequency to the technology based R-ware-detection 12 with subsequent trig-body by means of a coil ancl/or the Iaser of the device, and an ger 13 and subsequent computation of the reciprocal value inoptional further recording and creation of a heartrate-vari- the processor 15 is perfonned, and a direct RR-value is com-ability-heart-coherence-analysis for checking the state 10 puted and stored in the R.AM 14 as weil. These values arealsochange ofthe user. transmitted per request of the cell phone 1. The measuring Below, the inventionwill be explained in more detail using accuracy ofthe sensors is +1-6%.several figures and the respective description, wherein Since a processor 15 is required forthe application anyway, FIG.1 is a schematic frontviewofa deviceaccordingto the signal-preprocessing and filtering is implemented in soft-invention in form of a cell phone. 15 ware. Next to the saving of comparably expensive extemal FIG. 2 isaback view ofthe device according to the inven- analog hardware, this has the advantage of adaptability, fortion shown in FIG. 1. example for 50Hz/60Hz line noise-filtering as weil as easier FIG. 3 shows a blockdiagram of a possible embodiment of maintenance. With this, later improvements can be installedthe device according to the invention. via firmware-update by the user. Since the measured data FIG. 4 shows a block diagram of a possible circuit for 20 cmmot be transmitted fast enough to the cell phone over thecontrolling the actors. interface (Bluetooth), it is necessary to buffer the stream of The cell phone 1 schematically shown in FIG. 1 with a measured data in an external R.A.M 14 which is attached to thedisplay 2 and a keyboard 3 comprises at each of its edges a processor. Eventually, a slower fiash-memory, which typi-sensor to receive a finger of the user. For this, three meta! cally uses less energy, can be used as a R.A.M.sensors 4 for recording an EKG, as weil as a photo sensor 5 to 25 During application, frequency infonnation shall be deliv-recognize the pulse wave are provided. The user can hold the ered to the user by the device via different, optical ancl/orcell phone with both hands and one fingerat each edge point magnetical, actors. For this, the R.AM, which has been usedduring the recording ofthe signals. for the buffering of the measured data, is used again, because FIG. 2 shows the back view ofthe cell phone ofFIG.l. The the signal data must be trm1smitted from the interface to thedashed !ines show the coil 6 serving for the application of the 30 cell phone and must be buffered, before it can be transmittedmodulated magnetic fields, which is located in the case and as a data stream via the preceding DAC 19 to the actors 6, 7.not visible from the outside. In this embodiment, there is It is also possible to implement a closed-loop control for thefurther at the back side of the cell phone a Iaser 7, which user, in which a "realtime-bio-feedback-control-loop" fortheserves for the application of the modulated light to the body. instantaneous measurement ofEKG- and pulse data and theThe Iaser 7 can, of course, also be arranged at a different, 35 application offrequency infonnation can be built up.suitable location. After confirming the state of the user by As electrode material, a plastic body coated withAg/AgCImeans ofthe four sensors 4, 5, and subsequent computationof is suggested. This material features an optimum value ofthethe heartrate-variability, and after a respective frequency electrochemical voltage, so that a quick discharging ofinformation has been suggested and downloaded from the emerging DC-voltages is possible. An alternative would beserver, the cell phone 1 can be laid on the skin with its back 40 electrodes which are coated with noble metals such as AU-side, and the frequency infonnation can be applied as a modu- coated electrodes.lated magnetic field or modulated light, respectively. Via an IR-light barrier, consisting of an IR-LED 9 and a The functioning of the device is now explained in more photo transistor 8, the pulse wave is detected on a fingertip.detail using the blockdiagram shown in FIG. 3. The recorded signal is filtered and goes via the second chan- The basic functions of the shown embodiment as well as 45 nel ofthe multiplexer 16 and the S&H 17 also to theADC 18.the application sequence, are: By alternating AD-conversion between EKG and PW, a tem- The analysis of the state of the user, based on a HRV- poral correlation ofvalues (within the frame ofthe sampling Analysis and a pulse wave correlation rate) is given. Suggestions for frequency information as weil as further To minimize the current consumption, the IR-LED 9 can be suggestions for the change of the state of the user, que- 50 turned on when a R-wave is detected, and turned off again, ried from the database ofthe device when a pulse wave is detected. Downloading of an adequate frequency infonnation via the From the available frequency components, both the transceiver strength of the sympathetic and parasympathetic activity, and Application ofthe frequency infonnation to the uservia a the heart-rhytl1lll-coherence-ratio can be detennined by magnetic field and a modulated Iaser light 55 means of high-accuracy integration of special frequency Checking the state change by repeating the HRV-A.nalysis domains. and pulse wave correlation. Both branches of the autonomaus nervous system, the Analysis ofthe State ofthe User: sympathetic atld the parasympathetic nervous system, work A 1-channel-EKG, which is tapped via three finger-elec- independent of each other and, usually, antagonistic. Thetrodes 10, is recorded. A differential amplifier 22 with high 60 sympathetic nervous system induces willingness to perfonnimpedance and satisfactory con1lllon mode rejection ampli- and causes stress when over-activated. The parasympatheticfies the source-signal with an amplitude ofaround l-2mV to nervous system, on the other hand, has a dampening andaround 500 mV and cuts off DC-parts, which might eventu- relaxing effect on the organism, supporting the regenerationally emerge by electrochemical creation of elements between and preventing from over-activation by stress.the skin and the electrode surface. A subsequent filter 11 cuts 65 The relative strength of the sympathetic and parasympa-off the 50 Hz line noise. The so-conditioned signal passes a thetic nervous system activation can be different for eachmultiplexer 16 and a sample&hold 17 andgoes to anADC 18. human. Both subsystems should normally be in a state of
