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Chinese Partner


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Chinese Partner

  1. 1. UBW-Phone will change your life. The Interface and Using Gestures The above diagram shows the right gesture of using UBW mobile-phone. Touching the contactors in the backboard of the phone with your fingers, your thumbs gently suppressing the phone, waiting two minutes and thirty seconds, then the terminal of UBW mobile-phone can get the user’s body information. The body information including: 1. Blood pressure 2. Cardiogram, enhanced laser detection 3. The average pulse(bpm) 4. Stress index(LF/RF) 5. The consistent pulse frequency for heart rate variability (SDRR) vascular system. 6. Respiratory frequency in the blood oxygen content(infrared scanning), monitoring blood oxygen through the saturation level of blood oxygen bubble, Sp02(patents: non-blood oxygen test) 7. Vascular stress level(artery) 8. Blood flowing rate 9. Spectral analysis of the epidermal cells(infrared scanning) When there is an error value (Artifact) more than 5% caused by the tension of the
  2. 2. muscle or excessive force, the test results are invalid. Health Statement After all the data are collected, the test results will be showed on the screen of the mobile-phone, UBW provides a visual estimated image(red-green diagram),the diagram represents the health status of people who get tested by a red-green plane coordinate system. See the diagram on the right side, easy? Users without any medical experience can also understand it. The blue dot indicates the current health status of the user, the closer the blue dot to the green area, the better his body condition is, the closer the blue dot to the red area, the worse his body condition is. Bio-electromagnetic Wave Generator UBW mobile-phone system includes a small bio-electromagnetic generator; the electromagnetic device can stimulate the nerve system in the palm of the hand, so that the stress and tension caused by fatigue could be alleviated.
  3. 3. The Procedure of Using UBW’s Service The Simple and Clear Evaluation Diagram of General Body Condition (red-green diagram) Health Status Feedback After the whole examination, the user’s body data will be quickly uploaded to UBW’s severs for a few seconds, the UBW’s severs will send the evaluative results to users’ phones by text messages automatically. If you want to get the more detailed information, you can directly visit the website via a mobile-phone or a computer. UBW--health test--timely feedback reports: the evaluative results show that, Your cardiovascular system is in a healthy and good state.
  4. 4. The details see:
  5. 5. Safe and Independent Health Record Account Every user who possesses a UBW mobile phone has a safe and independent UBW online account, which automatically produces and stores the health assessment report after each physical examination. Users can log on their own account just like checking their email boxes to read health reports, to review past data, to scan the recent physical statistic diagrams, to compare health data with other people horizontally, to get dietary recommendations, to obtain more healthy life advices and information. The Ever-Accumulating Health Property.
  6. 6. Complete and Reliable Report on Health Condition After the physical examination by UBW, the system generalizes physical report based on measured results. These reports not only include red-green diagram displayed on mobile phones, but also covers:  Dot chart of users’ heart rate sample  Analytic results and risk assessments of current physical condition  Self-regulation index on nerve system
  7. 7.  Horizontal information on health data comparison The biggest advantage of this report is visual and quantitative, all the data appear in the form of figures or graphics after being analyzed and calculated, and the user can simply estimate his physical health conditions by the figures and the dot position in the diagram. As the cardiograms and other raw data generate the health report, users can obtain it from the page service, or you can also sent the original data directly to the local medical institutions which have signed contracts with UBW system. Historical Data Review Health reports can be checked anytime and anywhere, logging on UBW online system and choose the date of physical examination, users can quickly and easily browse or review their health status, and comparing with their latest health reports. Complete printing format is very convenient for users to make their own health statistic handbooks. The humanized data-management function of the UBW online
  8. 8. system facilitates its users to manage and back-up their health reports as well as the original data. Data Accumulation The health data is automatically added to the UBW’s online statistical system from the first day that users start to use their phones. By the statistical function of UBW system, the user can assess and accumulate the trend of his health status. Besides, with this system, the user can understand more clearly that whether his health condition is getting better or worse after he owns a UBW mobile-phone? The user begins to take physical exercises, does the health index improve? The user has recently been fatigue because of work, does the health index decline? How much does it go down? The user has lately caught a cold, does the health index decline? The UBW online evaluation system is not only to assess the user’s current physical condition, but also to describe his health trend concisely. The system collects and compiles previous health records to present an explicit health condition for its users. It completely avoids the various complicated processes in self-monitoring and self- recording; what’s more, it provides an online service cloud calculation without geographical restrictions. The health service cloud ensures the user, his relatives and friends a more direct and easier online health visiting space, and it also gives a new definition of the service standards for the universal health service.