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17 Exotic Animals You Should Consider Buying as a Pet


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Picking a pet for ourselves or our family can prove to be a rather daunting task. Will it be a cat or dog? Maybe a few fish would prove to be a safer bet? Don’t let yourself fall into the rut of picking just an ordinary pet when we live in a world of such amazing diversity.

Your choices for a new potential animal companion are really only limited by your imagination. From amphibians native to the uncharted rainforests to marsupials from the other side of the world, your options are truly limitless.

Read on to see my top exotic animal picks you can bring home today.

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17 Exotic Animals You Should Consider Buying as a Pet

  2. 2. Sugar Glider - good for an active home
  3. 3. Fennec Fox - mix of cat and dog
  4. 4. Serval – Not Your Typical House cat
  5. 5. Bearded Dragon Lizard - likes Shoulder Rides
  6. 6. Pygmy Goats – Not Just a Handbag Accessory
  7. 7. Bengal Cat – Your Own Miniature Leopard
  8. 8. Dwarf Pigs – The Perfect Fit for a Blanket
  9. 9. Turtles – Not Your Pizza Eating Kind
  10. 10. Hyacinth Macaw – Stunning with Energy
  11. 11. Hedgehog – Blue is Not A Color Option
  12. 12. Burmese Python – A Slithering Spectacle
  13. 13. Kinkajou – No Monkeying Around Here
  14. 14. Tarantula – A Hair Raising Good Time
  15. 15. Emperor Scorpions – Shivers of Fright or Delight
  16. 16. Skunk – No French Accent Here
  17. 17. Wallaby – A Trip to The Outback
  18. 18. Squirrel Monkey – Boundless Energy for Days
  19. 19. Your options are only limited by the scope of your imagination and the home environment you can provide. Take the time necessary to do your research and come to an informed decision. TO LEARN MORE VISIT