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Drdo Organisation Challenges And Goals Achieved .


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Drdo Organisation Challenges And Goals Achieved .

  1. 1. ROLE OF DRDO IN INDIAN ARMED FORCES The Indian armed forces are the finest military forces in the world and counts with large strength of soldier counts on number two in the over all world. They Consist of Army,Air force,Navy and Cost guard. Armed forces works under the MOD ministry of defense and the president of India is the supreme commander of all the forces The Indian Armed forces The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) is a organisation of the India, which account for the development of recent security gadgets for use by the armed forces , Established in New Delhi as the headquarter in India. It was established in 1958 by the combination of the Technical Development Establishment and the Directorate of Technical Development and Production. DRDO has a chain of number of laboratories which are committed in developing defence technologies taking various fields, such as aeronautics, electronic and computer sciences, armaments human resource development, life sciences, missiles,life saving gadgets and instruments combat vehicles production and naval scientific research and development. The organization have more than 5,000 expert scientists and about 25,000 expert technically sound support staff. DRDO has gained many successes since its formation in developing other major systems and demanding technologies such as aircraft ,Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, arms, ordinance systems, EW Systems, tanks and armored vehicles, tracking systems, control and command system and new generation of missile. What Are The Project Developed By DRDO DRDO Is working on vast field of scientific research some them can be briefed as follows:
  2. 2. Aeronautics Engineering ◦ Aerial telemetry accepting system for down spectrum ◦ Falcon ◦ EWSFA ◦ Ground Image Exploitation System ◦ Light Combat Aircraft ◦ Model based Data Fusion ◦ Lakshya ◦ Parachute System for Light Combat Aircraft ◦ Avionics A part from working on these project DRDO also gives its contribution to HAL(Hindustan Aeronautics Limited).The new invention in the area of helicopter development recently developed Dhruv helicopter is the sincere efforts of DRDO in corporation with the HAL. Other fundamental duties of DRDO include assisting Indian Air force for valuable suggestion technical problem associated with of aircraft. UAV are called as Unmanned aerial vehicles:- These are the pilot less small aircraft which are operated by ground staff helps identify infiltration in high security-risk zone were it is difficult for the soldier to insight these risk were terrestrials situation are worse or widen forest area. DRDO has developed two UAV ◦ Nishant ◦ Lakshya DRDO has been putting sincere efforts for developing high profile security weapons and equipment. DRDO has given contribution to Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd and the Indian Air force with the manufacturing of spares and assemblies for several aircraft in India. DRDO laboratories have working closely in regulation with scholastic institutes,DRDO works closely coordinated with ISRO and CSIR help
  3. 3. with in various technologies. Ordinance factory board work with the association of DRDO for production various items These have led to high quality control for some items and time limits in consuming modification. DRDO is responsible for manufacturing and testing of weapons in coordination with the ordnance board Recent technologies Include:-Chemical Kit for Detection of - Explosives Is the most recent invention of DRDO Which is a low cost compact explosive detection kit for detection from the traces of explosives this kit is basically a reaction test which gives colored reaction test based on the explosive type used in a minutes it most successful invention as it helps police personals to detect type of explosive in fraction of minutes. We at the a web portal which gives the latest news and all security risk measures in the South Asia. Our Web portal gives very descriptive information on issues related to security,terrorism and defense strategy of various countries. For more information you can log on our website: