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July Shaklee Newsletter

  1. 1. R Volume 28 NURTURING HEALTH AND NATURE THROUGH SHAKLEE Issue 7 for a Healthier Life Shaklee’s “Power-Combo” of products combats aging in a variety of ways While you may try your hardest to fight One polyphenol in particular, resveratrol, these sometimes inevitable side effects of has been mentioned in over 2,000 aging with healthy diets and active life research studies, many of which were styles, it may not be enough because our conducted by Harvard University, the bodies are designed to slowly break down National Institute of Aging, the National over time. Cancer Institute, and the National Years of research combined with Institute of Environmental and Health Did you hundreds of clinical studies have contrib- Services. know that aging begins as soon as the body reaches it’s maximum uted to Shaklee’s “power- combo” prescription for a A 30-day growth period at about age 18? Regardless healthier lifestyle™: supply of Be of your age, the aging process affects all Vivix –Shaklee’s revolu- Shaklee’s of us in one way or another. What you do Healthy tionary cellular anti-aging Vivix for your body now will make a big tonic; Vitalizer—including contains difference in the future—whether you’re 80 nutrients for optimum the 19 or 90! It’s never too late or too early to health, vitality, and amount start thinking about your future! wellness; NutriFeron- of Although aging can come with many to supercharge the resvera- wonderful gifts, unfortunately these immune system; trol generous gifts also come with some and Cinch Inch equivalent unpleasant misfortunes—bodies Loss System to to 3,000 worn and burn fat while gaining glasses of weakened muscle. wine—that’s over time that 100 glasses a become day! Com- more bined with susceptible this potent to disease form of and illness; resveratrol, minds that the unique are slower polyphenol and more blend has been shown to be ten times more powerful in Vivix slowing the As the world’s aging forgetful; and best anti-aging process waistlines that gradually supplement, Vivix contains a unique than resveratrol alone. increase while muscle mass polyphenol blend which has been shown in Vivix is the most complex product decreases and metabolism slows. lab studies to fight cellular aging. continued on page 2
  2. 2. continued from page 1 • Patented delivery system Cinch is powered by a special ever developed by the Shaklee science Anti-Aging Nutrients ingredient, Leucine, which team. Because of its exclusive formulas • Protect DNA and support helps to preserve muscle while and processes, Shaklee has multiple healthy aging losing fat. By preserving muscle patents pending, assuring you that each • Powerful carotenoids and mass, metabolism levels do not bottle of Shaklee Vivix is unique and flavonoids including lutein and decrease, thus increasing your more effective than any other anti-aging lycopene body’s natural weight loss formula on the market today. Vitalizer #20246 Vitalizer + Iron process. #20247 Vitalizer Gold #20248 The plan also includes Vivix Cellular Anti-Aging Tonic #21000 proprietary formulas to help NutriFeron control hunger, boost energy, Daily activities and stress can place and keep you feeling satisfied rather than Vitalizer a great deal of responsibility on the famished! You also get personalized menus body’s immune system. Pathogens, free to help you meet your body’s needs and Vitalizer, which comes in three radicals, and airborne pollutants can maintain your personal preferences. The different formulas, is supercharged with enter our bodies uninvited, causing Cinch Inch Loss Plan helps you lose 80 nutrients that provide the best damage and making us sick. Although weight and inches while breaking the diet spectrum of vitamins, minerals, the body’s immune cycle. antioxidants, anti-aging, phyto- system works very hard nutrients, omega-3 fatty acids, at warding off these Cinch Products: and probiotics, all of which unwelcome guests, Shake Mix: Comes in 5 deli- support optimum health and sometimes extra help is cious flavors--rich chocolate, vitality! needed. NutriFeron vanilla, café latte, strawberry Vitalizer Contains 80 increases levels of and vanilla whey blend. Bio-Optimized Nutrients! interferon (a natural Meal-in-a-Bar: Great alternative Most Powerful Antioxi- protein that is produced to a shake. by the cells of the dant Spectrum immune system) in the 3-in-1 Boost: Provides essential • Helps protect cells, tissues, and body, thus strengthen- vitamins while boosting metabo- organs against aging ing the body’s ability to lism and retaining energy. • Superior protection against free fight off illnesses. Snack Bar: Low calorie, high radical damage NutriFeron works energy! • Full-spectrum vitamin E from at the cellular level in Energy Tea Mix: Keep energy all 8 natural forms two ways: rapidly levels up all day with a natural • 26 antioxidants working together to augment your body’s antioxi- activating your immune boost. system defenses and at the same time dant network Cinch Start Kit mobilizing the system’s “search-and- 7 Omega-3s to Help Reduce the Risk destroy” teams. Preliminary lab studies of Heart Disease have suggested that NutriFeron boosts • Also promotes brain and joint health the immune system in as little as three • High-potency EPA and DHA days of continuous use. • Ultrapure pharmaceutical grade NutriFeron is the only substance avail- Every Vitamin + Minerals Your Body able in the United States which naturally Needs increases the body’s interferon. The • High potency for supercharged vitality formula is a Shaklee exclusive and is not • Bio-optimized nutrients for maximum available in any stores or from other absorption health supplement companies. The potent • All 8 highly potent B vitamins includ- but safe formula has undergone stringent ing biotin testing for safety, purity, potency, and performance. Guaranteed Superactive Probiotics to NutriFeron® #20960 improve digestive health • Supports healthy digestion and immunity Cinch Inch Loss • Extensively studied Plan active cultures The Shaklee Cinch Inch Loss Plan is different from other weight loss plans. While most other plans help you lose weight from both fat and muscle,
