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Clothes and fashion!!!!


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Clothes and fashion!!!!

  1. 1. Caitlin Doyle
  2. 2.  They wore really long skirt that got longer and longer every year. They sometimes wore different hat’s[lot’s of colours] They mostly had lot’s of flower and zigzag dress in the 30’s One or two old colours in the 1930’s There weren’t as much make up as we do now.
  3. 3.  They had a bit shorter then the 1930’s but puffy . They wore hats and have umbrellas and make up (not as much as we do) Most patterns were stripy and lot’s more. They were clothes more colourful then the 1930’s
  4. 4.  They wore dress up to there knees They wore jewellery and hat’s were out of fashion back then. In the 1950’s pattern’s were more popular. Clothes got more bright. They got bright each year and they got more colourful then ever. They sometimes wore sort socks, long spotty skirts and bright top
  5. 5. This is a dress from the 1950’s.they havenice coloured dress like this one:
  6. 6.  They wore dress just a both the knees in the 60s In the 60s head bands came in trend. They wore pock adot dress came in trend They were getting brighter and not as dull as they were in the past.
  7. 7.  They wore plain dress and pattern were out. They start to wear heels(Dolly Diamond is a type of shoe) Most dress got bright and colourful The dress were getting short each decade
  8. 8.  In the 1980 the wore big baggy pants(called Mc hammer pants) They wore flower power leggings in the 80s. Glasses and head band were in back then. In the 1980s flowers were in trend on dress In those day’s they were lot’s of different colours in the 80s
  9. 9. In the 1980 you will were pants called Mchammer pants and this is what they looklike:
  10. 10.  The dress are now getting shorter then ever There are more jewellery in those days Inthe 1990 there were basic patterns back then. The dress were getting more colourful and prettier
  11. 11.  The dress were short and getting short and stayed like that. We now mostly were jewellery. Don’t we? In our days we have lots of different patterns. Lot’s of clothes were bright and new There were nice colour like:purple ,red ,blue ,orange and green.
  12. 12. QuestionsWhat were your clothes like?Did you have uniform like us or different?What were your clothes like?Did you accessories?How has clothes change since your life time
  13. 13. 19801,They wore horrid and baggy clothes in 80s like the mc hammer pants.2,my mum uniform was the same as our but had a different colour tie(yellow, blue and red).3,they wore shell suit jacket ,flower power leggings and knees height socks.4,No you weren’t aloud any make up at all but I bet a lot of you wear make. Don’t you?5,Lots of thing she wore is now in fashion like flower power leggings.