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August Shaklee Newsletter

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Whats New Volume28 Issue8

  1. 1. Volume 28 NURTURING HEALTH AND NATURE THROUGH SHAKLEE Issue 8 The Father of All Foods • Intestinal ulcers • Gastritis • Liver disorders • Hemorrhoids For nearly 1,500 years, cultures all cholesterol from being absorbed by the over the world have been using alfalfa as a • Bleeding gums body through food. herbal remedy for many illnesses. The • Asthma herb is believed to have originated from Cancer: the Middle East where the Arabs referred • Eczema Alfalfa can serve an important role in to it as “the father of all foods” as they • Constipation counteracting the negative effects of knew it was useful in a variety of forms. chemotherapy used to treat cancers. The Physicians in early Chinese cultures used • Body and breath odor body’s first lines of defense against young alfalfa leaves in the treatment of • Infections infection are white blood cells, such as digestive and kidney disorders. It was also granulocytes, leukocytes, and T cells. believed to be useful in arthritis patients. • Burns During the chemotherapy treatment Although the herb originated in the Middle • Athletes foot process, white blood cell count can be East, it appeared in the thirteen colonies in lowered, thus putting the body at risk for • Cancer 1736 and was used by the English and neutropenia—a condition caused by a Americans to treat upset stomach. • Urinary tract problems reduced white blood cell count that makes Generally consumed in sprout, tea, or the body more susceptible to infection, • Bowel problems supplement form, alfalfa is rich in protein, disease, and death. Studies have shown calcium, minerals, and vitamins A, B, C, Alfalfa can help with… alfalfa to increase white blood cell count D, E and K, it can be helpful in aiding in by as much as 60%. various illnesses and ailments including: Atherosclerosis: Various scientific studies have shown Diabetes: • Anemia that alfalfa leaf extracts can help to lower Some diabetics do not respond well • Diabetes cholesterol levels as well as shrink athero- to insulin, making their sclerotic plaque. Immune system cells • Indigestion and bladder known as macrophages can lodge them- condition difficult to manage and control. disorders selves in the arterial lining and accumulate Studies have shown cholesterol. Alfalfa helps to regulate the • Menopause immune system cells, making them less that those with diabetes who • Poor lactation likely to get “lodged” in the arterial do not lining. Alfalfa also helps prevent • High blood pressure respond to continued on page 2
  2. 2. Iron Plus continued from page 2 while enzymes aid in food absorption. insulin, see an improvement in their condition when taking alfalfa in conjunc- Shaklee’s Alfalfa Complex C Complex tion with manganese. Shaklee’s Alfalfa Complex Endometriosis: is a Shaklee Iron is one of the most abundant Many doctors treat endometriosis Signature minerals on earth, and it is essential for (growth of endometrial cells outside of Formula normal human physiological functions. It the uterus), by prescribing birth control originally is part of many different proteins and pills. However, naturopaths have found developed enzymes that are necessary to maintain that herbs containing phytoestrogens by Dr. proper health. Iron is involved in the (naturally occurring plant hormones Shaklee. transportation of oxygen throughout the related to estrogen, but less potent) can Shaklee uses body, and aids in cell growth. Over 200 help to block the body’s estrogen only the billion red blood cells are produced by receptor sites, thus reducing the effects of finest alfalfa your body every day. Every second, nearly the woman’s own hormones. grown in 2.5 million new red blood cells are California to released into the blood stream. Menopause-related symptoms ensure safety Iron is a structural component of Women who consume legumes with and potency; hemoglobin, an essential protein that mild estrogenic activity (such as black the formula carries vital oxygen from lungs to tissues beans, mung beans and soy beans) are does not in the body. Nearly two-thirds of the less likely to have hot flashes and other contain any body’s iron is found in hemoglobin. menopausal symptoms. Phytoestrogens fungicides, Without the benefits of iron, the body included in alfalfa (another plant with bacteriocides, could not function properly. Poor health mild estrogenic activity) are also known synthetic hormones, growth regulators, and an impaired immune system could to help reduce the risk of estrogen-linked or chemicals that may be present in lead to serious illness. cancers such as breast cancer by prevent- non-organic alfalfa. The formula contains The World Health Organiza- ing tumors of the breast tissue. a wide range of nutrients, including tion believes that a deficiency calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium, as of iron is the number one Nosebleeds well as chlorophyll, bioflavonoids, trace nutritional disorder in the People with reoccurring nosebleeds minerals, and vitamins. world. WHO estimates that may have a vitamin k deficiency. Alfalfa contains just enough vitamin K to help Alfalfa Complex #20153 nearly 80% of the world’s the blood clot normally without interfer- population suffers from ing with normal circulation. some type of iron deficiency. Of those Osteoporosis 80%, 30% are Alfalfa is rich in many estimated to have vitamins, including vitamin K iron deficiency (also plentiful in leafy green anemia, an vegetables such as kale and advanced stage of spinach). Vitamin K can help iron depletion. prevent bone loss caused by Low dietary iron estrogen deficiency. As intake, vitamin K interacts with inadequate vitamin D (also found in absorption of iron, alfalfa) it helps increase the and excessive formation of new bone. In blood loss can all addition, alfalfa is a good lead to iron deficiency anemia. At greatest source of calcium. One risk for this disorder are women of child- serving of alfalfa supplements bearing age, pregnant women, pre-term or can include 330mg. of low birth weight infants, older infants and calcium—as much as a glass toddlers, and teenage girls. of milk! Signs of Iron Deficiency: • Feeling tired and weak Ulcers • Decreased work and school Bioflavonoids found in performance alfalfa build capillary strength • Slow cognitive and social and reduce inflammation of development during childhood the stomach lining. Vitamin A • Difficulty maintaining body found in alfalfa also helps to temperature maintain stomach health, continued on page 4
  3. 3. cocoa—the main ingredient in dark chocolate. Cocoa has two times the Shaklee’s FlavoMax™ microbe and insect attacks, while at the number of anti-oxidant qualities as red Many people struggle to meet the same time providing the aesthetically wine, and three times the amount of daily recommended value of five to nine pleasing vibrant colors of many fruits and anti-oxidant qualities of green tea. servings of fruits and vegetables per day. flowers. Flavonoids biologically trigger the A study lead by Dr. Mary Engler, However, without these vital amounts of production of enzymes that fight disease PhD, RN and a team of medical experts fruits and veggies, the body does not and have been found to reduce the risk of at the University of California, San receive the necessary phytonutrients certain cancers, heart disease, and Francisco, divided 21 healthy adults into provided by these essential foods that help age-related degenerative diseases. Some two separate groups. One group received fight free radicals. research indicates that flavonoids can assist a Dove dark chocolate bar every day for Shaklee’s FlavoMax™ provides over in the prevention of tooth decay and reduce two weeks. The other group also 300mg of flavonoids—a 280mg increase certain illnesses, such as the flu. received chocolate bars; however, this from the average daily intake of 20mg. Different forms of flavonoids exist, group’s chocolate had the flavonoids The high-powered anti-oxidant supple- each with its own characteristics and removed. After the two weeks, the first ment guarantees the delivery of six key health-benefitting qualities: group performed better in tests to see classes of flavonoids: proanthocyanidins, how well their blood vessels dilated Quercetin anthocyanidins, flavan-3-ols, flavones, and relaxed. This is an This flavonoid flavonols, and flavanones. To ensure indicator of healthy (more specifically, potency, Shaklee uses standardized blood vessel flavonol) is the most extracts of each of the six classes of function. Blood active of the flavonoids. flavonoids. tests indicated that Many medicinal plants, such as FlavoMax: aloe, owe their high those who had • Delivers powerful free-radical activity levels to the rich eaten the fighters to the blood and blood-rich quercetin content. The flavonoid rich tissues, such as the liver and intestines compound is also known chocolate bars had high • Provides protection against cellular for its anti-inflammatory levels of epicatechin running through damage and promotes overall cell qualities because of the direct inhibition of their arteries. health the inflammation process. This occurs In a news release, Engler • Supports cardiovascular and because quercetin inhibits the production commented: "This is the longest clinical circulatory health and