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istanbulite offers custom-made private tours and unique workshops in Istanbul.

We provide you professional guidance, professional driver, luxury vehicle or private boat tour. However, what makes istanbulite different is that you can customize your tour depending on your interests and also attend interesting workshops such as Ottoman cooking, paper marbling, ceramics or even take a private yoga class in a venue with a magnificient Bosphorus venue. Go to and 'start customizing your own personal tour' and follow our blog to be inspired about what to do in Istanbul..

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  1. 1. PRIVATE GUIDEDTOURSISTANBULITECustom Made Private Tours & Concierge
  2. 2. WHO WE ARETravel agency specializingexclusively in private guided toursin Istanbul.We are passionate about Istanbuland that is why we do what we do.
  3. 3. OUR MANIFESTOCustomize your own itinerary or choose from our toursExplore the city accompanied by professionalsBe as flexible & spontaneous as possibleTurkish coffee breaks, baklava breaks can be as crucialas must-see sightsMake room for interaction with localsMeet, talk & have a good time with the locals during workshops
  4. 4. TOURSExperience Istanbul Like Never Before
  5. 5. TOUR#1 VenueI Have One Day in Istanbul SULTANAHMET DISTRICTHere is an itinerary that covers must-see sights in DurationIstanbul for the ones who have only one day inthe city. 6-8 HOURS APPROXIMATELYDetermined as one of the four historic areas ofIstanbul by UNESCO World Heritage Convention, IncludedSultanahmet Peninsula hosts the world famous Professional tour guideBlue Mosque and Hagia Sophia. Luxury vehicle with a professional driverDon’t miss out on the monuments that haveembellished the silhouette of the city for Excludedcenturies. Museum entrance fees LunchIncluded Sights:HAGIA SOPHIA MUSEUM, BLUE MOSQUE,HIPPODROME SQUARE, UNDERGROUNDCISTERN MUSEUM, GRAND BAZAAR
  6. 6. TOUR#2 VenueAlong the Bosphorus BOSPHORUS STRAITStrait DurationIstanbul is the only city in the world that lies on 6-8 HOURS APPROXIMATELYtwo continents. With this tour, you will explorethe shores of the Bosphorus, the natural strait Includedthat separates Europe from Asia. Strollingthrough the local neighborhoods and cruising Professional tour guidewith your private boat, you will enjoy this ‘pearl’ Luxury vehicle with aof the city both from land and sea. professional driverYou will come across many wooden mansions Private boat tourand historical houses, have great photoopportunities and see many local restaurants, ice Excludedcream shops and men fishing along theBosphorous. Following your tour of the local Museum entrance feesneighborhoods along the Bosphorus, you will Lunchhave a two hour private boat tour where you willsee the city from the water. Included Sights:RUMELI FORTRESS, BEBEK,ARNAVUTKÖY, ORTAKÖY,PRIVATE BOAT TOUR
  7. 7. TOUR#3 Venue EMINÖNÜTraces of the Ottomans SULTANAHMETFrom 1453 to 1923, Istanbul has been the capital SÜLEYMANIYEof the Ottoman Empire. The city was the DISTRICTSresidence of the Ottoman royal family and IslamicCaliphate for centuries. Duration 6-8 HOURSFollow the steps of the Ottomans as you visit APPROXIMATELYhistorical mosques, bazaars and architecturallyunique Topkapı Palace. The tour also gives you a Includedtaste of shopping in a historical settings, Spice Professional tour guideMarket, where you can try the famous Turkish Luxury vehicle with adelight and all sorts of dried fruits and nuts. professional driver Excluded Museum entrance feesIncluded Sights: LunchTOPKAPI PALACE MUSEUM,SULEYMANIYE MOSQUE, RUSTEM PASAMOSQUE, SPICE MARKET, TURKISH ANDISLAMIC ARTS MUSEUM
  8. 8. TOUR#5 Venue GOLDEN HORNAlong the Bay of Golden EDIRNEKAPIHorn DISTRICTSThe bay of Golden Horn goes inland for 7km Duration(app. 4.5miles) and creates a natural harbour. 6-8 HOURSStroll through the rich private collection of Koç APPROXIMATELYMuseum and take a boat across the bay like inthe old times to watch the panoramic view of the IncludedGolden Horn from Pierre Loti Hill. Professional tour guide Luxury vehicle with aAdmire beautiful Byzantine mosaics in Chora professional driverMuseum and make your way through the mostsacred temples of both Christianity and Islam in ExcludedIstanbul, the Greek Orthodox Patriarchy and theEyüp Sultan Mosque. Museum entrance fees LunchIncluded Sights:KOÇ MUSUEM, EYÜP SULTAN MOSQUE,CHORA MUSEUM, PANAGIA BLACHERNACHURCH, GREEK ORTHODOXPATRIARCHY, PIERRE LOTI HILL, VIRGINMARY OF THE MONGOLS CHURCH
  9. 9. TOUR#4 Venue EDIRNEKAPITraces of Constantinople SULTANAHMET DISTRICTSIstanbul has been called ‘Constantinople’ forcenturies, the city was the former Byzantinecapital from the 4th century until the 15th. Duration 6-8 HOURSFollow the traces of Constantinople as you visit APPROXIMATELYthe world famous Hagia Sophia with itsmesmerizing dome, former Byzantine churches Includedwith beautiful mosaics, 6th century water Professional tour guidereservoir which is lighted up beautifully, the Luxury vehicle with aremains of the hippodrome where the chariot professional drivergames took place and the walls that protectedConstantinople for centuries. You will be Excludedenchanted both by the architecture of the timeand the intricacy of decoration, especially in the Museum entrance feesmosaics. LunchIncluded Sights:CHORA MUSEUM, FETHIYE MUSEUM, CITYWALLS, UNDERGROUND CISTERNMUSEUM, HIPPODROME SQUARE
  10. 10. TOUR#6 Venue NUR-U OSMANIYEShopping in Historical EMINÖNÜBazaars DISTRICTS DurationGrand Bazaar, the first shopping mall of the worldbuilt in the 15th century, is still the biggest 6-8 HOURScovered bazaar in the world, where Istanbulites APPROXIMATELYflock on weekends to shop. IncludedLose yourself in the wide selection of sapphires, Professional tour guidegold, silver to copper, Christian icons to Luxury vehicle with ahandwritten old Kur’an books & pages to old professional driverdowry pieces, ‘ikat’ & ‘suzani’ material, leatherjackets and linen bathrobes to ‘genuinely’ fake Excludedpurses. Museum entrance fees LunchIncluded Sights:SPICE MARKET, GRAND BAZAAR
  11. 11. TOUR#7 Venue ISTIKLAL AVENUEStrolling through GALATAPera & Galata DISTRICTS Duration‘Istiklal Caddesi’, meaning Independence Avenue,is the longest pedestrian street in Istanbul, 6-8 HOURSconsidered to be the heart of the city. APPROXIMATELYThis tour will take you through the 19th century Includedchurches, consulate buildings, historical passages Professional tour guide& patisseries, art galleries, book stores, Luxury vehicle with achocolataries, fish market and traditional professional driverrestaurants along the Istiklal Avenue. ExcludedAs you make your way to the Galata tower to Museum entrance feesenjoy the astonishing 360 degrees panoramic Lunchview of the city, you will stroll through designersboutiques, small cafes in Galata neighborhood.Included Sights:ISTIKLAL AVENUE, ST ANTOINE CHURCH,CRIMEAN MEMORIAL CHURCH, GALATATOWER, HAZAPULO PASSAGE
  12. 12. TOUR#8 Venue SULTANAHMETMarbling Workshop DISTRICTHow about trying something new on one of your Durationdays in Istanbul?Have you ever heard of paper marbling? 1.5 HOURSIts an old art form whose roots go back to the15th century to Central Asia. Included Professional tour guideThe workshop takes place in a historical setting Luxury vehicle with aas well, a 16th century building complex which professional driverused to be a school. The former school has abeautiful, serene courtyard and small classrooms Excludedall around the patio, in which a different Turkishart is taught. LunchLearn how to do marbling, watch the colorsdance on the water and create your own littlepiece of art.Included Sights:MARBLING WORKSHOP
  13. 13. TOUR#10 Venue EDIRNEKAPIOttoman Cooking DISTRICTWorkshop DurationFancy dining like the sultans used to? This 2.5 HOURSworkshop provides you the opportunity to learnabout Ottoman cooking from the experts! Included Professional tour guideAsitane, which has been serving genuine Luxury vehicle with aOttoman food for two decades now, has professional driverinvestigated the secrets of Ottoman dining Lunch @ Asitane Restaurantthrough the palace archives starting from the16th century. The Chefs are going to share someof those secrets with you during the workshopwhich takes about 2.5 hours.Following the workshop, you will sit down to eatwhat you have cooked and accompany it withlocal wine.
  14. 14. TOUR#9 Venue VARIOUSPrivate Yoga Class DISTRICTSHave you always wanted to try yoga one day? DurationThis might be your chance to do it. 1-1.5 HOURSHow about continuing your practice during yourIstanbul trip? Included Private yoga instructorWe offer you more than a private yoga class, we Luxury vehicle with aprovide you with the opportunity to practice professional driveragainst the breathtaking view of the Bosphorous.You can have your private yoga classes either inyour hotel or in a well kept garden overlookingthe beautiful waters of the Bosphorous.
  15. 15. ENJOY YOUR TOUR.Experience Istanbul Like Never Before
  16. 16. Contact This brochure is made of recycled paper