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This presentation made to help buyers and sellers, giving them some guide lines

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Meet The Professionals2

  1. 1. Reviewing the housing market 02/25/2009
  2. 2. Tax Low Attractive credit Interest pricing rates
  3. 3. Mortgage rates have fallen  $8,000 tax credit for first time buyers (couple)  More than 4,000,000 house on sale nationwide  Benefits of Home owner ship  Building personal wealth Real sudden increase in buying power  NAR 2008 Survey is out  First time homebuyers are dominating the real estate purchase market! In the South, it's 39% and in the Northeast, a whopping 46%. The national average is 41%.
  4. 4. Define Your Need Get Pre-Approved Start Research Make an offer Negotiate Prepare for Closing Close
  5. 5. Affordablequot; home price followed the guidelines of most  lenders: Total debt-to-income ratio no more than 36 percent. Housing payment-to-income ratio of 28% (conservative estimate) 33 percent (aggressive estimate) Consider your savings needs, including retirement and  college.
  6. 6. Actively shop and negotiate or  passively browse houses If you find the right house at the right price,  buy it  Buy a home that can grow with you if necessary  Put the technology to good use comparative market analyzes  Negotiate effectively  Avoid gimmicks
  7. 7. Why hire a Realtor or real estate agent?  What do you get in return for paying a $10,000+  commission? Assume that a home seller:  1) Knows the value of their home and the comps on the market, 2) Can list their home on the MLS for $400, 3) Can hire a real estate attorney to prepare the necessary paperwork and attend the closing for a flat fee of $500, and 4) Is available to show his/her home with reasonable notice
  8. 8. Knowing the value of your home is only part of the equation, you also need to know where to price it to have it  sell quickly (if that is your intention). The Realtor has access to all the sales, market time and how long they were on the market so we can determine an quot;absorption ratequot;. You are getting a have a full time advertiser  Listing your home on the MLS is only exposing it to other Realtors so you have to agree to pay them a commission to bring you the buyer. You are not getting out of paying a commission if they do bring you the buyer. And then you are dealing with a buyers agent with out the assistance of a selling agent to represent your interest. Real Estate attorney could charge much more than a $500 fee  Time is essence! Being available to show your home with a quot;reasonable noticequot; actually will limit the amount of showings the  buyer has. Most people are in looking in Real time and sometimes are not very considerate with the time line. However  when it is on lock box and can be show with a Realtor any time you will likely have more showings. The more showings.. the more opportunity to sell! The National Association of Realtors has determined that on average homes sold For Sale by Owner sell for less  than those listed with a Realtor (10-15%) -seller does not price their home correctly  -buyers feel that a seller that is avoiding paying Real Estate commission should take the difference off the price. Most people like going through realtors to find houses, so you would have access to a bigger list of potential buyers. They also have an interest to sell your house, and make sure the closing goes smoothly, since they don't get paid unless it does. You also get the experience they have of working in that market. Safety Are you comfortable to meet strangers and show your house? Showing your home is much safer through trained professionals 
  9. 9. Define Name your your needs price Prepare Get the your word home out
  10. 10. Receive Negotiate an offer to sell Prepare Close the to close deal
  11. 11. 1. Best product and best possible price  Successful home sale begins before the house listed on the market  2. Scope out other houses for sale.  3. Make it a turnkey, not a turkey.  Take away all their opportunities (from the buyer) to say no Hire a home inspector –know it and fix it  Give incentives  Paying discount point to lower interest rate Paying closing cost Flexible with moving date  Bonus for buyer ‘s agent Be realistic 