  3. 3. Vivix & Resveratrol found in some types. In addition, excessive Shaklee What is wine consumption can lead to weight gain scientists and Resveratrol? and alcohol addiction. Resveratrol also scientists from the Resveratrol evaporates from the wine bottle about 24 University of Georgia, research began hours after popping the cork. developed an exclusive when scientists One might think that resveratrol can be extraction process which recognized an consumed by eating grapes, since wines are allowed for maximum bi- interesting a product of grapes. That is not effective, ological activity. This re- phenomenon in however. Although the substance is found in sulted in an extract of the super grape the French the skins of both red and white grapes, it which is high in ellagic acid—a phytonu- culture. Despite becomes ten times stronger in red wine trient not found in ordinary grapes. This lifelong diets of because of the stress placed upon the fruit phytonutrient is responsible for many high-fat cheeses, during the manufacturing process. unique anti-aging actions by supplying pastries, and Widespread popularity of resveratrol potent polyphenols that affect cellular wines, the French led to over 2,000 articles on the longevity. were living life-extending benefits of the substance. The combination of these important longer than Shaklee’s team of scientists used these discoveries allowed Shaklee scientists to people in other publications to fuel an effort to create a achieve a breakthrough in the fight cultures. It was product that would harness the power of against cellular aging by capturing the discovered that resveratrol, a polyphenol resveratrol and other powerful polyphenols. power of the super grape and combining found in red wines from cooler climates This natural, pure substance would provide it with ultra pure resveratrol to create its such as France, had the ability to activate users with the same life-extending benefits revolutionary anti-aging tonic, Vivix. an ancient survival reflex that mimics the that scientists have known to exist for effects of a nearly 80 years. low-calorie diet. How Vivix Works Chronological aging is inevitable; Scientists Creating Vivix we are a year older each year. Biological suggested that The process began aging is different. This aging process resveratrol may with finding a pure and begins as soon as we stop growing in our have the ability to natural form of resveratrol. late teens. Cell reproduction begins to extend the life span Most sources of resveratrol slow and becomes less efficient, which of humans by up to on the market are not pure starts the aging process. Once thought to 30%. A pioneer in and often contain be inevitable, like chronological aging, resveratrol research, unwanted compounds that recent studies have Dr. Leonard can cause tolerance shown that this Guarente of MIT, problems. Shaklee process can be stated that “Even acquired a novel, natural slowed by someone who source of resveratrol that is increasing started at age 50 to take the new the purest form available. chemical could The resveratrol content of continued expect to gain an the pure extract is no less on page 4 extra 10 years of than 98%. life.” Shaklee also discov- With this discovery, red wines ered a super grape known as Vitis became increasingly popular as people rotundifolia—the only grape were advised to drink a glass of red wine a in nature with an extra day for optimal health. However, consum- chromosome. Scientists ing resveratrol from red wines isn’t the believe that this super grape best way to obtain the substance. The greatly enhances polyphenol concentration of resveratrol is different in profile. After identifying the most different wines, and resveratrol is not even potent varieties of the super grape,
  4. 4. continued from page 3 cells. Thus begins the first mechanism of How Vivix Combats Cellular the efficacy of cell repair and replication. aging. Aging The Cellular Process The second mechanism of cellular The key ingredients in Vivix impact all four Our bodies are made up of millions of aging comes from genetic regulators mechanisms of cellular aging: cells. These cells instruct the body on how that contribute to age-related cellular The polyphenols contained in Vivix are to carry out virtually every miraculous deterioration. As the body ages, fewer cells shown to… function it performs. As we age, cells die are being repaired while more cells are 1. Effectively protect and repair cellular and become damaged, thus increasing dying. DNA. susceptibility to illness and disease. The The third mechanism of cellular aging 2. Positively impact genetic regulators. process of cellular aging is comprised of is a decline in cellular energy production. 3. Promote mitochondrial biogenesis, which four mechanisms which lead to aging, Over time, free radicals released by the helps to increase power and energy produc- disease, and eventually death. mitochondria in the cells deteriorate the tion within cells. New mitochondria gener- At the center of each cell is the mitochondria itself, which in turn reduces ated from resveratrol are more efficient and nucleus. The nucleus houses the DNA of efficiency and releases even more free don’t produce the high number of free each cell, which carries important genetic radicals. This snowball effect is thought to radicals in aging cells, thus reversing the information and defines the function of the be one of the major causes of cellular damaging snowball effect. cell. When all processes are working aging. 4. Reduce the formation of AGE proteins. perfectly, the DNA is well protected and The fourth and Vivix’s polyphenols are ten times more can be copied exactly when the cell final mechanism of powerful than divides—an essential function of cells. cellular aging resveratrol However, cells endure daily “attacks” occurs with the alone in from the environment and unhealthy accumulation of slowing lifestyles, which can AGE (Advanced AGE damage or alter DNA Glycation forma- structures. Endproducts) tion. When the DNA is proteins. These under attack, the proteins are a Vivix “database” included in byproduct of cell Cellular the DNA is damaged, function, and Anti-Aging and the function and accumulate in a Tonic longevity of the cell manner similar to #21000 is compromised. Left that of plaque unrepaired, these build-up in the damaged cells arteries. As AGE continue to replicate, proteins accrue, cell creating millions of integrity and longev- copies of damaged ity are compromised. What’s New! produced by What’s New. Newsletters may be ordered by calling toll free: (866) 987-0638 Fax: (707) 987-0638 Email: donna@whatsnewnewsletter.com or from the FRONTRUNNERS. (800) 237-5199 Email: info@thefrontrunners.com www.TheFrontrunners.com Electronic versions may be ordered at: http://www.WhatsNewNewsletter.com Note: This is not official company literature. It is from publicly available sources and is intended for your personal information. • Vivix & Resveratrol Combo” of products combats aging in a variety of ways • Rx for a Healthier Life: Shaklee’s “Power- IN THIS ISSUE: RETURN SERVICE REQUESTED