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18 Interesting Health Technology Startups


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An overview of 18 interesting health technology startups. Some are more successful than others, some are in a relatively crowded space. Slides contain an overview and insights into these emerging healthtech companies

Published in: Healthcare
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18 Interesting Health Technology Startups

  1. 1. 18 Interesting Health Technology Startups @garymonk 18 Feb 2015
  2. 2. Introduction • 18 health tech startups – A variety of applications interesting for differing reasons • Slides contain overview and insights • Click on image to visit startup website
  3. 3. cellscope Parents can check a childs ear, via iPhone otoscope, when an infection is suspected and upload video for clinician analysis • Interesting to see if this will catch on • Limited US availability currently • Price is fairly low at $79 with one free doctor consultation – then you start paying for clinician interpretation
  4. 4. DermLink One of the range of tele- dermatology services available. Dermatology, due to its visual and surface nature has high potential for remote management • How long before DrOnDemand offers a telederm service and disrupts these specialist telederm companies? • This sector of medicine must be ripe for consolidation. There are many fragmented offerings in this space
  5. 5. ZIPNOSIS 24/7 online diagnostic tool for common (and minor) medical conditions • Differs from traditional telemedicine as often a simple symptom questionnaire is all that is required to get a prescription for your fungal infection • Promise a response within the hour and an instant prescription
  6. 6. Uses a range of data from your smart phone, such as movement and frequency of communication to assess physical or mental issues. It can alert you and family members / care givers to help address these issues
  7. 7. FLATIRON Only 4% of cancer patients are in a clinical trial. Data for the rest is largely lost. Flatiron aims to bridge the gap by transmitting patients data to one place in the cloud and offering real time analytics
  8. 8. AgileMD AgileMD is a web and mobile app that gives clinicians fast access to guidelines, protocols, and reference information. • The act of simply just sharing information may well be useful but appears limited when you consider the potential use of artificial intelligence in clinical support and decision making
  9. 9. PROPELLER HEALTH Sensor that attaches to inhaler and provides contextual (time and location) information around attacks and exacerbations • Many pharma-co’s working on similar inhalers • Integrating with devices will lead to greater adoption and use
  10. 10. Mira rehab Mira uses games to keep the patient engaged and motivated through physical therapy. Patients can play games and perform rehabilitating movements at the same time • Interesting approach where the treatment actually becomes a game • Could be combined with a community to introduce a competitive element (A Fitocracy model)
  11. 11. TickiT Patients enter feedback about the experience and their medical condition in the waiting room via user friendly iPad app • Clinician can use data to improve care • Approach claims to improve efficiencies
  12. 12. healthgrades One of several tools (mainly US based) to locate and review / rate clinicians • Comprehensive database with a large amount of reviews • ‘A trip advisor for doctors’
  13. 13. zamzee Interesting approach to incentivize children to be more active • Uses game design to motivate • Fairly simple hardware, clips on to clothes and uploads to computer via USB (non wireless)
  14. 14. lumosity Popular brain training software that may need no introduction • Games cover various aspects of cognition and support improvement • A limited range of available games before you pay a subscription premium
  15. 15. TrialReach Essentially a clinical trials database, easy to navigate and search across a range of conditions • Global database of trial info • Opportunity for Pharma to partner and make clinical trial recruitment more patient friendly
  16. 16. ekso BIONICS Robotic exoskeletons that help victims of stroke and spinal cord injury walk again • Imagine a future where the technology becomes so sophisticated they are worn by the well to make them superhuman
  17. 17. PATIENTS KNOW BEST The patient is put at the center of their care and are the gatekeeper to their information and electronic records • The principle: it is the patient who turns up to all the appointments across a range of clinicians and they know best about their care • Opportunities for Pharma partnership
  18. 18. OMsignal Wearable clothing that tracks a range of health and fitness parameters • Main claims around optimizing athletic performance but has potentially broader health applications
  19. 19. SCANADU Health ‘tricorder’ measures vital signs by placing against the forehead • Interesting device – it seems likely the future will be measuring these vitals automatically / with minimal patient effort
  20. 20. AliveCor Patient activated ECG machine integrated with a smartphone as part of the casing • Patient must activate so not useful to record events post- hoc • Main focus is Atrial Fibrillation
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