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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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  1. 1. Evaluation 1) In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge the forms and conventions of real media products?The song we used for our music video was ‘’Rum and Red bull’’. Our genre for ourmusic video was dancehall. We start of our music video by having a DJ in his DJbooth announcing the start of the song. This is similar to the video ‘’Dude’’ by BeenieMan as he also had the radio announcing the start of the song.In most dancehall videos the women in the video are sexualised for the purpose ofthe male gaze. In popular dancehall video’s such as ‘turn me on ‘– Kevin little and‘gimme the light’- Sean Paul the girl in the video’s are dancing half naked aroundthe lead singer. We decided to use that form and convention in our video but put atwist on it. Taking in to consideration of our target audience starting from 13 yearsold we decided that it would be too inappropriate to show a half naked woman sowe dressed our dancer in a black lacy top which is still sexy and appealing to themale gaze but still appropriate for the male gaze. We also decided to place themale and females separate. We had the girl dancing in one scene with the rum andredbull and the performer in the other scene singing to song in a studio by himselfthis challenges the codes and conventions of a dancehall video as you would notusually see this. In most dancehall video’s you will find big groups of people dancing with the mainperformer with a specific dance like the video ‘’ Willie bounce’’- Elephant Man.However since we decided to concentrate on the concept side of the video ratherthan the performance we decided to not add a big dance scene in there.
  2. 2. As the music begins we have a tracking shot of the messy pool table in the partyscene. This also works as an establishing shot of the scene showing of what to come.The messy pool table is also a metaphor of our video as a whole as it shows that thevideo is random, abstract and unique. A video that uses a tracking shot at thebeginning is ‘’Last Friday night’’- Katy Perry although this is not a dancehall song it isstill a party song that is similar to our narrative. Another shot we used was titling thecamera as if it has fallen. This is not typical to dancehall videos as they like to usesimple shots.Whilst editing we added effects like the mirror effect and we also speeded up someshots. Our shots were quick and snappy synchronising with the music which matchesmost dancehall videos like ‘’Nuh Linga’’-Elephant Man.Regarding intertextuality, our graveyard scene with Michael Jackson was very similarto old black and white silent movies like Charlie Chaplin and laurel and hardy. Theslapstick chase scene were Michael drops his hat is amusing aiming to get cheaplaughs like the old silent movies. Intertexality is not a common thing in dancehallvideo’s as they like to focus on the music and not the actual video as they likepeople to dance along which is where the name ‘’dancehall’’ originated from.2. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillarytexts?I think the combination of our main product and ancillary texts is very effectiveas we have a recurring theme in all of them and throughout our video. Seeing asredbull is already a familiar brand and Bacardi is the rum we used in our video.We decided to have to merge the two together to make a new brand for rum andredbull. The 2 main colours that represent rum and redbull are blue and red. Weuse these colours throughout our video. We have the main character (the Dj) ina blue top, we have the writing at the beginning and end in red, the writing thatsays’’ will dance for rum and redbull’’ in blue pen and more subtle items in blue
  3. 3. or red. We tried very hard to get the image of the redbull can and either a glassor bottle of rum imprinted into our audiences mind. We decided to do itsublimely by having different CU (close up) shots of the can and next to theglass. We want the audience to think of that image every time they hear thewords rum and redbull this is our brand identity. One of the characters in ourparty scene wore a hoodie that said ‘’Jamaica’’ we did this intentionally to showand remind people where the roots of dancehall came from. The uses of thecolours of the Jamaican flag are used mostly in existing dancehall videos.Whilst re-searching digipaks and thinking of our brand idea’s we came up with theidea’s of the colours of the Jamaican flag for our background in our digipaks andposters. We thought this would stand out from all the other ones in the shops as itconsists of bright, vibrant colours. For our magazine advert we placed a big picture of Michael Jackson in the centre. This is to attract a wide variety of audiences not only those who are a fan of dancehall but Michael Jackson fans also. The picture draws audiences in as Michael is gesturing to come closer. This is effective as it gives the audiences a sense of involvement. The 2 artist names are in the colour of red and blue following the colour scheme of our video. We have the 2 brand logo for rum Magazine advert and for redbull. I think this poster is very effective as it gives you a lot of information about the video but yet leaving some elements to surprise the audience. Similarly the front and back cover have the same background colours. We decided to keep the front and back cover simple almost as a teaser to our video. The writing is in red, yellow and green following the colours of the Jamaican flag. Front and back cover
