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My Planning Portfolio


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My Account Planning Portfolio from Miami Ad School San Francisco.

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My Planning Portfolio

  1. 1. MIAMI AD SCHOOL - SAN FRANCISCO 2010 Book by Silvia Escrivá Account Planner
  2. 2. I’M SILVIA
  3. 3. About meI’m from Barcelona. I speak 3 languages. I love to travel. I’ve lived in 4 countries. I’m 28 years old. I worked in 2 advertising agencies. I like strategy. I like the beach in summer and skiing in winter. I like having fun with my friends. Talk about advertising. Spend hours in facebook. Dining at a Korean restaurant with my brother. I daydream and I think when I’m sleeping. Bravas potatoes of Barcelona and the Italian pizza of North Beach. To hit the nail in the heat. Share my work. Talk about fashion and read about Social Media. I try to keep up with all the news I can reach and thinking about tomorrow. Also about the past.
  4. 4. Case studies
  5. 5. Assignment: Orbit gum is introducing the new Red Bull flavor. It is a new kind of gum that energizes you as you chew. Five pieces of gum will have the same effect than one can of Red Bull. We had to create a strategic recommendation in product positioning. Challenge: Position the product and break through the clutter of gum communications. Market Analysis: After analyze the market we found that the real competitors of this new product are the energy drinks, energy shots and coffee. These products are consumed the most in the morning. Also, we took a look at the gum market and found that there are two clear categories: fun and health. We wanted to create a new category; the social one where this product is going to live. Product positioning: Orbit Red Bull gum is an energy gum that gives you just the amount of energy that you want when you need it.BRIEF Audience: Millennial (18 to 25 years old). This generation is an influential group and they are experimental and open to try new things. As happened in the past, youths are the catalysts to big changes. Nowadays, young people don’t want to miss out of anything. They are ambitious and social. With new technologies they are able to immortalize every moment of their life and share it with their friends. They are not part of a group; they are part of a lot of groups with different kinds of people. In a typical day a young one wakes up early, goes to school, studies, works part-time, interns volunteers, partakes in clubs, sports and other activities. At night, likes to go out with friends and party if they’re not exhausted from their day. Insight: Work hard + Play hard. Our youth is partying more then ever, they like to push the limits of the night.
  6. 6. Strategy Extend the night.Distribution:We though that a good place to position the launch campaign of this product was“the night”. Competitors and substitutions products are focusing on “the day”. And ifthe launch of the Orbit Red Bull focuses on night consumption, it needs presencein liquor stores, gas stations, convenience stores, places around Universities andColleges, big slice pizza shops and create bar dispensers.Media recommendations:Due to the characteristics of the target we recommend to have presence in Social New LogoMedia, an interactive digital campaign and especial POP displays in stores. In addition,we would also include traditional media such as taxi wraps, bus shelters, metro-bartstations, bus wraps, sidewalks across bars and restroom prints. Finally, we wouldrecommend a PR sampling action featuring bar promo “girls” with the gum.
  7. 7. Assignment: Write the next chapter of “Keep Walking” for the US market by creating an inspiring campaign without leaving the original campaign framework. Problem: Johnnie Walker’ sales are loosing momentum among core American. Objective: Johnnie Walker needs to remind American men that what makes a man is hard work. Johnnie Walker wants to challenge them. He wants to inspire personal progress. Get them to start walking again. Progress: The first thing we did when we received the briefing was understanding the brand and redefine what progress means. We decided to shift the notion of progress from the context of this big grandiose notion of human evolution to every mans individual progress through life in becoming a man.BRIEF Audience: American Men. To know more about the contemporary American men, we talk to them, explored their taste for pop culture and found that Americans idolize the slacker. The charming slacker philosophy of "whats the easy way", the quick and fast way have become normal. But at the same time, these men define progress as taking hard work, finishing what you started, and achieving your goals. Insight: After our research, we found two contradictory insights: - Instant gratification makes men lazy. - All men believe that a man is defined by hard work.
  8. 8. StrategyChallenge men to achieve goals through hard work.
  9. 9. Brand manifesto & Tv ad Art Director: Berta Pascual Copywriter: Andrea Aragon Where do you see yourself later today? Tomorrow, in a year, in ten years? Do you see yourself in others? What do you want to do with the rest of your tomorrows? Everyone has dreams, but do you work to achieve them? Do you wait until it is too late? Do you want someone else to work for you? To cut you a break. Sure, sometimes we get shortcuts. Sometimes we get lucky.Executions But its an upward climb a lot of the time. You really have to work for you want. Life is 95% hard work and 5% luck. And isnt it more fulfilling to have worked for something and see it through than to have not worked at all? Hard work is the path to fulfillment. Its okay if you fall at first. No one is perfect. But if youre willing to get up again, that is what makes the difference. Just keep walking.
