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  1. 1. Questionnaires:What is your favourite genre of music?Rock IHip HopRnB IPop ICountry IClassicalOtherHow old are you?10 – 15 I16 – 25 IIIII26 – 35 I36 – 45 II46+ IWhat gender are you?Female I I I I I IMale IIIIHow often do you listen to your chosen genre of music?Every day IIIIIMore than twice a week IIOnce a week IIOnce a monthNeverDo you prefer songs with lyrics?Yes IIIIIINo IIIIWhat ethnicity are you?Black I I IWhite I I I IAsian IOther I I
  2. 2. What kind of music videos do you prefer?Narrative IIPerformance IIIOther IIIIIHow do you keep up to date with the latest songs?TV (music channels) I I IInternet IIIIIICD’s IOther (please state ...............................)Do you prefer well known artists or unknown artists?Well known I I I I I I I IUnknown IIDo you like fast or slow music?Fast I I I I I I ISlow I I IWhere do you prefer to listen to music?CDTV IIIiPod/MP3 IIITape recorderInternet IIII