release of histamine and other allergic trial to date to show improvement in • Promotes overall wellness and inflammatory mediators. Quercetin is blood vessel function from consuming • Formulated with standardized also known for its potent anti-oxidant and flavonoid-rich dark chocolate daily over extracts that are nature-based vitamin C sparing activity. Many studies an extended period of time. It is • Provides flavonoids often found in have led researchers to believe that the likely that the plant parts not typically consumed: compound also contains anti-cancer elevated blood seeds, peels, flowers, and bark. properties. levels of epicat- FlavoMax #20654 Quercetin is commonly found in echin triggered supplements containing Hawthorne, an the release of What are Flavonoids? herbal supplement used for its healing active Flavonoids are compounds found in effects on acute symptoms of heart failure. substances that fruits, vegetables, and other plants with The medicinal qualities of quercetin have ... increase many beneficial been demonstrated in one study where blood flow in biochemical and people who ate Quercetin-rich foods at least the artery. anti-oxidizing four times per week were 51% less likely to Better blood effects. These have lung cancer than those who ate none. flow is good beneficial for your elements Epicatechin heart." help to protect Another member of the flavonoid continued on family is epicatechin, a compound known to page 4 plants against improve blood flow, thus providing positive
  4. 4. continued from page 2 Other Functions of Iron continued from page 3 • decreased immune function, which • Helps convert beta carotene in foods to increases susceptibility to infection vitamin A Oligomeric proanthocyanidins • glossitis (an inflamed tongue) • Helps synthesize collagen Although this flavonoid has a daunting Although an abundant supply of iron • Takes part in antibody production name, it provides many benefits. It has been is available in iron-rich foods, the body • Aids in dispersion of blood lipids found to demonstrate a vast variety of has a difficult time absorbing it. Only • Aids in detoxification of drugs in the liver pharmacological activities, including about one-tenth of the iron in an average increasing intracellular vitamin C levels, American diet is absorbed by the body. decreasing capillary permeability and Therefore, our bodies require more iron Shaklee’s Iron Plus C fragility, and inhibiting the destruction of than our diet provides. Only about 40% of Complex collagen. Collagen is the most abundant the iron in animal tissue is available in a • One tablet contains protein in the body and is a coveted form your body can absorb. The remaining 100% of the daily recom- compound in those seeking supple, iron in animal tissue and the iron in dairy mended value of iron and youthful skin. products and non-animal sources (like vitamin C Natural Sources of Flavonoids vegetables and whole grains) are difficult • Contains vitamin C for • All varieties of citrus fruits for the body to metabolize. A diet that optimal iron absorption • Blueberries includes whole grains, coffee and tea can • Vegetarian formula • Cranberries decrease the chances for iron absorption. Iron Plus C Complex • Blackberries Phytates found in grains and tannins found #20491 • Red beans in coffee and tea are inhibitors because • Red and yellow vegetables they can join with other elements to form • Nuts compounds that are difficult for your body • Ginkgo biloba to absorb. • Onions One way to help with iron absorption • Parsley is by getting a full daily value of vitamin C • Legumes along with a full daily value of iron. The • Tea (white and green) vitamin C helps the body absorb iron, • Red wine especially “nonheme” forms of iron. This, • Seabuckthorn however, is only effective when vitamin C • Dark chocolate (coca content 70% or and iron are taken simultaneously. By greater) combining readily bioavailable ferrous forms of iron with vitamin C, Shaklee’s Iron Plus C Complex is a perfect way to ensure that your body is absorbing as much iron as possible, while providing your daily value of vitamin C at the same time! What’s New! produced by What’s New. Newsletters may be ordered by calling toll free: (866) 987-0638 Fax: (707) 987-0638 Email: donna@whatsnewnewsletter.com or from the FRONTRUNNERS. (800) 237-5199 Email: info@thefrontrunners.com www.TheFrontrunners.com Electronic versions may be ordered at: http://www.WhatsNewNewsletter.com Note: This is not official company literature. It is from publicly available sources and is intended for your personal information. • MAX-health with FlavoMax! • Iron Plus C Complex • The Father of all Foods: Alfalfa IN THIS ISSUE: RETURN SERVICE REQUESTED