  7. 7. US 8,406,863 B2 5 6balance. In a Iot of cases, however, there is a dominance of one For this the realization of a complex interrupt-handlingor the other system. A statement about the condition of the mechanism is required. 111e simultaneaus mrming of so manyautonomaus balance is possible, in particular, by the ratio of sub processes poses a particularly high development effort tosympathetic to parasympathetic activation possible. achieve an optimum timing. A balance shift in direction to a sympathetic dominance is The choice of Bluetooth as a collllllunication interfacecatabolic and causes supply of energy to increase the perfor- between the module and the cell phone is surely advanta-mance by different metabolic measures like blocking the geous, since by this the adaption of different Bus-systems toenergy storage and dissolving existing energy storage, like for varying "carrier-hardware" can be evaded in a clever way.example protein breakdown, raise ofthe blood sugar Ievel, or Hence, the wiring between the cell phone unit and the modulean increase in free fatty acids. Furthennore it forces the 10 can be reduced to the energy supply. This is for exampleenergy transport by hematological (reduction ofthe plasma possible with just two contacts protected from corrosion.volume, increase ofthe hemoconcentration and cardiovascu- Alternatively, the current supply of the module can also belar (increase ofthe blood pressure, increase ofthe heart con- done separately, for example with a separate battery. By this,tractility, reduction of the nervous conduction time in the a I-board-design is strived for, to keep the cost for seriesheart) measures, and blocks irrelevant or not helpful body 15 production as low as possible. On this circuit board all com-processes, like for example digestive processes, reproductive ponents of the module are disposed, including the sensors andprocesses, growth processes and anabolism, inflammatory the actors. Hence, the module can be laid or screwed orreactions, pain sensitivity and inununoreactivity. A balance clipped very cost effectively into a modified back cover of theshift in direction of a parasympathetic dominance acts in the cell phone. Hence, no wiring is necessary for installation.opposite direction. It acts anabolic and fosters anabolism, 20 At the server there are for example 3000 different spectrarelaxation, regeneration, reducing stress and protecting from digitally stored. Preferably, these frequency infonnationstress-induced illnesses of the heart and other body organs. spectra are available as digital audio files, for example as The result which has been computed from the recorded wave-sound files.signals is compared with a database which is stored in the Substance spectra are recorded for around 4 min by placingmemory of the device, and the following infonnation for the 25 them into an input coil to which a filter and an amplifier withuser, depending on the measurement result, can be displayed: an amplification of 10 6 are connected. The electro-magnetic The situation of the metabolism regulation, catabolic or waves which are emitted by the substances with frequencies anabolic, as well as respective nutrition suggestions in the range of 20 Hz up to 100 kHz are digitized via the The autonomaus balance of the autonomaus nervous sys- Nyguist-frequency, buffered into a RAM and transmitted to tem 30 CD in a multiplex process. The noise-suppressed filtered A stress check with a download suggestion for a proper signal is attenuated by 10 6 to the original analog Ievel. This applicable frequency infom1ation signal is loaded onto a server a11d cm1 be downloaded onto a The result of the feedback coaching after application of a device according to the invention. frequency infonnation During playback of the wave-sound file preferably the Further download suggestions for standard application 35 range of20 Hz up to 18kHz is considered and is applied via Application ofthe Frequency Information a coil (magnetic field) with a fluctuating frequency with a The applicable frequency infonnation has been loaded into mean value of around 9Hz by means of coherent light (Iaser).the RAM ofthe cell phone via download from a serversuch as The hannonics reach up into the megahertz range, and infrom a link ofthe cell phone provider. From there it is read addition to this all frequencies of the geomagnetic field arefrom the processor 15 and over the 1-Bit-D.IC 10 applied 40 created and transmitted. The direction of the magnetic field isonto a magnetic coil 6 in combination with a strong static synnnetric transverse to the long middle axis of the device.magnetic field. The core of this coil 6 will be stmcturally The accuracy of the fixed frequencies lies around +1-0.2%.modified by the AMS-process. This coil creates field The magnetic field strength is, depending on the regulation,strengths of ca. preferably from 0.17-3.8!lTesla at a measuring distance ofO70 11T and influences the user. With the same frequency infor- 45 m. There can be an automatic shut off after 30 sec-3 min formation signal, the brightness of a small power semiconductor all ±requencies with an accuracy of around +I -1%.Iaser-diode 7 with a power of less than ImW is modulated. The Iaser works with a fluctuating red wave length (meanThis Iaser light also directly influences the user. The signals value 650 mn). Thepoweris ca. 0.5 mW, at ca. 15 mWicm2 inbetween the processor 15, the RAM 14, the ADC 18, the continuous use with the same duration as with the magnetic16-Bit DAC 19, and the Bluetooth-interface 20 are transmit- 50 field. There is no pulsing.ted over a SPI -Bus 21. The frequency information can further The invention claimed is:be applied via a infrared source 23. 1. A device for applying frequency information saved in a FIG. 4 shows a circuit variant for maximum flexibility in server in the form of modulated magnetic fields and modu-controlling the actors which apply the frequency infonnation lated light to the body, the device comprising:to the user. Each actor 6, 7, 23 has its own digital-analog 55 at least one transceiver for downloading the saved fre-converter 19 and its own preamplifier stage. quency infonnation from the server, The processor has to fulfill the following tasks, in extreme one display,cases all ofthem "simultaneously": one memory cmmected to the trm1sceiver for storing the Queries from the interface to the cell phone downloaded frequency infom1ation, Control ofthe EKG-signal-windowing 60 one electronic controller, Sampling the EKG- and pulse-signals one DIA-converter connected to the memory for receiving Preprocessing and filtering ofthe EKG- and pulse-signals the downloaded ±requency infonnation therefrom, Buffering the EKG- and pulse-data in the RAM a coil cmmected to the DIA converter for applying mag- Providing the EKG-Ipulse-data stream for the transmission netic fields modulated by the downloaded ±requency over the interface (Bluetooth/USB) 65 information, Restoring the frequency infonnation buffered by the RAM a Iaser connected to the DIA converter for applying light over the chanuels to the actors modulated by the downloaded frequency infom1ation,
  8. 8. US 8,406,863 B2 7 8 two sensors for measnring the electrical potential of the of the ~evice a corresponding selection of applicable fre- heart ofthe body, and quency mformation and additional further information can be a phototransistor for measuring the pulse ofthe body. s.hown,.the shown selection of applicable frequency infomla- 2. T11e device as described in claim1 wherein the device is twn bemg downloadable from the server by the transceiver.a cell phone. 12. The device as described in claim1 wherein the sensors 3. The device as described in claim1 wherein the magnetic th~ memory, the electronic controller, the D/A-converter, th~field of the coil has a fluctuating frequency with a mean value cml or the Iaser are arranged in a common module comlect-of9 Hz. able to a cell phone or built into the cell phone. 4. The device as described in claim1 wherein the maanetic 13. The device as described in claim 12 wherein the modulefield is oriented symmetric transverse to the longitudin:l axis further comprises its own current supply. 10 14. The device as describedinclaim12 wherein themoduleof the device. is connectable to the cell phone by a Bluetooth or a USB 5. The device as described in claim1 wherein the magnetic interface.field created by the coil has a magnetic field strength ofO.l to 15. A method fortapping signals ofthe electric potential of70 11T at a measuring distance ofO m. ~he heart. an~ the pulse value and applying saved frequency 6. The device as described in claim1 wherein the Iaser is a 15 mformat!on m fom1 of modulated magnetic fields or modu-semiconductor Iaser-diode which creates light with a fluctu- lated light to the body by means of a device according to claimating red wave length with a mean value of 650 1m1. 1, the method comprising the following steps: 7. The device as described in claim1 wherein the Iaser has recording the signalsvia the sensors on the device, whereina power ofless than 1 mW. one sensor is the phototransistor and the other sensors. 8. The device as described in claim 1 wherein the frequency 20 ar~ designed for the tapping of electrical signals;mformation to be applied is available in form of a digital file cre~twn of a heartrate-variability-heart-coherence-analy-format. sts; 9. The device as described in claim 1 wherein the sensors comparing the computed result with a database in theare metallic electrodes and the phototransistors and elec- device where the database has stored correspondingtrodes are each arranged near edges of a cell phone for the 25 information for different results· showing the computed results and ~he corresponding data-application of one fmger to each sensor. 10. The device as described in claim 1 wherein the elec- base entries on the display of the device;tronic controller of the device processes the signals received conversion of the transmitted frequency information byfrom the sensors for the computation of a heartrate-variabil- means ofthe D/A-converter into an analog frequency;ity-heart-coherence-analysis and shows the result on the dis- 30 andplay. appl~cation .of the analog frequency to the body by means 11. The device as described in claim10 wherein the result o± the cml and the Iaser of the device.computed by the electronic controller is compared with adatabase in the memory ofthe device, and that on the display * * * * *