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Hotel MobileTravel WhitePaper, CaseStudy and Marketing Tips


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NEW 2014 - See Update
THe update is a checklist of the top things you need to do and top resources to help you build and test mobile website. Latest thinking on Responsive Webdesign, the muti screen shift, mobile apps vs mobile websites.

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Why hotels need a mobile ready website for smartphonetravellers. >>

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  • just added 2014 update - Tips and Resources in a checklist of things you must do. Also looks at options like Mobile Apps vs mobile Website vs Responsive Web Design
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Hotel MobileTravel WhitePaper, CaseStudy and Marketing Tips

  1. 1. MOBILE TRAVEL AXSES WhitePaper Hotel & Tourism Mobile Marketing MOBILE TRAVEL APPS & WEBSITES MARKETING When & how to use and How do you get seen. mobile applications when not. Why website are How do travelers use and a better choice in many smartphones and how will are two of AXSES cases they find hotels and initiatives in mobile tourism suppliers travel marketing. [1]
  2. 2. CONTENTSApril 2011Mobile Fast Facts 3How Travellers Use Smartphones 5Smartphones in Travel Planning 8Building Mobile Websites for Travel 96 Top Criteria in Selecting Suppliers 10Applications vs. Websites 11Apps for Advanced Services 13Case Studies 15 Vegas Hotel | Social MarketingMobile as Social Media 17Mobile and Direct Mail 18Products/Pricing 19References 27 AXSES Tourism Development 211 Kenndey Rd. Boutiliers Pt. Nova Scotia. Canada, b3z 1v5 PO Box 16. Baslen House, Kingston Terr. St. Michael, Barbados BB11090 [2]
  3. 3. Don’t get left out ofthe next generation If you don’t have a mobileInternet friendly website you will get left out.In July 2011 moresmartphone were bought thancomputers. Mobile is growing “Travel is consistently among thefaster than computers and most popular topics on the web, and travel marketers need to take note ofalong with that more people these changes as they grow theirare searching the net for presence on the web. My advice - bemobile website. Mobile sure you have strong mobile and online video strategies in 2011” Janesearch will overtake Butler, Marketing Director for Travel in the US atcomputer search by 2012. Google. Travellers stay longer onMobiles will replace PC’s as Mobile sites, visit more pagesthe primary search and and book more.internet access for travel! [3]
  4. 4. Mobile Fast Facts“Travel is consistently among the 12 million will use the mobile channelmost popular topics on the web, and to book their plans ( 18% by 2012travel marketers need to take note of emarketer) growth of Mobile is unlikethese changes as they grow their anything we have known.presence on the web. My advice - besure you have strong mobile and In 5 years, Mobile will outpace theonline video strategies in 2011” Jane entire PC market for computing power,Butler, Marketing Director for Travel in the US at Internet access and innovation.Google. More people will surf the Net on MobileTravellers regularly use their devices than on PCs.smartphone to find and act oninformation at home, while watching Your guests will be using SmartphonesTV, in a restaurant, in the office and and expecting you to provide serviceeverywhere! into the palm of their hand. Mobile has greater reach: 4.8 billion vs.Google forecasts that mobile will soon 1.7 billion Internet.overtake desktop for map searches. Mobile will create the ability toConsumers are searching in increasing individually target more people thannumbers from mobiles, they will expect any other channel, according to Google.suppliers to have mobile-friendly, easy-to-use mobile websites. 5 times more Shopper Buys (convert) than on the Net.25 million US mobile users willresearch travel information on their What we currently do for Web designmobile devices in 2011 (34% by 2012 and Service will not work in the future!estimates by e-marketer) [4]
  5. 5. The Future Mobile is the Smartphone the smartphone mobile is seen as the new platform for surfing the web. Smartphones to Overtake Feature Phones in 2011All projections indicate that by 2011, 50% of all cell phones in the US will besmartphones.The Mobile App Check study found over 60% of 18+-age cell phone owners nowhave a smartphone.The resources and development being put into Mobile Smartphone Web services,apps, devices and innovation already exceed that deployed for the desktop.Hilton Hotels expects to book "well over" 100,000 room nights via mobile apps in2010. - USA Today, Oct 2010 [5]
  6. 6. More Dynamic More Personal More Locally Aware More Reach More Effective More Portable More Connected More Satisfying More HumanHow Travellers Use SmartphonesAccording to online travel tracker PhoCusWrights Smartphone searches of the Internet areTraveler Technology Survey of 1,000 U.S. online expected to exceed desktop internet shoppers: Hilton Hotel International revealed that their • 39% say theyve used their mobile phone Smartphone Mobile applications were to research travel products such as a hotel downloaded more than 340,000 times as of rooms or flights or are likely to do so, August, 2010. Hilton expects customers will book • 35% say theyve used their mobile phone "well over" 100,000 room nights via mobile apps to book a travel product, such as a hotel in 2010. stats show that in one room or airline ticket or are likely to do so, month, 6,000 travellers visited the site on their • 42% say theyve used their mobile phone mobile devices. to check into a hotel or flight or are likely to do so. 20% of Facebook users access their profiles via • 63% of travellers say they’ve used a Facebook smartphone application. mobile map service on holiday. Smartphones are changing the way travellersAccording to Google, searches for travel-related use the Internet. They are fundamentallyterms have jumped 12 times and hotel-specific different and better than a laptop or PC for findingterms are up 30 times in the same period". see and using information.link1 for source. Smartphones now outnumberpersonal computers in the USA; by 2013, Mobile can see, hear, touch, talk and know where you are! [6]
  7. 7. Mobile is More Aware information and better functionality built into the Smartphone.Let’s look at the fact that Mobile is locallyaware: This means that they know where they Mobile is more usefulare via Global Positioning System built into thedevice. In the pocket of your prospect, they can At the Mobile World Congress, Googles CEO,also know where you are. As a marketer, you Eric Schmidt demonstrated that a Smartphonecan send an ad, an offer a coupon or an has eyes (a camera) that can be used toinvitation directly to a Smartphone traveller translate a menu in German to English. Thenear to you. For example; Foursquare can ‘smart eyes’ can see a museum in front of youdisplay dozens of tips, resources and ads for and, by pointing your Smartphone camera to it,places within a few minutes of where you are it can look up Google’s database and return alocated and can even advise who is nearer result on that exact building, its content along with photos and notes. It is a useful navigationA traveller arriving at an airport can look up all and GPS system while on the road, hiking andnearby hotels with availability. They can check on holiday to find attractions and things to do.which hotels offer last-minute deals and which You can watch movies, play games and morehave promotional specials and they can book it on a Smartphone on a plan and wherever youimmediately on their smartphone while they are.wait for their flight, luggage or taxi. This isdramatic for business travellers who are Mobile is More Effective: 5 timeslooking for a nearby place to stay, a parking lot, more Shoppers buy (convert) than ona car rental, a restaurant, etc. Knowing if Netsomeone in your area is interested insomething you offer and being able to Probably a large part of the reason for this isimmediately deliver an invitation is a powerful that they may be looking for a local facility. Butnew marketing opportunity. there is also a heightened sense of closeness, friendliness and familiarity with a mobile. It’s inMobile is More Accessible your pocket and in your hand. The message too is shorter. In the future, this message canTravellers are using the smartphone even to be much more personal. As we will know whobook hotels from 5,000 miles away. Why? the caller is and where they are, the closureBecause it’s handy, more connected, more rate will improve as the message gets moreaccessible and more fun. They dont have to be tailored. The mobile is still being used byat their desk, they dont have to turn on a PC, travellers in conjunction with other research onand they can work from bed, while they relax a desktop. A family holiday is often worked onon the couch, on train, in a restaurant; by several parties and discussed over a dinner,anywhere and everywhere, always. the decision made while sitting with coffee at breakfast or an after dinner drink. The impulseMobile has More Reach to book is immediate and so is the mobile.5 billion vs. 1.7 billion Internet. It’s anticipated .that in 5 years, Mobile will outpace the entirePC market for computing power, internetaccess and innovation. You simple cannotignore it.• It will get to the point where the laptop will be optional, because travellers will have more [7]
  8. 8. Mobile is More SpontaneousThe new technology is making travellers much moreeducated and spontaneous. Will Aldrich, CEO ofTripIt confirms, "We definitely see the trend towardpeople making their plans closer and closer to theirdeparture date". A Recent Priceline study showedthat "82 percent of customers with mobile devicesbooked their hotel rooms within one day of arrival".This spontaneity means hotel and tourism operatorsneed to pay top attention to smartphone travellers.They are probably ready to buy and you need to beready to give them the information and makebookings easy. Increasingly, travellers will not need tosearch for information. Information willfind themSearch is changing. The recent integration ofFacebook with Bing is an example of where it isgoing. Future search will be much more personal, itwill know who you are, what your interests are andwho your friends are. Results can be filtered andtailored to you. Travellers will be able to see friendsand their friends’ views of the hotels they areconsidering. They will be able to see recent tweetsby the hotel and its guests. Add to that the ability toknow where you are, and the precision of the resultscan be very focused. The Search engines’ aim is todeliver only one answer that is the right answer andtailored exactly for you. Mobile adds new locationand identity to help focus search results. get your own mobile website & marketing [8]
  9. 9. SmartphoneTravellers visit more pages, stay longer and book more on mobile-ready sites A mobile site creates a more pleasing and productive experience for the mobile traveller, who is getting less tolerant of compromiseSmartphones in Travel PlanningYou may think that Travellers are happy devoid of frills and unnecessary details.looking at your website scrunched up to fit They are also people who like thetheir iPhone or Android screen, but this is convenience of a hand-held device, alwaysnot the case. It is just too difficult to ready, at hand, handy and quick. Itnavigate. The picture above right is beats going to the office or sitting inan example of a traditional website hand held front of a desktop. More and morebooking engine on iPhone. bookings: people are using smartphones toTravellers can navigate around it, convenient & surf the net, to look for options, planbut they will not bother when it immediate holidays and book them. Asmuch easier to book another resort websites cater to this market, and withwith a smartphone application. the development of new hand-held booking systems, the smartphone in a pocket will become an essential part of theHotel and tourism Websites too must be travel planning and holiday bookingrethought. The existing adage that a is where you put all yourinformation and pictures will not work on "We look at mobile as a big part of oursmartphones and mobile devices without overall strategy — that‘s anconsiderable re-engineering. Smartphone understatement", said Alex Barza, mobiletravellers are people on the move, looking ad sales lead at Google.for quick answers. They need concisesummaries of information and instant facts, [9]
