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Gecko Health & Boston Childrens hospital ONC Pres


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Gecko Health & Boston Children's Hospital Winner Presenation

Published in: Healthcare
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Gecko Health & Boston Childrens hospital ONC Pres

  1. 1. mHealth Tools to Improve Asthma Self-Management among Urban School Children A partnership between Boston Children’s Hospital & Gecko Health Innovations
  2. 2. CareTRx mHealth Technology: Simple Management App for Asthma The CareTRx Asthma & COPD Journal app is a simple tool to help kids and parents track medication use, symptoms, triggers, and peak flow while getting friendly feedback about best management behaviors. Notification & Feedback Right info at the right time for the right patients, based on clinical guidelines Medication Reminders Reminders for every scheduled dose allows users to quickly track medication use Asthma Journal Track symptoms, triggers, peak flow, control, and other health related data Fun & Engaging Earn badges for good self-management behaviors 5/4/2015 2
  3. 3. Host Site: Boston Children’s Hospital The pilot is led by Dr. Wanda Phipatanakul, an allergist at Boston Children’s Hospital Asthma Clinic and Investigator for Urban Pediatric Asthma populations research consortium High Urban Asthma Prevalence among Kids Higher than average asthma prevalence and requires simple and cost-effective interventions for kids and families. Partnership with Schools Boston Children’s help monitor asthma surveillance and provide educational resources to kids and nursing staff. Access to the Asthma Clinic Boston Children’s asthma clinic and community health worker program to provide treatment, home assessments, and education and support services. 5/4/2015 3
  4. 4. Participants Pediatric participants between the ages of 4-17 years with poorly controlled asthma will be enrolled from inner-city schools/community/clinics in the Boston-Cambridge area. Study Design A pre-post design will be used to assess changes in self- management behaviors and asthma control. Participants will use the CareTRx for Health Programs app and be followed for 6 months. Outcome Metrics Outcomes metrics included asthma control score, medication use, and satisfaction with self-management tools will be assessed at baseline and post intervention. Future Directions Secondary assessment on asthma exposures will be conducted in correlation with medication use to provide insight into environment risk factors and potential trigger ‘hot-spots’. Pilot: mHealth Tools to Improve Asthma Self-Management This pilot aims to assess whether mobile health application can help pediatric patients and their families better manage asthma and improve control. 5/4/2015 4
  5. 5. Enrollment Poorly controlled asthmatic children will be recruited from the existing Urban School Asthma program conducted by Boston Children’s. Children and parents will be consented during enrollment. Participants are required to have a smart device. Intervention Participants will be provide access to the CareTRx app and be given instructions and a short tutorial on how to use it. Study Visits Participants will complete 2 in-person clinic visits at the beginning of the trial and post-intervention to measure asthma control and follow questions. Follow up visits will occur every 4 weeks to assess control and continued participation. Post- Intervention Participants will complete a final in-person visit to measure outcomes and be debriefed about the study. Participants will be told how they can follow up with study results or get more information about CareTRx or Boston Children’s asthma services. Pilot Methods: mHealth Tools to Improve Asthma Self-Management 5/4/2015 5 This pilot aims to assess whether mobile health application can help pediatric patients and their families better manage asthma and improve control.
  6. 6. Questions To learn more about the CareTRx technology you can visit us at To learn more about Boston Children’s Hospital asthma clinic you can visit us at