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Caring for Sugar Gliders: Feeding and Diet


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Caring for Sugar Gliders: Feeding and Diet

  1. 1. Caring for Sugar Gliders: Feeding and Diet Sugar Glider
  2. 2. Caring for Sugar Gliders: Feeding and DietThe sugar glider, a small marsupial that has gained popularity as a pet in recentyears, is named for its attraction to sweet foods. As an omnivore, your pet needsa diet containing roughly 25 percent fruit, along with vegetables, proteins, andother carbohydrates. You can fulfill your pets need for fruit nutritiously andcost effectively by providing apples as a staple fruit. Over time, add smallportions of other fruits and vegetables for variety. Limit the amount of citrusfruits in your pets diet, since too much citrus causes diarrhea in many animals.
  3. 3. Caring for Sugar Gliders: Feeding and DietPlace one-eighth of an apple in the cage overnight, when the sugar glider ismost active, along with other foods. Remove any uneaten portion next morningto ensure that your pet is getting enough protein. The animals require abalanced diet, but since they prefer fruit to other foods, they will neglect otherimportant nutrients if allowed too much fruit. In the wild, sugar gliders ofteneat insects, eggs, and small birds for protein. However, feeding them live oranimal-based protein is not strictly necessary, and it can cause your pet todevelop a musky scent. Other options for incorporating protein into the dietinclude a high-quality pellet food such as Glide-R-Chow(TM). Sugar gliders alsoneed minerals and vitamins, but these are available as a dietary supplementthrough
  4. 4. Caring for Sugar Gliders: Feeding and DietFor carbohydrates, place a quarter slice of unsweetened bread in your pets cageevery three nights with the fruit to help regulate glucose levels. Remove uneatenbread the next morning. For the first six weeks after bringing it home, feed yoursugar glider only a very basic diet. This might include apples, Glide-R-Chow(TM), and a multivitamin supplement before slowly introducing other fruitsand vegetables.