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Polymeric Insulators Can Withstand High Voltage


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Various new techniques has been introduced to estimates the high voltage functionality conditions. Read More :

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Polymeric Insulators Can Withstand High Voltage

  1. 1. Yamuna Cable Accessories (P) Limited Polymeric Insulators Manufacturer India Polymer insulators were developed in the year around 1950 to take the place conventional ceramic insulators. They are available up to 1960s result of of initial design faults . These insulators are generally made up of of fiberglass assisted polymer rods and a polymer construction . The advancement in insulators technology provide production cost and other benefits are weight reduction. Developed in Western countries , the first polymer insulators manufactured flash over problem’s related to tracking and general line drop due to defect that advanced in the polymers that were used earlier. The high voltage insulators drop down in some days due to cracking or shedding of the polymer housing called as chalking Most of the problem are caused due to the occurring of the electrical discharges. Generally a insulator is made up of the fiber glass polymer rod situated in silicon polymers which referred as the shed. Components are made of metal for grounding and fitting accessories, insulator which made up of the ceramic can be used for the long time with out having any trouble. housing cracking,bonding cracking and hardware separation whenever these faults occurs are recovered their functionality a protective coating is applied and occasional washing of these component.
  2. 2. Polymeric Insulators 11-400 kV Features •Silicon rubber sheds provide perfect hydrophobic performance and excellent resistance to aging, tracking and erosion •Stable behavior at extreme weather conditions •Light weight •Long time surface hydrophobic •Most Suitable for polluted environment, atmospheres with high salt content etc. •Resistance to deterioration and virtually unbreakable •exceptional anti racking functionality • Exceptional High automated strength •Easier installation •Provide Resistance to Seismic Shock Contact Us for polymeric insulators manufacturing & supplying Yamuna Cable Accessories (P) Limited 3/101 Kaushalaya Park, Hauz Khas, New Delhi-110016 Tel. :(91) 11 - 43577777 Fax (91) 11 - 43577778 E-mail Website: