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Targeting Humans by Michael King


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Targeting Humans by Michael King

  1. 1. TARGETING HUMANS. Michael King SEO Manager Publicis Modem @ipullrank
  3. 3. Search Currently Orbits Social Media Search Search Social Search Media SearchSearch Marketers treat Search and Social as two separate beasts only leveraging socialas a way to push out messages.
  4. 4. Search Should Integrate with Social Social Search MediaSearch Marketers would be better served using Social Media to inform strategies thattarget people. Think beyond Search to be better at Search.
  5. 5. STOP CHASING THE ALGORITHMSearch is about fulfilling a need for aperson. Search Quality is about betterfulfilling the needs of people.SEO needs to be less about themanipulating the algorithm andmore about fulfilling needs.
  6. 6. In other words…Search needs to be less about WHATand more about WHO and WHY? Hereare my data-driven approaches.
  7. 7. Use Social Media to Your AdvantageHundreds ofMillions of peopleare telling youtheir everymundane thoughteveryday; use it!
  8. 8. Invest in Social Listening Scout Labs Alterian SM2 For my shoestring budget hustlers Social MentionScout Labs & Alterian SM2 are extensive and expensive social listening tools butyou can grab a decent data set for free using Social Mention.
  9. 9. Invest in Quantitative Analysis ToolsInvest in sites like ComScore, Compete or Quantcast to identify a demographicby industry and to get a preview of their search behavior.
  10. 10. Develop Personas Develop Personas to understand your users and to inform Search and UX.See Vanessa Fox’s presentation on Personas for an in-depth how-to:
  11. 11. Target Humans – Not Search EnginesBuild for Humans and the SearchEngines will follow. They must in orderto stay relevant.
  12. 12. Great SEO is the Price of AdmissionNone of this is to say that you canignore SEO. Combining these practiceswith great SEO amplifies yourmessage.
  13. 13. Social and Search Will Continue to IntegrateI predict that Google will use rel-me and rel-author as ways to connect people tocontent and apply a sliding scale of value to links based on algorithmicallydetermined authority of the writer to help solve search quality issues. BUILD YOUR NETWORKS NOW.Read: Google’s Heading for Life after Link Trust – Here’s How to Prepare by @simonpenson -
  15. 15. Who is Your Target Audience?Before you do anything you need toidentify who you are trying to talk to.
  16. 16. Building Personas Building personas is a process of guess and check. Use social listening and educated guesses to identify 4 core groups of your audience. Test all assumptions.Music Moms Happy Raging Rock stars Involved InstructorsTypically uninformed gift givers Typically professional musicians at Typically professional musicianslooking for information on the Hobbyists various stages of their careers that and thought leaders/contentright guitar for their happy Typically students or tend to spend more time creating creators who talk about newhobbyist or raging rockstar. amateur musicians content with their guitars only techniques and have strongThese people enter the looking for the latest tips consuming content as new guitar opinions about instruments andconversation when they are and tricks for playing their technology is released. These are brands. These tend to be quitelooking to make a purchase. guitar. These tend to be the influencers of the happy active in the acoustic guitar the most active content hobbyist group. conversation. creators in the acoustic guitar conversation.
  17. 17. Find Out Exactly Who They AreIt is now also possible to find out dataon every person that comes to yoursite.
  18. 18. Keyword-Level Demographics Search Keyword-LevelFB:Admin Demographics Referrers Use the keyword-level demographics data to test your hypotheses and potentially identify new personasRead and get code to do this at:
  19. 19. Privacy?If you are concerned with privacy youcan encrypt user IDs using md5 hashesor model the persona in the code andonly push the persona name toanalytics. 123456 e10adc3949ba59abbe56e057f20f883e An md5 hash is a 128-bit encryption of a string. You can compare users without saving their user IDs
  20. 20. PzychePzyche allows you to get demographics data on visitors in real-timerequiring no opt-in.**I asked Pzyche where their data comes from they said their sources are “proprietary”
  21. 21. Other Data SourcesLinkedIn and Google+ are both optionsfor data mining the people that come toyour site but keep in mind that withsigned in G+ users you will not getSearch Referrers.Read:
  22. 22. Dynamic Targeting Using the demographic data user experiences can be tailored dynamically to reflect properties of the persona when they visit.What Normal Users See What Curious George Sees Curious George • 18-32 • Male • Loves indie rock • Wishes he had a beard (Dramatization)
  23. 23. Give People What they are Looking ForDoes your content fulfill the needassociated with the search intent?Does it give the person the compellingexperience they are searching for?
