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Shaklee In-Home Parties!


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Help educate your friends and family about living healthier, longer, and more rewarding lives with Shaklee!

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Shaklee In-Home Parties!

  1. 1. The Shaklee Difference Healthy Potter Always Safe: Associates  Over 80,000 annual quality control tests are performed.  Guaranteed potency-third party verification In-Home Parties of all botanical ingredients used in products  Guaranteed purity-350 contaminant tests conducted on EACH new botanical ingredient  Shaklee products are 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Always Works:  $250 million invested in testing, research and development  90+ published clinical studies  60 Shaklee scientists “Your future life will be  55 patents and patents pending exactly what you decide to make it.”  50th Anniversary Landmark Study showed that Shaklee long term supplements users -Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee have markedly better health than those who took only a multivitamin or no supplement at all! Sharing Shaklee is Easy, Always Green: Fun, and Rewarding! Hosting an In-Home Party  No artificial flavors, sweeteners, dyes or is a great excuse to get trans fats are ever used in the products yourself and a group of  No chlorine bleach is used friends or family together to discuss what are really  Never tested on animals Healthy Potter Associates important topics - health Erik Homstead and Alyssa Lazerow and wellness. “We provide a healthier life 9 Cherry St. for everyone and a better Warwick, NY 10990 life for anyone.” Phone: 802-922-4352 (802)-922-4352 E-mail: Website: www.healthypotter.myshaklee.,com Healthy Potter Associates is on Facebook! Check us out!
  2. 2. Healthy Home Hosting an In-Home Topics to Choose  Are you living in a toxic home? Do you know Hosting an In-Home is easy to do. Simply for Your what’s in your water? Get the real dirt on clean with Shaklee’s Get Clean products. schedule a date, time, and location with us. Give us a list of names and contact informa- In-Home Party: Believe it or not, Shaklee’s Get Clean prod- tion of those you want to invite. We can ucts have been featured on Oprah, and are send out the invitations for you. Remember, now being used in the White House and the the more the merrier! Vice President’s House! The most important reason to host an In-  Raising Healthy  Shaklee Opportunity Home is the knowledge that you are helping your friends, family, neighbors, etc. learn Kids Ever think about starting your own business? how they can live healthier, longer, and more Do you or people you know need a plan B? Our children are the most rewarding lives! Shaklee has an incredible compensation plan precious gifts in the world. for sharing the Shaklee healthy lifestyle Discuss simple steps to provide them If you are interested in building a Shaklee with others. with healthier living from the inside out. business, you can earn a bonus on any sales at the in-home you are hosting. You must be Shaklee has launched a new program which  Cinch Inch Loss Plan allows people to earn up to $100k within 15 sponsored as a Gold Ambassador to earn all POTENTIAL bonuses, but there is no re- Keep the muscle you have. Burn fat you don’t months of starting their Shaklee Business! quirement to be sponsored at this level need. Lose inches you don’t want. Discuss Our goal is to help 30 people (or more) prior to the in-home. If you would like more Shaklee’s clinically tested inch loss program. reach this 15 month achievement. How often information on Gold Ambassador or other does an opportunity come along that rewards  Vivix you for helping your friends and family live ways to join Shaklee, please let us know. healthier? How would you like to feel 25 years Don’t Delay — Schedule Your In-Home To- YOUNGER and live 25 years LONGER! Dis- day! At a Shaklee Opportunity In-Home, we dis- cuss Shaklee’s revolutionary breakthrough cuss Shaklee’s background, vision for the in cellular anti-aging. future, and the Shaklee Difference (see  Rx for a Healthier Life back of this handout). We also discuss the components of Shaklee’s compensation plan, This is the complete package. This encom- and other incentives such as an all -expense passes anti-aging, weight loss, immunity, and paid cruise to the Western Caribbean! everyday vitamin needs. Discuss what it takes to have a healthier life.  Skin Care The key to healthy-looking, radiant skin is nutrients. Learn about Shaklee’s Enfuselle skin care line as well as their Minerelles line of make-up products. Shaklee’s Get Clean Products on Oprah!