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Internship @ Hauska & Partner


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Deadline for applications: 22 June

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Internship @ Hauska & Partner

  1. 1. In the age of information the biggest risks companies face are related to their reputation.Activism and new media brings more and more challenges for corporations – you can’t controlthe communication anymore. Instead, you can systematically engage with your customers andother stakeholders to manage risks and facilitate opportunities.We believe in the power of well built and managed RELATIONSHIP of a company with itsstakeholders. We invite you to be a part of this change when business leaders adapt the shiftfrom industrial age to the information age.Combine your knowledge of marketing, communication & management tosupport companies managing their internal and external relations. Youhave an opportunity to help businesses of various fields, incl. finance,telecommunications, oil, security, construction, FMCG, to improve theirperformance by facilitating their relationship with key stakeholders. International corporate relations consultancy Hauska & Partner offers internshipfor BSc undergraduates during the second internship periodWe see interns as integral part of the team and treat them that way not onlywhen recruiting, but also when educating and involving in the professionalactivities.In short period of time YOU will have the insight into the professional life youmight face after your studies. YOU will get new knowledge, know-how andcontacts. More important – we hope YOU will be a part of our team, whichmakes difference by creating new value through a meaningful communication. To apply send your CV and application letter until 22 June to Contact us prior for any further questions.