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Author : Scheer MedTop Medical News and ServicesImportance of MRI ScansIt is really important for any person to maintain g...
Amniocentesis – The Baby’s TestNo, the baby’s test does not mean its very easy, rather, it is the baby’s test which isinsi...
With this advanced technology, it has become very much possible to treat the baby offits all disorders before it comes out...
Electrocardiogram – Electrical Heart GraphThe most commonly heard word when talking about heart diseases is the‘electrocar...
called 12-lead because it checks the electrical activity of the heart from 12 differentcontexts. Technology, truly and lit...
6. damage or inflammation of synovium (joint lining)You can do some internet research to know more about this kind of surg...
There are two types pep smear tests - ThinPrep Pap Test and the "glass side". Getyourself checked every year. This should ...
1. Schedule for the mammogram after a week of your monthly period. This is the timewhen the breast tissues are least tende...
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Top medical news and services


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Top medical news and services

  1. 1. Author : Scheer MedTop Medical News and ServicesImportance of MRI ScansIt is really important for any person to maintain good health. This means exercisingcorrectly, eating healthy food and taking enough sleep every night. But at times doing allthese things is really not enough that is why an individual should visit doctor once in ayear at least.A preventative scan like MRI Scan is being used so as to know what the medicalcondition of any person is. MRI stands for magnetic Resonance Imaging which is thebest to see the body for numbers of irregularities with no use of dyes or potentiallyharmful radiation which traditional x rays have.An MRI can make the use of computertechnology and radio waves in order to scanthe body and creates pictures. These picturesare very detailed and help the technician anddoctor to determine if there are anyirregularities exists. In terms of technologyMRI Scan is progressing like anythinghowever it’s important to know that for somekind of people this scan can be really harmful.For instance people with pacemakers mustavoid this type of scan as magnetic fieldwhich scan creates can origin pacemaker tomalfunction. Moreover this scan should alsobe avoided by the people who have differenttypes of implants particularly which containmetal, exactly for the same rationale.Therefore in order to prepare effectively for this process, the patient needs to reach thefacility wearing which is fully metal free. This is also true in case if a person is wearingany accessory having metal in it like hearing aids or may be glasses. These thingsshould be removed before going for the MRI Scan. The interesting part is that no personshould have credit card during the scan procedure as there are chances that magneticfield might corrupt it.The scan takes 15 to 45 minutes to get complete. The design of the scanning machinehave now become more advance so as to eliminate the biggest problem. The thingpatient is normally unaware is that they can have accompany any person for the scan;they can be helpful in case they need any support.Well that person will also go through the same magnetic field process just like the patientso it is very important that person should also avoid anything which is related to metal.They should also not wear anything which can get in contact with magnetic field andharm them in the end.
  2. 2. Amniocentesis – The Baby’s TestNo, the baby’s test does not mean its very easy, rather, it is the baby’s test which isinside the womb of the mother.Amniocentesis test is the prenatal test that can determine the baby’s health from thefluid it floats in, in the womb, in simple laymen terms. This test is better known as an“amnio”.This test is done in the 15th to 20th week of a woman’s pregnancy, usually to check thebaby of certain infections, disorders or genetic problems or chromosomal abnormality.There is always an option between Amnio and other medical service CVS. Theamniocentesis test poses certain threats like increased risk of genetic and chromosomalproblems and miscarriage or leaking of amniotic fluid or vaginal bleeding. Amniocentesis may also be done to diagnose uterine infection, to check on the good health of the baby if there is a complex situation like blood sensitization, such as Rh sensitization, or to assess the maturity of babys lungs when considering an early delivery for medical reasons. The simple process consists of firstly finding the exact location of the baby using an ultrasound, and then the anesthesia is injected. The doctor then inserts a long, thin needle through the abdomen and into the womb (uterus). A small amount of fluid is taken fromthe fluid-filled sac that surrounds the baby.Amniocentesis can detect various Neural tube defects such as spina bifida andanencephaly, which is done by measuring the level of a substance called alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) in the sac fluid of the uterus, nearly all chromosomal disorders,including Down syndrome, trisomy 13, trisomy 18, and sex chromosome abnormalities(such as Turner syndrome and Klinefelter syndrome). Amniocentesis is almost perfect indiagnosing these conditions. Also several hundred genetic disorders may be detected,such as cystic fibrosis, sickle cell disease, and Tay-Sachs disease.However, this test cannot detect other structural birth defects — such as heartmalformations or palate or a cleft lip, but that may be picked up with ultrasound. Not onlyamniocentesis, but DNA test is also available for many of the diseases that may bedetected.
  3. 3. With this advanced technology, it has become very much possible to treat the baby offits all disorders before it comes out into this world. Amniocentesis helps provide ahealthy life to a newborn!Complications in PregnancyAmniocentesis is the word which is alone very daunting for any pregnant lady as the testitself. If multiple marker screening tells that your baby have some risks related to thechromosomal abnormalities then the doctor will give you option of doing amniocentesis.Then you can do things from here?When you will get to know that there are some complications with your pregnancy then itcan be really scary. But abnormal screening only tells that levels of unconjugatedestriol (uE3), Human chrionic Gonadotropin (HCG) and Alphafetoprotein (AFP) inblood are not is what considered to be normal range for such stage in pregnancy. Thereare lots of women who get abnormal results from multiple makers screening and fromamniocentesis, will result in healthy pregnancies.The levels of HCG, uE3 and AFP in your blood through out your pregnancy alsoindicates a increased risk for chromosomal disorder down syndrome as well as Trisomy18 in fact for neural tube defect like spinal bifida. Discuss multiple marker screeningactually results with your gyane and complete make you aware of the disorders that whyyour baby is at a risk. Well genetic counseling is also a valuable resource.If you have enough knowledge about each and every disorder then you can better judgeyour feelings on pregnancy and decide how you need to proceed. In case abnormalresults would actually not be worth risk incurred by invasive test such as amniocentesis.If test results would importantly impact your decision so as to continue with thepregnancy, then test like amniocentesis may ease your mind or give more conclusiveinformation along with which you will have to make the decision.Once you decide for further testing then you need to discuss this thing with your doctorthat which test is going to benefit you. Well amniocentesis is actually the most commonone but few other tests like chorionic villus sampling can also be put in use.Through the process of Amniocentesis a fluid is extracted directly from amniotic sacbetween 15th and 20th pregnancy week. It laos allows lab to the test fetal cells straight forthe chromosomal abnormalities. As the test needle actually punctures amniotic sac,there is risk of miscarriage, amniotic fluid leakage and infection also. However this risk isconsidered minimal.Just like amniocentesis there is chorionic Villus Sampling, however this tests is actuallya perfect sample of placental tissue.
  4. 4. Electrocardiogram – Electrical Heart GraphThe most commonly heard word when talking about heart diseases is the‘electrocardiogram’ and more commonly, it is known as ECG or EKG. The phobia of thislong medical jargon can be prevented by calling it an electrical heart graph. Medically, itis the non-invasive procedure to record the electrical activity of the heart.The term electrocardiogram was coined by Willem Einthoven in 1893 at the DutchMedical Society meeting. In 1924, Einthoven received the Nobel Prize for his lifes workin developing the ECG.The ECG test is test is very common because it helps to screen many cardiacabnormalities and the machines are mostly available in all medical facilities and the testis very simple to perform, inexpensive and risk-free. An EKG is generally performed aspart of routine physical exam, part of a cardiac exercise stress test, or part of theevaluation of symptoms of palpitations, fainting, shortness of breath, dizziness, fainting,or chest pain.The procedure of ECG tracing is that electrodes are attached to arms, legs and chestand they detect the electrical impulses generated by heart and transmit them to the ECGmachine. The ECG machine produces a graph (the ECG tracing) of those cardiacelectrical impulses, which helps to check the abnormalities.All those squiggly lines on the machine or the paper readings are actually the heartbeats which doctors read and find out the abnormalities. The ECG tracing can determinethe heart rhythm, rate, conduction abnormalities if any, whether there has been a priorheart attack or a coronary artery disease or has the heart muscle abnormally thickened.An evolving heart attack can also be predicted. Adverse effects on heart from lungconditions or inflammation of heart or its lining may also be known.But ECG also has certain limitations like it reveals the rate and rhythm of heart onlyduring that given time. The ECG can often be normal or nearly normal in patients withundiagnosed coronary artery disease or other forms of heart disease and many"abnormalities" that appear on the ECG turn out to have no medical significance after athorough evaluation is done.The ECG has evolved over the years with new advancements in technology. Thestandard 12-lead ECG is the one introduced in 1942 and used throughout the world. It is
  5. 5. called 12-lead because it checks the electrical activity of the heart from 12 differentcontexts. Technology, truly and literally, has reached our hearts today!Knee Arthroscopy SurgeryIf you are undergoing knee arthroscopy then it involves use of miniature camera,together with many other surgical instruments in order to see as well as asses kneejoints tissue. Knee arthroscopy is also known as synovectomy, patellardebridement, arthrospic laternal retinacular releases and knee scope.A miniature camera is less than fourth of inch in diameter, when inserted in to incisionwithin the knee. Well it is attached to the monitor and allows the surgeon to see the kneetissue. In most of the cases patient can also choose to observe surgery from themonitor. It’s a simple surgical process needing only regional or local anaesthesia inorder to numb operation site. During the surgery patient remains responsive and lucid.But extensive surgery may require general anaesthesia, making the patient to take sleepwithout any pain.To expand the size of the joint and stop excessive bleeding then saline solution isactually pumped with lot pressure following the camera insertion. Well tourniquet willalso be needed or applied to avoid bleeding.After prying knee to considering thedamage, surgeon will make up nearly fouradditional cuts in order to insert few otherinstruments such as:1. A shaver- which is meant for removing orsmoothening the uneven and damaged softtissues.2. A heat probe: this is used to eradicatethe synovitis from the joints3. A blunt hook: for pulling the cartilage aswell as knee tissue4. A burr: this is used to remove the jaggedor uneven particles of the boneAfter the completion of the Knee Arthroscopy, saline solution is actually drained frompatient’s knee, incisions are stitched closely and dressing or bandage is applied.Maximum number of surgeons documents this process from the pictures shown by thevideo monitor so that the patient can also see the number of steps involved in thissurgery.There are number reasons for this kind of surgery. Arthroscopy is normally undertakenfor knee disorder that includes: 1. Mild form of arthritis 2. removal or repair of the torn meniscus 3. removal of the loose fragments of cartilage or bone floating under the knee joint 4. repairing torn or broken posterior cruciate or anterior cruciate ligament 5. alignment of skewed Patella
  6. 6. 6. damage or inflammation of synovium (joint lining)You can do some internet research to know more about this kind of surgery. You will getall the information related to this surgery on various websites.Pap Smear Test – Cervical Smear TestThe Pap smear test is a crucial way to detect sexually transmitted diseases likegonorrhea, Human papilloma virus, Chlamydi and the cervical cancer that is on anexpansion spree since last few decades. Due to the mounting risk of getting affected byany one of such diseases it is important to get oneself checked annually. It helps indetection of any abnormal cells that may lead to cancer or any other disease. As per TheAmerican College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and the American Cancer Society,the Pap test and especially the cervical smear test are important for women who havereached 21 years of age.The critical reason for cervical cancer is HPV and some of the precise strains. Theintroduction of Pap smear test and its growing popularity in United States has led to thedecline in cervical cancer cases throughout the country. However, this technique is notso popular in other countries which increase the probability of people getting affected bythis disease. The Pap Smear Test or the Cervical Smear Test provides substantialsafety against risky HPV strains. In fact, there are insurance programs coming up thatcover this disease.Due to various social stigmas attached to it, many patients try to ignore this test. Thoughthe mind set of people have changed a lot and there is an increasing awareness aboutthe necessity of this test all over the world, especially United States. The patients canalso go through nervousness during this test, which may affect the test procedure.Therefore, it is important to keep the patients calm. If patient is tensed it can tighten upthe pelvic muscles making test even more complicated. Your doctor may help out of thiscondition if you are afraid of the test. Breathe deeply when you get tensed as it may helpyou come out of this situation.The irregular vaginal bleeding is one of the most common symptoms of cervical cancer.You may have bleeding:- During or after sex- Between periods- Vaginal discharge with an unpleasant smell- At any time if you are post-menopausal- Discomfort or pain during sex itself
  7. 7. There are two types pep smear tests - ThinPrep Pap Test and the "glass side". Getyourself checked every year. This should be noted as the danger of having sexualintercourse. In short, when you are in a sexual relationship get yourself checked.Digital Mammography - Get Yourself Checked For Breast CancerBreast cancer is not something that can be taken or dealt lightly. Women in their 40’s orhigher age have the greater possibility of contracting this disease. Therefore, it isrecommended that women get themselves screened every year or so to check itspossibility. Especially, people who have breast cancer in their family history should neverhesitate to set up an appointment with a mammography viewer.The digital mammography is the latest techniques that are being widely used acrossthe country. Now, one would like to know how digital mammography works. This newtechnology works by taking an x-ray image and saves it electronically through the use ofRIS PACS on a computer. Digital mammography stores images on a simple PACSviewer or PACS web viewer, allows altering of an image and transmission much moreproficiently. One most significant advantage of digital mammography is that it doesntuse nearly as much radiation as traditional film mammography.This type of mammography isbeneficial for not only women above40 but for women of all age groups.Especially, a woman with densebreast tissue can benefit the mostfrom it. The working of digitalmammography is similar to that oftraditional one. Here too thepositioning and compression of thebreast are same in both themethods. It feels fundamentally thesame as getting a traditional filmmammogram.There are two pictures taken of eachbreast in this type of mammographyworkstation. First, the patient is facedtoward the platform and the RIS PACSimage is shot down at the breast. Thesecond image is a side view and then isrepetitive on the other breast. Some of the techniques include magnificationmammography which permits an image to be zoomed in to a definite area of interest andthen transferred to a PACS viewer to be analyzed later on. Most of the doctorsrecommend having self examinations in every few months and a yearly breast examineby a practitioner. Also, one can have a good idea about the process through onlinehealthcare services.There are certain recommendations before scheduling for a mammogram.
  8. 8. 1. Schedule for the mammogram after a week of your monthly period. This is the timewhen the breast tissues are least tender.2. Before going through mammography, women should cut down on their caffeineconsumption and should start having vitamin E for few weeks.3. If you are pregnant or are breastfeeding, inform the mammography workstationtechnician. Implants generate problems on the PACS web viewer by making it morecomplicated to see all the essential breast tissue.