  10. 10. Tourism is different If you are a hotel or tourism operator, my advice is DO NOT spend time working with mobile tools that are not integrated with Tourism products, services and markets!Building Mobile WebsitesAs I researched what tools were available to Tourism is about Bookings, and Travel Marketingdevelop Smartphone Apps and Mobile websites, it is about promoting your brand and your productsbecame clear that Travel is very different. The in very specialised market channels that aregeneral purpose tools do not fit into a tourism amongst the most complex and integratedstrategy. It is important to understand what is business systems in the world.available and to try to put it into perspective. Ourresources at offer many Hoteliers and Tourism operators must look to theirsuggestions. We have written about the difference Tourism partners and Travel technologyin Website and Applications, referred to now as companies who supply Web booking engines andweb applications vs. native application. Integrated solutions; companies like TravelClick, Visergy and AXSES. Travel technologyOur conclusion is that: companies offer integrated solutions for guest services, Tourism marketing, Bookings and1. Applications have no place replacing Reservations. websites as the primary source of information about hotels and in booking Smartphone mobiles are relatively new to hotels tourism, and not many Tourism suppliers have got it all together. They are working on it, and if you2. General tools are not strategic for Hotels are a Hotel or Travel supplier, these are the and Tourism. solutions you should evaluate. A solution that is not a Tourism solution is not in your long-termIf you are a hotel or tourism operator, my advice best DO NOT spend time working with mobile toolsthat are not integrated with Tourism products,services and markets! [10]
  11. 11. 6 Top Criteria Rating Mobile Technology Partners1. Smartphones provide an opportunity to 4. Consider their Marketing connections:generate a direct relationship with travellers. Donot rely on Online Travel Agents like Expedia to Facebook: Can they load your content anddo this for you. They dont; they will create theirBookings to Facebook. Can they offer specialown relationships with your guests and you will group rates, coupons or discounts to Facebookloose the opportunity to build your own Social fans?Network and Direct Bookings. GDS: Can they load rates and marketing data to Global Distribution Systems?2. Many of the new booking engines use Ajax and RSS: Do they have a strategic publishing systemrequire a large display. They are not easily that will put your content on Travel Shopping anddeployed on Smartphones. Make sure your Booking Channels?supplier has a strategy to re-design and re-deploy Web 2.0: Do they have a social media marketinga Mobile Booking solution. strategy? Social Media and Web 2.0 properties are becoming vital to marketing Travel.3. Ask your supplier about Rates and Bookingsmarketing. What marketing, if any, do they do? Is 5. Consider your back-end integration. If you havethis the right choice for you? In the current a Property Management System (PMS), it may bemarket, Best Rate guarantees, Loyalty programs, important to integrate this with your overallSpecial Deals and Promotions, Affinity groups, Marketing and Channel management. TheThemes/niche marketing, Local Booking problem here is that many conventional PMSpartnerships and Packages are all important suppliers have not specialised in Web 2.0,Tourism marketing options that travellers are Facebook, RSS publishing and downstreamseeking. Travellers also like instant quotes on Tourism marketing. If you have a legacy system,your ads and they like Shopping carts where ask your PMS vendor what they can do toHotels and Activities can be added for future integrate you with Facebook and Tourismconsideration and packaging. publishing systems that can market your brand.Best Available Rates and Loyalty programs 6. Build your own Facebook hotel and tourismAffinity Group Pricing (Corporate, AAA, Firemen, marketing and bookings page. Facebook is aetc) leader in mobile marketing, with an early start andThemes Marketing like family holidays, romantic a sound strategy. They have built both web-appsgetaways, adventure, etc and native-apps for iPhone, BlackBerry, Palm andVacation Specials Marketing and Special Deals Android. They are now focusing all developmentPromotion on a mobile platform for all mobile andLocal Partners Collaborative Marketing Smartphone devices. forPackages Marketing Facebook was one of the very first applicationsAir Travel add-ons for direct hotel and tourism bookings onUpgrades: Rooms, Meal plans, Extras Facebook. It now has over 350 active monthlyFlexible Family Plans users, building a loyal network of Facebook FansFlexible Inventory and Payment options for hotel and tourism suppliers. It is a veryEffective Bookings Widgets strategic Facebook Travel Marketing initiative.Direct Bookings - no commissions or transaction See the quickest way to get your hotel contentfees and booking options on FacebookCost Compare, Travel ShoppingTravellers’ websites [11]
  12. 12. Applications vs. WebsitesApps have no place replacing websites Apps do not rank on search enginesApple likes to think of a world driven by Apps. Search ranking is still vital for any hotel website,Apps are more powerful and take advantage of be it a traditional website or a mobile one. Inthe native technology on the smartphone device. addition, we are seeing a growing dissatisfactionBut this thinking is flawed. Apps are cumbersome with search and shoppers are moving to otherand have to be downloaded. resources, including Social Media, to get information. They are not going there for apps,Travellers generally view 20 or more sites when but to get reviews, recommendations andplanning a holiday. They seek out hotels’ official information. It is a good place to advertise, andwebsites and check out the rates, facilities, building Fan Pages for your hotel and tourismneighborhood, the management operation is becoming an importantteam and the reviews. All part of the marketing mix.without having an app. if a travellerhad to download an get your own mobileapp just to check out website & marketing Your supplier should have aa hotel. That might fully integrated strategy that http://fbpromo.smartphonetravelapps.commean having 20 or allows you to quickly build andmore apps! Not likely to manage your own Fan Pages onhappen. Facebook. It must be complete with rates, photos, brand content and bookingIt is not sensible to consider apps as a buttons or widgets.replacement for websites. Hotel & tourisminformation for the smartphone Traveller is best As Facebook has a mobile option, it is a goodpresented on a Mobile-ready website, that is addition to the marketing strategy, giving moresearch engine optimised and is picked up on the feet in the market, allowing the brand to engagesearch engines. This is still the way people work, with guest and prospective guests on manythey look for products by searching for them. devices. It does not replace the need for aThey do not search for apps when planning a traditional website and your own brand mobileholiday. In fact, finding Apps is rather a problem, site. If used wisely, it will help in SEO, in gettingas the app marketplace is not well tracked and traffic to your site and getting bookings on yournot represented in search results. Search engines new hand-held booking engine.have a problem determining what the app is allabout because apps often are complex programs,with little text for the engine to index. [12]