  10. 10. Prints/Outdoor Ambient - Restrooms in airports - Copy: Who do you see today, tomorrow and the rest of tomorrows? Keep Walking. Johnnie Walker. - Bar coasters - Copies: Belief in yourself is the ultimate liquid courage. Achieve your goals doesn’t require liquid courage. Life is 95% hard work and 5% luck. Keep Walking. Johnnie Walker.
  11. 11. Assignment: is a new website in the United States that sells premium/trendy babies and kids goods with one particularity: They focus on dads. Our job was to give them a strategic recommendation on brand positioning and creating a campaign that positions the brand and drives traffic to the website (not only digital ideas were required). Challenge: Becoming a landmark where dads like to go to buy for their children but also a place where they ask and share information about their experience and problems. Positioning: After diving in the market we realized that there are two kinds of websites: eCommerce sites, where users can shop and community/Social sites, where users can look for answers, information, share concern. So we decided to create a new place where both ideas could coexist. We want to position as a place for fatherhood.BRIEF Audience: New dads. Contemporary dads are hard working, competitive, rational, busy men. They do a lot of research, like to look for the best, share information and buying online. They don’t have time to go shopping and they prefer to compare products to buy only the best. They don’t mind spending a lot of money if it’s for a good quality. New dads care about themselves: they eat healthy, do sport, follow the fashion trend and use lotions to look better. At the same time, they care about their family and look always for the best. These dads know how to express their feelings and want to take part on raising their children. Insight: Dads are like moms, without the maternal instinct.
  12. 12. provides paternal instinct. Tagline Baby Solutions for dad.
  13. 13. Phase 1: Brand Positioning Art Director: Berta Pascual Copywriter: Alejandro Castro - Prints -Executions
  14. 14. - Banner -Phase 2: Drive traffic - Prints - Copy: Copy: Waaah! Boo woo! Is baby talk for… Is baby talk for… a) I want my bottle. a) Pick me up. b) Change my diaper. b) I’m ready for my nap. Baby is crying until you put the mouse c) Take me out for a stroll. c) I want my mommy. on the banner. Then, the giggle appears Understand what babies want Understand what babies want and the baby stops crying. at at Baby solutions for dad. Baby solutions for dad. Copy: Understand what babies want at Baby solutions for dad.
  15. 15. Assignment: PayPal launched PayPal - Student Account product. Now, teens can fill up the form and parents just have to sign to approve it. Publicis, the advertising agency of PayPal, asked us to create a communication campaign to create awareness. Challenge: Change teenagers’ habits, regarding the way they deal with money. We want them use the new PayPal - Student Account card instead of cash. Positioning: When we receive the briefing from the Publicis agency, the first thing we did was focus in the real benefit of the brand. We realized that PayPal is not just about money is more than that. PayPal - Student Account facilitates transactions between parents and teens. Audience: Teenagers (15-18 years old).BRIEF We wanted to talk to teenagers to connect with them first. Most of them are confident that they would be able to convince their parents. Those teens are native digital, multitasking and Social Media pros but they still teens, just like everybody else has been before. They still having their own world with their own goals, values, ethics and rules where they think their parents have no access. They still have the same conflicts with friends, love, studies and parents. The different now is technology. They are use to live with new tools. They prefer to “text” instead of having a face to face conversation, specially if the conversation is about money. They prefer to avoid discussions about money with their parents. And on their behalf, parents are tired of asking the same questions every time. Insight: Giving money is hard. Asking for it is even harder.
  16. 16. StrategyPayPal - Student Account reduces the amount of times teens ask for money. Tagline
  17. 17. Prints Art Director: Berta Pascual Copywriter: Alejandro CastroExecutions
  18. 18. Outdoor Digital Copy: “Dad, I need money”. Copy: Asking parents for money. Copies: Is usually followed by: Is usually followed by: Spend your lunch money however you a) Again? a) Do you think money want. b) What’s it for? grows in trees? PayPal Student Account. c) Did you clean your room? b) Get a job. Life less complicated. PayPal Student Account. c) Bring back change. Life less complicated. PayPal Student Account. Add to cart doesn’t mean your moms Life less complicated. cart. PayPal Student Account. Life less complicated.
  19. 19. Ambient - Movie theaters - - School cafeterias -Executions Copy: Copy: Copy: Lunch money no one can take from you. Lunch money you only ask for once. No need to ask for cash PayPal Student Account. Life less complicated. PayPal Student Account. Life less complicated. every time you want to snack. PayPal Student Account. Life less complicated.
  20. 20. Guerrilla Put fake money in trees close to High School and throw fake money from the sky. Copies: - Avoid the question: “Do you think money grows on trees?” - Tired of hearing parents say “Money doesn’t fall from the sky”. PayPal Student Account. Life less complicated.
  21. 21. Resumé Experience Account Planner Miami Ad School San Francisco, CA September – December 2010 Account Executive TBWA Barcelona, Spain June 2008 – September 2010 Account Executive DDB Barcelona, Spain June 2007 – June 2008 Education •Miami Ad School, Account Planning Bootcamp 2010 •Universitat Ramon Llull, Bachelor in Advertising and Public Relations 2001-2006 Languages •English (Professional working proficiency) •Spanish (Native or bilingual proficiency) •Catalan (Native or bilingual proficiency) •Portuguese (Elementary proficiency)
  22. 22. Contact Silvia Escrivá Twitter: