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  1. 1. In the 1930’s there was a big sport dressing trend. Also there were long dresses (short at the back) and short dresses. There was outrageous hats and large but petite hairstyles. Quite a lot of people chose to wear yellow and green bathing suits (in the summer) The most popular outfits and trends were wedges, long and short dresses, big hats, painted nails and huge hair.
  2. 2. The 1950’s trends went down even more but short heels, puffy dresses and big leather jackets (for men) started to grow popular. For women pink dresses replaced latterns and became popular also hats always fineshed off the outfit.
  3. 3. The 1960’s dresses were bright and had lots of different flowers and lots of accessories to make them really stand out. The pants were all different colours and most of them were patterned with layers of glitter. Floppy hats were popular in the 60’s to! Small bags were introduced and were carried around nearly every day.
  4. 4. In the 1940’s clothing coupons were around during the war, which meant there weren’t any trends. Although, spotty, stripy and frilly patterns were on most dresses. There were only wooden soles and no high heels just platform shoes and wedges.
  5. 5. A very weird style was in the 70’s when people wore dresses (normal) but then had pants underneath them. In the 70’s bellbottom pants arrived. Once again there were still no high heels just flat shoes. Knitted hats started to build up and were placed in the shops.........soon people were wearing them daily. Peace necklaces were used and gold chains for men were popular.
  6. 6. Big baggy pants were likeable just like the flower power leggings. Leg warmers , parachute pants and oversized tops were a big YES! Huge earrings and fingerless gloves were fashion must haves. Jazzy patterns were seen mostly on leggings or tops or dresses. Silk dresses with diamonds on were really fashionable and so were funky patterns.
  7. 7. Horrible shell suits were not fashionable and not many people liked to wear them. The shell Suits were normally a dark blue colour. Tracksuits with poppers on were good to wear. A small amount of people wore short sleeved t-shirts over long sleeved. There were not many patterns they were all basic patterns. Tinted sunglasses, tight gelled curls and butterfly clips were a no, no!
  8. 8. The dresses were really short. High tops and geeky glasses were popular and we have lots of different patterns. Now we were necklaces daily (women/girls) Earrings with diamonds and other accessories on were really popular so was messy hair and cool clothes such as : Short tops , Shorts , Ripped leggings and lots more!!
  9. 9. THANK YOU FOR LISTENING!! 