  13. 13. Apps are good for covering many properties Travellers do not want to have to download an App to see a hotel. They will download apps that provide a service, compare hotels, checkin, checkout, order room service and get offers.Apps for Advanced ServicesApps are great for games and for Online Travel Our SmartphoneTraveller apps include all theAgencies (OTA’s). We expect that Facebook may deals and specials created in the all hotelwell have its own set of apps to provide services website. Travellers download the app only onceto the smartphone traveller. Hotel and tourism and can choose from many options and manysuppliers may need apps for loyal guests and for hotels offering deals for direct bookingsthose who have booked already. A loyal guest ismore disposed to downloading an app, if itprovides some advantage in service andconvenience.We see apps playing a role in client relationship get your own mobilemanagement, in-house services, like room website & marketingservice ordering, checking-in and checking-out. http://fbpromo.smartphonetravelapps.comApps are good for distributing travel deals andpackages to travellers who might be looking forthe best rates when booking direct. [13]
  14. 14. dotMobi the Standard for design and publishing Easy to use with a hand- held phone. Large buttons, clear navigation, small images and concise infoTravelOnTheGo.mobiWe spent some time considering the options, dotMobi Advantagenaming conventions and URLs. We choose thename TravelOnTheGo and selected to develop dotMobi is the organisation that is charged withthe site to dotMobi standards. Hotels that use publishing. The dotMobi files and controls theour service get their own standards for the development of .mobi It has approximately 12 major the dotMobi files are distributed to over 5000Themes and with Packages and Specials, search engines and mobile directories.there are 14 main segments to the site. Allessential information for travel shopping and To all engines the dotMobi designation definesfor making a booking decision is included. the site is suitable for mobiles and the .mobi sites are often the first to be listed for searchesTravellers want photos, rates, specials, made on a mobile. AXSES research on thepackages and maps of the location. They want mobile platform was commented on by theto see the rooms and the facilities and they dotMobi organisationwant to get quotes for a holiday stay for their dates and different age groups andnumber of travellers. All travellers now expect For more on dotMobi see fair price and best rates available if they areto book direct and online. [14]
  15. 15. is part of a 5-part Hotels get their own 14-page marketing program for hotels and tourism. website and booking engine, which is specifically designed for small First, hotels get their own mobile e-commerce screens complying with .mobi standards and website at the Travel On The Go mobile distribution in the .mobi files to all major search website ( engines and mobile directories. Second, these same hotels are also listed in AXSES SmartphoneTraveller marketing the main website directory. includes listing on the directory, search engine optimisation and SEO Third, the .mobi domain name means that the mobile marketing. Hotels may build their own hotels are distributed via ICANN files to 5000 special deals, last-minute deals on mobile, and different internet directories and mobile search packages which will also be advertised on the engines, expanding their web presence. AXSES Smartphone Travel Shopping Apps on iPhone and Android. Fourth, Specials and Packages on the Also, there is no middleman. All business and site are features through booking transactions are handled by the hotel; our affiliate network and on iPhone and there are no commissions or transaction fees. Android applications, putting these specials in In fact, the only fee paid by the hotel is a small the hands of prospective guests much faster. monthly fee for the entire mobile and smartphone marketing package listed. Finally, AXSES markets using marketing strategies such as SEO and For more information about this innovative direct advertising; in fact, ads are currently marketing product, see the running on Facebook right now. SmartphoneTraveller website at This marketing package is very unique, and each participating hotel has the potential to reach 5 billion mobile users worldwide. "There 1. website for hotel are 5 times more mobile users than PC users brands. The sites are SEO optimised for searching the net. Its the fastest-growing keywords based on facilities and shopping universe and one that is becoming descriptions entered on set-up. vital for hotel and tourism. 2. directory marketing 3. dotMobi publishing The AXSES strategy helps hotels and tourism 4. apps for last- operators reach the mobile and smartphone minute deals and specials for booking traveller through their own directly with hotels and tourism supplier website, tailored for the smaller screens of 5. Advertised by AXSES on the Internet smartphones. It is one of the first direct booking engines specifically designed for the hand-held devices and smartphone travellers. Hand-held bookings are an important part of the marketing mix. [15]
  16. 16. Guest were using the old website on their smartphones, but not staying on the siteVegas Hotels Case saw that an increasing number of The modest improvement on bookings wasvisitors were using smartphones to view the expected and should increase significantly whenwebsite. They were not staying very long and the the new mobile booking engine is installed.bounce rate was about 50% higher than that ofnormal visitors. The time spent on the traditional includes a booking enginewebsite was lower, as was the booking rate. The that has been optimised for mobile created a mobile site but stopped short ofoptimising the booking process, which wouldhave taken more time.The mobile site was simpler and contained onlythe most used and necessary information. 50% of get your own mobile website &the mobile visitors were sent to the traditional site, marketingwhile 50% were sent to the mobile site. http://fbpromo.smartphonetravelapps.comAfter 2 month the results were:• 22% lower bounce rate• 16% more page views• 4% higher conversion rate [16]
  17. 17. Social Marketing for Mobile Travel Travel is a social activity. Engaging with travellers is a winning strategy for travel marketers, and the place to do that is on Social Media.Social Media & Mobile Marketing Case Study75% of the female Facebook users surveyed byEversave (March, 2011), like to find social offersand specials deals in their news feeds (85%) and In the second study, we directed Fans to thefrom friends (44%). site. These were desktop users going to a small screen smartphone site.Middle-aged females are the fastest-growing The ad had nearly one million impressions withsector on Facebook, and are also major 332 click-throughs (0.036% CTR). Surprisingly,influencers in travel shopping and planning. This many stayed on the tiny screen (average 2 min),is a significant market indicator. and explored many of the special deals offered by hotels. Although we were not expecting orIn several case studies, AXSES tested the tracking bookings, two travellers made bookingperformance of multiple ads and campaigns on requests.Facebook. For details; SocialAds.TravelWatchNews.comThe first study involved offering a Fan Specialto travellers in Ontario, Canada. The Click-Through Rate (CTR) was high by any standard.We did not have an optimised landing page, theintent was to establish a proof of concept. That it get your own mobile website &did. In just 2 days, we had 400,000 impression marketingand 132 click-throughs . As we refined the focus http://fbpromo.smartphonetravelapps.comand the message, the CTR climbed from .022 to .1 and settled at .077. [17]
  18. 18. Mobile and Social Media Social strategies work together. More and moreSocial Travel Marketing is taking shape and the these strategies need to syncronised. Tokey components are: differentiate your message and be heard, you need to create unique content and publish it. Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn | Bookmarks YouTube | Articles | eMagazines | Mobile Twitter and YouTube are the prime broadcasters. Blogs, Facebook and Linkedin feed theThis is not a traditional view of the world but one information and create your social network.that is taking shape. Those who know how to When we write articles for our clients, we willintegrate marketing with these components will build a video. When we do a video wedo well. In April 2011, The New York Times transcribed it to an article and a podcast. All arepublished an article indicating that more and bookmarked and published to blogs, podcastsmore hotels were beginning to offer room online article directories, online magazines and tobookings on social media platforms like video sites.Facebook, and to integrate marketing strategiesto include mobile travel planning and mobile A modern Internet Marketing campaign mustbookings. contain all these in addition to Search Engine Optimisation, Pay Per Click (PPC), Feeder sites, advertising and promotions. Offline and onlineA survey conducted by travel research firm are now integrated across platform, on mobilePhoCusWright, revealed that more than a third of and on the traditional Internet. Direct mail nowmobile phone users were expecting to make extends to gathering leads that include SMS texthotel reservations on their mobiles over the numbers to which coupons and deals can becoming year and many are using mobiles to sent. Messages are configured to match thesearch for and plan holidays. This is another device as much as the medium. Every campaignreason why Fan Pages are good for business. will need to be coordinated with Social Media to be a success. Facebook has a strong commitment tomobile, and Fans can download an app to 10 touches is what is expected. That meansdisplay news and look up pages. Having a mobile that a travel shopper, a marketing prospect,Fan page is easy, all you have to do is have a needs to be touched on average at least 10 timesFan page. Facebook says that about 25% of its before they buy. That is why the most successfulusers at any time are on mobile, so mobile is markets give away freebies just to get leads andclearly an important part of their community. It is continue to feed information that is relevant andimportant that your Fan pages reflect your brand useful to build trust and engagement. That is whyand your products. You need to have your rates, arcRes will ask for emails right up front and whyphotos, rooms and bookings on this platform. we have a built-in follow up system and are integrating with the most popular direct mail The NY Times article also noted that AXSES systems with auto-responders planned andis already providing both Mobile and Fan Pages written by experts in marketing.for travel. Our arcResBookings application is acontent manager for hotel and travel Fan Pages. Mobile is Social because it is always with youIt loads brand information and keeps it up-to- and connects you always to your friends anddate. It loads rates and special deals, offering community, to prospect and opportunities. It isFans the opportunity to get a holiday quote and going to be a driving force in future travelbook it right from your own hotel Fan Page, from marketing.a desktop or a mobile. Here the Mobile and [18]
