IBTA & Open Fabrics Update from SC13


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In this slidecast, Bill Lee from IBTA and Rupert Dance from the Open Fabrics Alliance provide an update on InfiniBand and RDMA from their joint booth at SC13.

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Watch the video presentation: http://wp.me/p3RLHQ-b2B

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IBTA & Open Fabrics Update from SC13

  1. 1. InfiniBand® Trade Association & OpenFabrics Alliance December 2013
  2. 2. InfiniBand Trade Association (IBTA) Global member organization dedicated to developing, maintaining and furthering the InfiniBand specification  Architecture specification – RDMA (Remote Direct Memory Access) software architecture – InfiniBand, up to 56Gb/s and 168Gb/s per port – RDMA over Converged Ethernet (RoCE)   Responsible for compliance and interoperability testing of commercial products Markets and promotes InfiniBand and RoCE from an industry perspective – Online, marketing and public relations engagements – IBTA-sponsored technical events and resources
  3. 3. OpenFabrics Alliance (OFA)  Home of OpenFabrics Software (OFS) delivering RDMA to performance demanding applications – Delivers support for high performance applications – Support for Linux distributions and Microsoft Windows Server operating systems  Promoting the benefits of RDMA application acceleration to data center, cloud and HPC users – Server and storage connectivity – High performance, low latency, virtualized, highly efficient applications
  4. 4. OFA Promoting Developer and User Participation Developers  Annual developers’ workshop  Birds of a Feather events at International Supercomputing Conference (ISC) and Supercomputing Conference (SC)  Interoperability events at UNH IOL Users  Community-driven events for OFS users – Sharing experience and ideas – Collaborate over common issues and feed requests into the development community  User community communication tools – Email list for distributing comments, questions, and answers – http://lists.openfabrics.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/users
  5. 5. Microsoft and Emulex Join the IBTA  Expanding the Steering Committee leadership – Microsoft announcement during SC13 – Emulex announced September 30 Adding their support to RDMA technologies with a strong enterprise perspective  Practical perspective of deploying RDMA for storage, cloud, and other applications  Steering committee members
  6. 6. The Need for RoCEv2   Extending functionality L3 routing – RoCEv1 delivers RDMA within single Ethernet L2 domain – L3 is pervasive in modern datacenters – Datacenter networks now require RDMA across L3 domains  Further enhancements for scalability L2 L2 L2 L2 Domain L2 Domain L2 Domain
  7. 7. OpenFramework Work Group  Formed to develop, test, and distribute: – Extensible, open source framework that provides access to highperformance fabric interfaces and services – Extensible, open source interfaces aligned with ULP and application needs for high-performance fabric services   Apply application-centric I/O design principles Objectives – Maximize performance for more classes of applications – Maximize the return on investment being made in computer systems by their owners and operators
  8. 8. HPC & Data Centers Demand RDMA Essential for Scientific, Enterprise and Cloud Computing  I/O is central to achieving highest performance  Efficient computing reduces power, cooling and space requirements  OS bypass enables fastest access to remote data  Scalable storage to meet growing demand  Delivers direct access to data over the WAN Benefits of RDMA  Low latency and CPU overhead  High network utilization  Efficient data transfer  Support for message passing, sockets and storage protocols  Supported by all major operating systems
  9. 9. OFS and Ethernet  High performance and scalable RDMA over Ethernet with iWARP and RoCE – iWARP adapters deliver up to 40Gb/s with 1.9µs latency – RoCE adapters deliver up to 40Gb/s with 1.0µs latency  Accelerates applications in an Ethernet infrastructure – Supports Hadoop, Memcached, databases, LLM, virtualization – Storage solutions including OpenStorage, MS SMB3 – Direct connections to long distance WAN and Internet links
  10. 10. OFS and InfiniBand  Highest performance, scalability and efficiency for HPC, enterprise, cloud and Web 2.0 networks – Bandwidth up to 56Gb/s – Latencies less than 1us – Scales to tens of thousands of nodes   Interconnect of choice for world’s fastest supercomputers Enables the highest system efficiencies for TOP500 supercomputer clusters
  11. 11. OFS and InfiniBand in the TOP500    48 percent of the world’s most powerful Petaflop capable systems The highest systems utilization in the TOP500 80% of the acceleratorbased systems *According to November 2013 TOP500 list
  12. 12. InfiniBand Roadmap
  13. 13. Activities at SC13
  14. 14. Thank You