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Published in: Technology, Business
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  1. 1. DigipacksA Digipak is a potential style of CD, DVD or BD packaging.Digipak’s typically consists of a gate fold (book style) paperboard or a card stockouter binding with one or more plastic trays capable of holding a CD or a DVD orattached to the inside. Digipak styling is often used for CD singles or special additionsof CD albums. Digipak style cases grew popular among record labels and recordingartist in the early 2000’sDigipacks were first created by MeadWestvaco, and their product, called Digi-Pak,is trademarked. However, as the format became more popular and began to beused by more manufacturers, the generic "Digipacks" came to be used to describeall soft CD packagingDigipak’s look nice, and many bands and labels like to use them for aestheticreasons. The three section digipack sleeves opens up more design options becausethere is more room. However, theyre more expensive than traditional liner notes andjewel cases.Digipaks look great, but if youre just starting out and money is tight, looking for waysto cut your manufacturing costs is important. Stretching your budget to because youlike digipacks aesthetically is not a good investment.
  2. 2. Different formats of a digipak
  3. 3. What is a brand? A name, logo, slogan, and/or design schemeassociated with a product or serviceA well-known brand is generally regarded as one that people will recognise,often even if they do not know about the products/services. These are usuallythe name of a product, although it can also include the name of a feature orstyle of a product.Here are some examples of brandingA brand can take many forms, including a name, sign, symbol, colourcombination or slogan.