  19. 19. Mobile and Direct MailWe are watching as smartphones become an Smartphones QR campaigns are one of theintegral part of the daily lives of consumers. Few hottest applications in marketing. Even theleave home without their smartphone which is largest postal service in the world, the USPS, isnow a very personal part of life. Marketers are offering a special 3% discount for any letters orexploring ways to present messages to targeted mailers that include mobile barcodes. The USPSprospects on their smartphones, and with that is banking on QR codes to rejuvenate postalcomes concerns about privacy. At the same services, giving marketers a new way to gettime, several studies have shown that people immediate and measurable responses and toprefer to receive marketing offers via postal follow up. At the same time it satisfies theservices rather than online and email. Integrating preference of consumers to control digital cluttermobile and mail now offers a new way to bridge and protect privacy, by giving them the right tothe privacy gap and get the message read. Many choose their online experience.are using combination tactics, turning static printinto an interactive call to action. Thomas Foti, USPS’ Postal Service manager of marketing mail, told Post&Parcel “As customersSmartphone Travellers can quickly scan a continue to use QR codes, we think thisbarcode on a direct mail piece and be increases the effectiveness of mail, whichimmediately connected to a mobile website. encourages the demand for mail, and hopefully longer term it increases our volume,” FotiThe Quick Response (QR) barcodes are now concluded that while the online world willbeing used on mail flyers, magazines, billboards continue to grow and thrive, mail can be anand product packages in stores. This call to integral part of that communication, and onlineaction is entirely new to marketers and it has campaigns that do utilize direct mail are morebeen received well by consumers, who have the effective.choice to use it or ignore it. Indeed, direct mail is still the leader in marketingFor the marketer, it is a shortcut to delivering Special deals and Promotions.highly detail and targeted messages toprospects, cutting out slow and expensive maildelivery. It is instantaneous and impulsive andcan link prospect immediately to special purposemini-sites that are highly relevant and personal. get your own mobile websiteOnce on the site, visitors may be invited to & marketingsubscribe to news, get a coupon for their next http://fbpromo.smartphonetravelapps.comvacation, watch a video, or receive informationabout a destination. The visit can be followed upwith an email or SMS text thanking them forstopping by and, based on their preferences,they may receive additional messages, texts orsocial media notifications about their interests.Marketers can also track which geographicalareas are scanning and what the results are. Thisinformation can help perfect future marketingprojects and offers vital feedback on whattravelers do or don’t value. [19]
  20. 20. Direct mail to a pocket anywhere Direct mail via email is the most prefered method for recieve information on promotions and special dealsMobile direct Mail & Telephone MarketingAccording to a survey by Foresee, Facebook is to your mobile travel deals/offers which in turn arethe most preferred social media site from which to set up with auto-responders and auto offers.receive retail communication and specialpromotions (about 40% preferred Facebook). The Keep in mind that, while a traveller may login withsurvey also shows that email is the winner in their desktop or laptop, their smartphone isdriving shopping and purchasing. 64% of the probably at hand. If you put your QR barcode onsurveyed group thought that email was the best your Fan page it can be scanned by away to receive specials and deals. We have also smartphone and will link the Fan directly to thedemonstrated that Facebook is effective in offer on their smartphone. In this case, you needmarketing promotions, even if it may not be the a mobile subscription button to capture the lead.most preferred. Capturing lead in this way and building a direct response database is the main technique forThe conclusion is to use Facebook advertising to successful on-going marketing.advise travellers of your specials and invite themto “Like” your page and to subscribe. The Finally, mobile users are just a call away. Thetechnique is to offer coupons and discounts which mobile type pad is not very user friendly. It is andare delivered directly to their mobile or easier to just say what you want. Currentsmartphone via email or text messages. technology allows you to offer inexpensive VOIP 800 numbers and voice to mail transfer. RatherThe successful technique is to link the ad to your than typing in a name and address, aFan Page and require consumers to “Like” the SmartPhoneTrveller can press a button andpage before they can get the coupon. Only Fans verbally provide information to send you an email.are linked to the coupon which is promoted on a Check with your supplier about using this VOIPdesktop landing page. Here, prospects subscribe and voice to mail technology. [20]
  21. 21. PRODUCTS April 2011AXSES HOTEL & TOURISM E-COMMERCE PRODUCTSA comprehensive platform and technology to market tourism AXSES is a leader in tourism innovation with dozens of productfrom booking widgets to social media, mobile marketing andsystems to help hotels & tourism suppliers build sustainablebrands and direct business. The products that follow are just anexample of what we do. We have a simple pricing so that most ofthese products have a standard startup fee with 3 months freeand a monthly subscription on only $25US. Module pricing 50$ at start and 25$us per month. First 3 month Free For latest prices see smart system for travel [21]
  22. 22. Mobile travel search toMOBILE WEB surpass laptop & desktop As a member of AXSES 50$US First 3 month Free 25$US per month after 3 marketing, your website is optimised for the .mobi click for prices platform. Putting your booking engine in the hand of a traveller wherever they are. The directory lists our advertisers in the files, used by 5000 search engines and mobile directories. It is now at the top of Google Searches for Mobile Travel On The Go Searches. your booking Web Info in hand Mobile travelonthego.mobiPowered by arcResPublishingarcRes makes it easy tomanage rates, specials,packages and advertisingand content in 100s ofsites. arcRes can also beused as a booking engineon your own brand website [22]
  23. 23. Marketing Apps forMOBILE APPS SmartPhone Travellers FREE with Mobile Web, AXSES SmartphoneTraveller Apps are available on iPhone Specials or Packages and Android. The Apps list all arcRes specials and packages for subscribers! All subscribers are included on the Hotel and Tourism World Directory of .Mobi Websites. 5FREE | Android App | iPhone ApparcRes Powered AppsAXSES SmartphoneTravellerapps are created andmanaged with the arcResPublishing System. arcRespublishes to mobiledevices, online travelsites, social media likeFacebook and is syndicatedto 100s of sites andtravellers. [23]
  24. 24. arcRes Specials & Packages Marketing/PublishingSPECIALS All arcRes Specials and Packages are published to the 50$US First 3 month Free entire arcRes network. 25$US per month after 3 In some cases advertisers click for prices must be approved on selected channels like Adventure marketing and HubPages. We provide exclusive Advertorials on article marketing and authority publications. EXAMPLE Mahout Discovery Thailand Explore the forests of Northern Thailand with our resident gentle elephants. our four-night Package offers you a rare opportunity to get up close and personal with these revered creatures. Website | Quote arcRes Powered ChannelsarcRes powered Promotions,Advertising with Specials • Google Shopping, Craigslist •,Marketing.,,AXSES arcRes publishing is St. Lucia, Dominica, etcthe quickest and most • Adventure-Travel-Destination & Adventure Holidays (i)effective way to broadcastyour promotion on the net. • Romantic-Holiday-Destinations (ii)If you are signed up for • iPhone and Smartphones Travel Shopping Applicationsour mobile website, the • arcAds distribution & publishing networkspecial you create will be (Ezine and Web 2.0 properties, where we place tourismautomatically displayed on advertisements)our smartphone • Syndicated to ezines and article sites like HubPages.comapplications, as well as100s of travel sites. • AXSES Affiliate network of sites like RealHolidays, CaribbeanHopping, TravelAgentRes and others, where advertisers may be featured on a random basis. • 100s of independent travel sites using arcRes syndicated news and RSS Feeds. [24]
  25. 25. arcRes Facebook Marketing &FACEBOOK Bookings Application Your Brand on Facebook 50$US First 3 month Free * Direct Sales & Bookings 25$US per month after 3 (no commissions) * Increase Fans & Bookings click for prices * Content Management *arcRes Secure Booking Engine * Photos, Rooms, Seasons, Rates * Family Plans/Specials Packages (i) * Flexible terms * Flexible Inventory Options * Many More Marketing Options i. Requires arcRes Specials Demo VideoarcResBookings on FacebookBuild Brand loyalty withFacebook social engagementand arcRes-powered directsales & bookings. Offer your brand &Special Fan rates andprivileges bookings on Facebook [25]
  26. 26. arcRes Bookable MapsARCRES MAPS arcRes allows travellers to interact with points on the map: See rooms, rates, availability, add hotels to a 50$US First 3 month Free shopping list, compare options, 25$US per month after 3. get an instant online quote, and book online. click for prices Bookers and lookers are all captured in the property marketing database. Contact us to integrate bookable maps arcRes email marketing allows hotels to send newsletters or follow-up emails. All queries are tracked and reported in online systems.arcRes Bookable is partof the bookable-ads.comfamily of interactiveadverting and informationsystems. For more examplessee http://bookable-ads.comarcRes Bookable Maps is anAXSES application forGoogle Maps [26]
  27. 27. Hand Held BookingsWEBSITES Website Bookings Portal Bookings Website Booking Engine Booking Partners 50$US First 3 month Free All booking and publishing 25$US per month after 3. is powered by arcRes. arcRes can be integrated click for prices with social media pages, like Facebook, and with any website. Changes in arcRes immediately change all pages across all channels. Specials and Packages in arcRes are distributed to 100s of sites and to iPhone and Android applications.arcRes Website ExtensionMarketing & e-commerceBooking Engines, Ratesmanagement, Specials andPackages deployed on yourwebsite.Booking-Partners allowshotel and activities tocross sell each others’destination products. [27]
  28. 28. Destination MarketingMAGAZINES Print-on-Demand Magazines Bookings Portals Destinations can subscribe to our POD magazine publications Destination Magazine and article blogging services. from $ 5000 US We can offer a private sector funded publication via advertising and sponsorship. Marketing/Bookings Portal We provide contract services License from $ 2000 pa for a turn key publication, including article research, from $ 2000 @Set up photography, final art production, online distribution and ordering and video blogging. We build destination marketing portals, destination booking Travelers Insights... centres and affiliate marketing systems. Dominica is Nature, almost as it was 50 years ago - little changes here and that is the way we like it. This is why people come to Dominica; to escape the hustle and bustle of modern life.Destination & CampaignMarketing SystemsTravellersInsightsmagazines are personalaccounts of thedestination. We build anunderstanding of the brandand create the storiesthat bring it alive.arcRes powers the Dominicacollateral marketing andproduct content. [28]
  29. 29. AXSES References our many queries is very The site is very user-friendly gratifying and we know our and you have the benefits of dollars are well spent with enhancing and updating thePlum Tree Club - Ann Smith, AXSES". site on your own. The supportGeneral Manager, and staff is very qualified andKristine Hoad knowledgeable and is always"We at Plum Tree Club signed Nautilus Beach Apts * - Betty willing to assist. You areup in early January for the Bayley always kept up-to-date withArcRes Bookings-Expert. This "I cant sing the praises of any new enhancements andwas decided after extensive AXSES enough. I think they features that would benefitdiscussions with the team at are doing a fantastic job for your site. We encourageAXSES who were very helpful Barbados in terms of tourism everyone to be part of ArcResin tailoring the package to suit marketing, even though their distribution in getting yourour needs. We also signed up self-promotion is very product and services outfor a listing on the Barbados understated." there."Holiday Packages website andthe Golf Packages and Ocean Bliss * - Suzanne Dover Beach Hotel * - ColinAccommodation page of Payne We have had it Ocean Bliss also receives IHB- "We appreciate the on-goingrunning on our website for less generated reservations in discussions that we have withthan a month and have already arcRes and uses arcRes to AXSES. We like the move toconfirmed a number of manage the propertys incorporate the newbookings. Visitors