  24. 24. There’s no Reason UX has to SuckDo Less of this Do More of this
  25. 25. Filter Keywords through Social ListeningInformational, Navigational, Transactionalclassification is not enough to trulyunderstand intent.Identify need states and use vocabulary in away that people expect.
  26. 26. Case Study Motivation Decision- Research Booking Pre-flight Travel Post-travel to travel making How do I crystallize Need StatesI want to collect new What is out there that Who’s going to help What do I need to do my travels so that Of the options Who can I rely on to experience, add to would be fun and me fine tune and to activate my trip so they are easy to available, what is help me make the my personal story, interesting to do make the plan that it’s as easy as share, and provide feasible given time & most of my trip? and create special alone and/or with the possible? possible? inspiration to me and budget constraints? memories people I care about? others evermore?Occasion: Get Ideas: Search for: Search for: Locate: Connect: Organize: Examples of What‟s happening-Season/Holiday Key trip info: -With local info -Memories/events From Activity and experience -Cheapest flight options-NY’ eve -Luggage rules -With resources -Evidence you’ve been there/ friends, family,colleagues, ext options at different based on timings-Valentine’s D -Check in time (guides, gurus) Memorabilia ended social media destinations - Cheapest flight options-Honeymoon -Terminal to go to -Activity ideas -New ideas network, bloggers, TV based on destination (look for-Birthday gift personalities, movies, activity promos and time suggestions) -Currency exchange-Anniversary groups & forums -Ways to and from airport-Stag do Compare: -Travel tips Package:-Reunion Destination options based on Record:-Accomplishment timings, costs, and ease of Compare: -Experiences Trip takeouts so as to extend-Time off Search for: getting there Time options vs. budget Book: -Memories the benefits gained from the trip Occasion or experience across key providers -New -Car hire ideas, contacts, knowledge sought on -AccommodationExperience: google, publications, forums, -Airport bus-Broaden horizon social media groups,etc Commit: Share:-Hobby/skill To a scenario To build on and showcase-Well-being/R&R-Adventure Manage: who you are-Landscape (sea, mountain, Info updates, efficient andplant) easy task completion-Weather (sun, snow, wind) Research Commitment Experience Inspiration
  27. 27. Case Study – Semantic Grouping Motivation Decision- Research Booking Pre-flight Travel Post-travel to travel making Occasion Activity Destination Offering Simplify Connect RememberCore Semantic Groups We identified the need Flights state matched the client‟s business goals and mapped them to semantic groups to dictate the information architecture.Country/Region Logistics Timing City/Airport Cheap Flights
  28. 28. Case Study – Keyword ResearchIdentify what people want and present it in a way that matchestheir expectations using the language they expect in order toprovide the best user experience to your target audience andimprove conversion.
  29. 29. UX that Reflects Needs Navigation and sub- navigation reflect need states UX and content developed with the concerns of our personasWe built a user experience indicative of these considerations
  30. 30. Case Study Bookings Organic TrafficWe improved rankings and conversions dramatically by marrying theseconcepts.
  31. 31. Creating Compelling ContentCo-relevance, intertextuality andjuxtaposition generally leads to uniqueand compelling content that peoplewant to share and link to.
  32. 32. Co-RelevanceCombine 2 or more concepts thattypically don’t go together to creatememorable content.
  33. 33. Co-Relevance ExampleAn interactive timeline of modern music that looks like a game of Guitar Hero
  34. 34. Co-Relevance Example 2The periodic table meets SEO Ranking Factors and Typefaces.
  35. 35. Co-Relevance Example 3Link from the Legend of Zelda‟s Link Building Strategy Guide
  36. 36. Co-Relevance Example 4The evolution of airline consolidation as a genealogy chart
  37. 37. Co-Relevance Example 5The Organic Path of Music presented as flight paths
  38. 38. Co-Relevance Example 6The History of Oprah meets CandyLand
  39. 39. Co-Relevance Example 7Cheech & Chong + Fiber One = Magic Brownie Adventure
  40. 40. Co-Relevance Example 8Conversion Rate Optimization Explained by Mr. Men characters
  41. 41. Co-Relevance Example 9 Proper.The Twitters said you guys wanted Hammer at SearchLove.Who am I to deny you?
  42. 42. People Tweet the Same Things they Search Use Trendistic to get keyword trends on Twitter is a direct correlation between Twitter activity and Search Demand.Exploit it for co-relevant content creation ideas.
