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DocSpot Plan Compare


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Simplifying Your Search for Doctors and Therapists

Published in: Healthcare
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DocSpot Plan Compare

  1. 1. RWJF & HSS Provider Network Challenge DocSpot Plan Compare July 13, 2015
  2. 2. Overview gives plan summaries Users can update coverage details Users can filter plans by carrier or plan type Users can sort by what’s important to them Users can select plans for more detailed comparisons
  3. 3. Scores indicate breadth of networks Free-text filter allows users to easily customize their searches Breadth of network shown for specific categories Composite overall scores make it easier to compare across plans
  4. 4. Compare plans in greater detail
  5. 5. Compare breadth of networks Chart shows which providers accept which plans Tooltip explains concept of network score
  6. 6. Map helps visualize networks
  7. 7. Profile shows more provider details In some cases, providers have reported whether they are accepting new patients Ratings page shows reviews and allows people to leave reviews Sources for the provider profile listed at the bottom of page
  8. 8. ● National Provider Identifier registry ● Medicare Provider Utilization and Payment data ● DocSpot also indexes ○ Hundreds of hospital directories ○ Dozens of websites with provider reviews DocSpot indexes a variety of sources for provider information
  9. 9. ● Leverage existing technical expertise, infrastructure, and provider database (developed over the last several years) ● Business models for product launch after contest: ○ Enterprise (preferred): license network analysis tool (with provider index) to health exchange websites and other insurance compare websites that want to differentiate themselves from current offerings ○ Direct-to-consumer ■ Develop prototype into fully functional product, using real plan data for select states ■ Either partner with insurance brokers or become licensed to benefit from referrals (similar to other commercial insurance finder sites) Operating plan: improve people’s search experience
  10. 10. ● Founded in 2009 with the mission of helping people make better health care decisions ● Offers a web service for sophisticated search across doctors and hospitals, allowing users to select highly specific criteria ● Specializes in integrating large data sets to give users a holistic perspective of their options ● Currently partners with industry leaders of health care transparency solutions ● Believes in the power of transparency and market pressures to change the industry landscape Company has history of innovative solutions