  4. 4. The inside sleeve is double sided. It has our brand identity of the can of redbull with a glass of rum and a heart over it. We decided to keep this simple .It also has the same Jamaican flag colour for the background. The other side has the Bacardi rum logo and the redbull logo. This was simple as well and is easily recognisable as rum and Inside sleeve redbull. The digipak slip contains the lyrics of the song so you can sing along. It matches the other ancillary texts with the Jamaican background and it has the redbull logo in the centre. This is effective because when you’re reading the lyrics you still get the sense of the Digipak slip redbull.3. What have you learned from your audience feedback?After showing people our final cut of our music video, the most common feedbackwe got that it was confusing but very funny and enjoyable nonetheless. I learnt thatmaybe a crazy concept to match the crazy upbeat song was not such a good ideato a simple target audience. After explaining to the audience that the intentionaleffect the video had on them was the same effect they would get whilst drinkingrum and redbull they agreed that this was a very clever concept and very uniquealso. I learnt that the main characters were very funny and relatable to the ourtarget audience as they where round about the same age group and they also getup to the same kind of things. Showing our video to a fellow film maker he pointedout that some of the camera shots were not still this was due to a lack of a tripod insome shoots. From this i learnt to always carry the correct equipment to a shoot. We posted the video on a social networking site and this is the response we got.
  5. 5. The response we got after showing people our digpaks and magazine add wasmainly positive. They loved the bright colours ‘’ it reminds me of my home timeJamaica. I would defiantly buy it just by looking at the cover’’- Nelly Camberwell’s.The only critique we got was that the fonts in the different materials did not match. Ilearnt that when we are designing products such as those we should all worktogether and go with one set idea rather than working separately as we will endwith completely different products which don’t match.Overall the feedback was very positive and i am very happy with it. However i feelas though if we had taken more time to plan the shoots we would have had moretime for the print production. I have also learnt how to compromise. Seeing as i wasthe editor in the group i was very worried that the shots the producer and directorwould give me would not be enough. So i would constantly remind them of whatthey need to do. This aggravated them and soon enough there was a divide in thegroup. I learnt to have a little faith in my team members.4. How did you use new media technologies in the construction andresearch, planning and evaluation stages?Using new media technologies was a big help in throughout the whole process.During the early stages of the project we used new media technologies for research.We scoured YouTube for a song to do a music video to. After finding the perfectsong we then continued to use search engines and websites such as Wikipedia tofind research for the codes and conventions of our genre. We then went on socialnetworking sites and also a website where you can upload questioners to in searchof our target audience.Whilst filming we used a Cannon XM2 digital camera with automatic or manualfocus / exposure and widescreen capability, plus on-camera mic. This was a verygood camera as it was easy to carry and was very good quality. We used a tripod inmost scenes and also a Lilliput and redhead in the party scene to create a warmambience feel as though our camera woman mastered the camera very well andwas able to improvise new shots such as the tipping shot and also film in some crazyangles. A problem we faced whilst filming with equipment was a broken tripod, dueto this we had to set the camera on tables and chairs to get still shots or try and holdthe camera as steady as we could. The equipment enhanced our ideas by helping
  6. 6. us create new dynamic and abstract shots matching the theme of quirkinessthroughout our video. The camera also had a play back button. This helped us alotas we could see the errors in the shots whilst we were still at the scene shooting sowe could quickly re-shoot instead of having to wait till we got to the edit suite tothen realise we did not have the right shots.Having used final cut pro before i feel as though editing was the easiest part of thetask. Final cut pro is very simple to use and has very good effects. The main issue ihad whilst editing was the fact that we did not have the right shots i needed to editwith so i had to improvise some shots and also re-shoot some shots.Photoshop proved to be very difficult whilst doing the print production as i was notvery familiar with it. After doing a workshop with one of our lectures i soon began toget the hang of it making it easier to do and producing exceptional digipacks.Whilst doing this evaluation i found that websites such as YouTube, twitter andfacebook where most helpful as we could post our video on there and getaudience feedback.