  43. 43. GoFishGoFish is a real-timekeyword research toolthat leverages Twitter tofind out what people aretalking about related toyour keyword right now.
  44. 44. GoFish Methodology Input Keyword n-grams Identify top highest occurring Validate users using Klout Scores n-grams sans stop words Pull latest 200 Tweets containing your keyword Validate search volume using Adwords Top 10 Keyphrases related to KeywordUsing Social Media to Get Ahead of Search Demand
  45. 45. Wait… What’s an N-Gram?N-gram ’en’gram noun A collection of N consecutive words. For example a bi-gram or 2-gram is a keyphrase comprised 5-Gram of 2 words. This is the basis for a search engine’s determination of semantic value and relationship SearchLove NYC MC Hammer Dance 4-Gram Downtown Brooklyn Apartment Rentals 3-Gram GoFish only looks for 2 Michael King SEO through 5-grams.
  46. 46. Application of GoFishCombine concepts that peopleare talking about now to createa unique piece of compellingcontent with a built-inaudience. Michael Jackson Jackson Trial South Park ?
  47. 47. Michael Jackson Trial South Park Edition Seed the content you create to influential Twitter users identified by GoFish.
  48. 48. SEOGadget MethodThe guys over at SEOGadget have a very similar tool that runs on ImportXML forGoogle Docs. This method pulls data faster and from various social sources.Read: (@dbseo)
  50. 50. THROW AWAY YOUR FORM LETTERS! The guy sent a form letter to Avinash Kaushik for a link.Do Not be a Jordan Hogenson; tailor your outreach link building to your audience
  51. 51. Link Building Golden Rule
  52. 52. Twitter Before EmailTwitter is made for inane and unsolicitedconversation. Start your outreach link building there.
  53. 53. Use the SEER Method for Link ProspetingI absolutely love the SEER Interactive method of using Twitter and Open SiteExplorer together to identify link prospects!
  54. 54. BUT! [I LOVE ADULT SWIM]
  55. 55. Issues with the SEER MethodThe Simply Measured tool gives you URLs with shorteners and Open Site Explorerexports only give you up to 10k links.
  56. 56. So I made a tool…Upload your Simply Measured Export and get an SEOmoz Site IntelligenceAPI and it will exhaustively prepare a link prospect report as an Excelworkbook. I don’t have a name or UI for this tool.
  57. 57. How Does it Work?All shortened URLs All Root Domains Data is exported to are expanded are pulled from an Excel Workbook. Open Site Explorer One sheet of prospects, one sheet of people already linking to you.
  58. 58. Output
  59. 59. How Does it Work?
  60. 60. Have a Persona for Link BuildingPeople will most likely check out your timeline so fill it withcool relevant content and conversation. Build an authenticseparate persona and use it for your link building.
  61. 61. Personas are the Key to Scalability TARGET INFLUENCERSCurious George Gamer Film Purist Tech GeekThis group represents people Gamers talk about their 3D This conversation revolves This group talks about theconsidering buying a 3D TV gaming experience and the around use of 3D in film. They technical details of their AV components and games they talk about 3D in a broad way, setup. They treat their TV’s like use. and occasionally touch on a racecar driver treats their car. 3DTV specifically. Personas help you identify how to find your link prospects and how to start a conversation with them once you do. Read: (@justinrbriggs)
  62. 62. Do Your Research Create mental models of your link prospects by spending 5 minutes to view their Social Media profilesProTip: A lot of people use the same username for many differentsocial networks. Put it in Knowem and find out what they are about.
  63. 63. Use Followerwonk with ScraperFollowerWonk doesn‟t have an export feature so install Scraper for ChromeRead: (@justinrbriggs)
  64. 64. kloutSkoutkloutSkout is tool I made for grabbing the Twitter and Klout data quickly. It will pullup to 100 user’s klout and twitter info. Use with Followerwonk to get a good senseof who your prospects are.Use it: I will tweet the link to this later on today. Follow me @ipullrank.
  65. 65. Link Prospecting by PersonaPersonas help define the type of people to reach out to for link prospecting.
  66. 66. SiteSkout ProTip: Use with Screaming FrogSiteSkout allows you to quickly identify popular content and topics of sites by pulling the socialmetrics of all the URLs on the site and the main idea using natural language processing.Read: it: Note; Requires an API from
  67. 67. Talk to People Like PeopleOutreach Link Building should be fun. If youapproach it with a genuine interest in peopleyou will increase your hit rate and not think of itas such an fruitless task by having actualconversations.