to our information on the IHB technology. We think it willwebsite find it very useful to be website. "It is so easy to benefit our business, and weable to calculate the total cost manage. I have no problems want to thank AXSES forof their stay and we have the with it. It is a very efficient site. moving forward in thatability to contact them with any 99% of my bookings come respect."special offers, even if they from arcRes. The support I gethavent made a booking. is awesome. If I have a Direct Car Rentals -In addition, since we upgraded problem, I get a response right Jonathan Gittensour listing on, we away. It is very good. I love it. I "Ive worked with AXSES for ahave seen drastically attribute my success with number of years and Iveincreased hits on our site from Ocean Bliss to AXSES." always been pleased with thethat source. We really work AXSES has done."appreciate the assistance of Baywatch Resorts * - Geetathe team at AXSES, who are Chatrani Settlers Beach - Vanessaalways willing to provide "I have tried other avenues Sumpteradvice. We look forward to and in the end most of the "ArcRes has worked well forworking with AXSES more in business comes from our small operation. It is easythe future and we expect great advertising with to use and the support staffthings from our partnership." and other AXSES marketing at AXSES are very helpful and channels". willing to take the time toAtlantis Submarine – teach us what to do. Over theRoseanne Myers Yellow Bird * (Re-design) - past year we have learnt toAtlantis Submarines has been Geeta Chatrani upload information for variousworking with AXSES for many "I enjoyed working with AXSES aspects of our online businessyears and are indeed very throughout the process as they through our website, whichhappy customers. We find gave me the opportunity to be has saved us time andthem responsive to requests, creative. I felt comfortable money. We get regularcreative in their approach and during the re-design as they business through the inquiriesmost of all an effective partner never made me feel as though that come via the ArcResin the execution of our internet I was asking too much." reporting system. We aremarketing strategy. happy with the system operated Rostrevor * - Jennifer know we have the ability toby AXSES represents more Howard expand as we need to".traffic to the Atlantis "At Rostrevor we definitely seeSubmarines International the benefits of being part ofwebsite than any other ArcRes. You have the choicedestination website including of all the various packagesHawaii. The advice given and offered to suit your property.attention paid to our needs and [29]
  30. 30. Point View Apts * -Maureen Reid Gold Club Properties (Re-"Over the years I have design) Keith Powlettobserved the dedication of the "It is a joy to work with astaff at AXSES to their team where you are positivecustomers and also their beyond doubt that your bestbeing alert to keep the site interest is a priority. The Bayfield House * Trevorvisible and easily accessible. management is friendly RamsayThe result is I have requests relaxed, but very professional "I’m getting bookings fromfor information and space that in their approach. It is arcRes that’s for sure. I haveI cannot fill on a daily basis. especially a pleasure to know always found that whenever IThis instills confidence that and it be assisted by Ms. have had a problem or needmy information is available to Shelly Burke who advise that the staff at AXSESinterested persons." implemented the website and have always responded in a provided hands-on training. very timely manner and very professionally. I have hadCobblers Cove (Re-design) The administration system increased number of inquires- Monica Blackman was straightforward enough, and what is interesting is the"It has been a pleasure so any difficulty encountered number of conversions intoworking with Shelly Burke and was as a result of my failure actual bookings. During lastKathy-Lynn Ward of AXSES in to pay attention to month alone this has risen to athe creation and maintenance instruction, and to apply little over 10%. I have foundof the new social networks myself fully. I am sure that that the key to this is quickTwitter and Facebook for this was obviously clear to friendly yet a direct response."Cobblers Cove. Ms. Burke, but she never even one time showed anyAs a company we are frustration. Her patience isdiscovering the far reaching overwhelming. For me a verypotential of marketing enriching experience, oneproducts and services through that motivated me to dothis medium. The niche of my best. I am nowmarket Cobblers Cove attractsis specific to boutique hotels, quite expert in operating the get your own mobileso the affiliation with theinternationally acclaimed administration system." website & marketingRelais & Chateaux can be far http://fbpromo.smartphonetravelapps.commore visible now todiscerning travelers. Twitter Silver Sands - Randalland Facebook sites are Wardimpacting the Caribbean “Nearly all of our directregion more significantly than business is coming from ourtravel brochures can and AXSES e-commerce andprovide a buzz among advertising”.computer users of all strata ofsociety, opening new avenuesfor distribution of information Adulo Apartments * Kashkain a timely fashion. Thank you HaynesAXSES, for your team effort in "I think you guys do aguiding us through this “work fantastic job. We at the Aduloin progress” to create and Apartments have benefitedretain those memorable significantly from workingmoments for all our with AXSES. The exposurecustomers." and room bookings received through the Internet, via our AXSES developed website and through our presence on, has become a major part of our business”. [30]
  31. 31. AXSES INTERACTIVE MARKETING Powered by arcRes Tourism Publishing Technology HOTELS, TOURISM OPERATORS & DESTINATIONS Interactive Advertising Publishing Distribution SmartphoneTraveller | Special & Packages | Facebook | e-Commerce | POD all prices subject to change with out notice! (i) Set up Includes initialisation of systems and set-up support . Training videos & instructions are provided. Additional training is optionalHOTEL & TOURISM MARKETING Marketing Powered by AXSES’ arcRes Publishing AXSES TOURISM MARKETING & PUBLISHING PO Box 16B, Baslen House Kingston Terrace Bridgetown, St. Michaels, BB11090 Tel 246 429 2653 AXSES INC. 211 Kennedy Rd Boutiliers Point Nova Scotia Canada, B3Z 1V5