DevCon³: Scala Best Practices

Tomer Gabel
Tomer GabelConsulting Engineer at Substrate Software Services
Scala Best Practices

Tomer Gabel @ DevCon³
    February 2013
• Scala is awesome

• But it’s new

• … and
We’re gonna focus on…   DO’S AND DON’TS
… overuse tuples
DevCon³: Scala Best Practices
… did you know you can do this?
… use null
… use Option!
… overload operators
What the hell does this mean?

 s(7) <*> (s(8) <*> (s(9) ∘ add3))
… abuse implicit parameters
def lookup( id: Int )( implicit jdbcUrl: String )

  • Danger, Will Robinson!

  • Primitives may be reused elsewhere

  • Wrong semantics
… abuse implicit methods, either
implicit def stringToInt( x: String ) =

 Implicit conversion considered harmful
   • Performance
   • Ambiguity
   • Code locality
… over-import
import package1._
import package2._
import package3._

   • Namespace pollution
   • Slow compilation
   • Unintended implicits
… study the collection framework
• It’s a layer cake!

• Always qualify mutability
  – Aim for immutability
  – But have no fear

• Many gems!
… abuse the type system
• Path-dependent types

• Visibility modifiers (e.g. package-

• Case class inheritance
  – Not allowed in 2.10
Our time is
almost up!

Thank you for

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DevCon³: Scala Best Practices

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