  68. 68. Make Your Message Stand OutUse Short Subjects Converse with ContextUse Natural Subjects Do NOT Just Tweet a Link at a Prospect Do NOT Use “Link Request” Escalate Quickly (“Follow So I can DM”)Send Emails as anActual Person not a Participate in theCompany or Team Subject’s Conversation Include a Natural Salutation Ride a Relevant Hashtag
  69. 69. Offer ValueValue does not mean always mean incentives.Show the person that it interacting with you isvaluable by being entertaining or a resource bysharing other relevant content or information.
  70. 70. Dangle the CarrotIf you have nothing more to offer or can’t spendthe time use incentives. Couple incentives withcampaigns to draw links in a one-to-manyfashion.
  71. 71. Maintain the RapportAfter you close a link continue to engage withyour link prospects over time on Twitter or G+.Add them to private Twitter lists and GooglePlus Circles.
  72. 72. Real Life Examples @ipullran kIf at least 100 people in this room follow me on Twitter right now I will shareexamples of my outreach on my blog ( over the next month.
  74. 74. Measuring PeopleUsing personas allows you step away fromabstracts and identify insights in terms ofpeople and their needs. Almost didn’t look like a watermark, right?
  75. 75. RankingsPush your rankings to your Analytics for viewing in context withpersonas, localization and conversion goalsRead and get the code for this: (@dohertyjf)
  76. 76. Keyword OwnershipOnce a statistically significant dataset is compiled it can bedetermined which demographic and/or persona is more likely toconvert for a given keyword and develop messaging that focuses onthat group to further improve conversion. OWNER Curious George Gamer Film Purist Tech Geek • 18-32 • 18-32 • 22-40 • 22-40 • Male • Male • Male • Male • Loves indie rock • Loves all music • Loves film soundtracks • Loves Techno • Wishes he had a beard • Wishes he could move • Wishes he could live in • Wishes you would stop out his mom‟s the movie Avatar invading his online basement privacy• 5000 Searches Monthly • 600 Searches Monthly • 1000 Searches Monthly • 100 Searches Monthly• Conversion Rate 5% • Conversion Rate 2% • Conversion Rate 0.5% • Conversion Rate 0.2%
  77. 77. Keyword ArbitrageInitial Conversion Persona Keyword Subsequent Conversion KeywordKeyword Rate Revenue Keyword Rate RevenueSneakers 5% Curious George $50 Sneakers 40% $50Sneakers 5% Curious George $50 Windbreakers 60% $100Sneakers 5% Curious George $50 T-Shirts 20% $20Windbreakers 3% Curious George $100 Sneakers 32% $50Windbreakers 3% Curious George $100 Windbreakers 5% $100Windbreakers 3% Curious George $100 T-shirts 80% $20T-shirts 2% Curious George $20 Sneakers 50% $50T-shirts 2% Curious George $20 Windbreakers 40% $100T-shirts 2% Curious George $20 T-shirts 75% $20Tracking keyword demographics also allows the attribution of futurepurchases to the original keyword and will give way to keyword matrices thatwill inform you where to put your money initially to get more future sales.
  78. 78. Subsequent Conversion Prediction Curious George60% of these users thatbuy sneakers from thekeyword “sneakers” comeback and purchasewindbreakers These keyword matrices will allow the prediction of what the persona is likely to buy next so you know which people to aggressively pursue through retargeting and other channels such as email.
  79. 79. Annual Keyword ValueBased on how often an initial keyword leads to future conversions ofsubsequent keywords businesses will be able to measure the annualvalue of a keyword and react accordingly. Keyword Price per Keyword Earnings Ratio Annual Earnings per initial click Annual Earnings Keyword per initial click Earnings Yield Price per Keyword
  80. 80. ?People Tell You What They NeedEveryday. Give It To Them.
  81. 81. ? One More Thing…
  82. 82. The Jig is Up!GoogleBot is Chrome.
  83. 83. Why Does it Matter?You’re not hiding anything with JavaScript.Google can access anything as it is actuallyrendered for an end user.
  84. 84. Proof – Instant PreviewsThere is absolutely no way Google is doing this with a Text-based crawler.
  85. 85. Google Makes POST Requests via Ajax You can‟t do this with a text-based crawler. Read:
  86. 86. Proof of Concept
  87. 87. Read Josh’s Post
  88. 88. Don‟t forget.Search is about people!Go Get „em!
  89. 89. Thank You / Q&AMichael KingSEO Manager @iPullRank