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Case Study: The most Latvian Windows ever


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Application for Baltic PR Awards 2010
Category: Consumer Relations

Agency: Hauska & Partner
Client: Microsoft Latvia

Published in: Education
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Case Study: The most Latvian Windows ever

  1. 1. Baltic PR Awards 2010 Category: Consumer Relations The most Latvian Windows ever Situation Even Microsoft themselves have admitted that Windows Vista was a fail. A lot of resources were spent to promote and develop it, but consumer refused the product as it was too “heavy” and unstable. Moreover, it brought damage to the reputation of both Microsoft and Windows “family”. Also in Latvia Windows Vista is perceived as a worst option for personal computers (PC). Microsoft learned from mistakes, engaged with more than 200 000 PC users, asked their opinions and developed a brand new product – Windows7 (W7). It has even more option than Vista, and is much faster and easy to use. Latvian version of W7 was not only translated as Vista, but also fully localised and adapted. Client briefed a Consultancy to develop a fully local tailor-made campaign that was unusual for local Microsoft representative. The main goal of the campaign was to focus on reputation – to use the excellent reputation of upcoming W7 in order to regain the good reputation of Windows brand and to grab attention of “ordinary” PC users. Research Study of global feedback on W7 showed that positive feedback dominates and there is a bunch of references to use for local communication. Interview with localisation team resulted in a new strong strategy line. Social media analysis showed that W7 has a rather good reputation in Latvia but still a low awareness of upcoming launch and the Latvian version. It resulted in traditional media- oriented strategy. According to international experience primary target group was specified: personal computer users with low or average interest about technologies. Stakeholder Analysis helped to identify key IT journalists, bloggers, life-style and business media; IT specialists; potential partnerships for communication. W7 Beta version was installed on computers of all involved Consultancy team members to test the product.
  2. 2. Strategy Objectives - Share of Latvian version of Windows 7 is at least 15% of sold software. - Sales in first month after launch at least in the same level as Windows Vista. - Key bloggers and IT journalists engaged. - Life-style and regional media covered. Strategy - To focus on traditional life-style and regional media as well as news portals as key communication channel as social media is covered by international positive influence - To highlight the resources Microsoft has invested to localise the Windows 7 for Latvian users - To focus on simplicity, low price of upgrade version and global demand Tactics - Strategic focus on traditional media resulted as: - Tailor-made trainings/demonstrations for bloggers, life-style and IT journalists. Content was tailored according to the knowledge level of each training group. - Based on needs of journalists an on-line survey was conducted that discovered level of knowledge about operating systems in Latvia. Data was used for several press releases; meanwhile, some media interpreted them by their own. - Tailor-made information for Russian media with focus on the fact that Russian version will be available one week earlier than Latvian - Security tips for dummies – widely used in women magazines Strategic focus on Latvian version resulted as: A nation-wide non-professional photo contest to collect photos representing Latvia in a collection of upcoming W7 wallpapers Interviews with localisation team leader Artūrs Rožkalns Media activities to highlight topic of Latvian language development in IT world, context of International Language Day used Strategic focus on simplicity, low price of upgrade version and global demand resulted as: Results of abovementioned on-line survey demonstrating that “average user” still considers Windows as “hard to understand” environment. Publicity event in cooperation with association “Go Blonde” gathering 16 blond top-celebrities spending more than 2 hours to get familiar with the new Windows 7. They announced later for
  3. 3. present life-style media that Windows 7 is even more easy to use and more “cute” than they could ever imagine. Weekly report on global and local demand. Faster interpretation of market share data helped to reach a high awareness of W7 success story both in on-line and traditional media. Results In first month Windows 7 sales in Latvian market over-scored Windows Vista for 20 times while in USA it was “only” 234% up Share of Latvian version of Windows 7 sold in Latvia up to 28% compared to 7% in Vista case. 16 bloggers, life-style and IT journalists visited tailor-made demonstrations of Windows 7, 14 PCs given for test periods, 12 reviews followed 87 on-line media clips, 34 printed media (14 in leading regional newspapers) clips, 3 TV broadcasts reaching more than 72% of target group. 39% positive, 53% neutral, 8% critical media clips, 91% includes product photos. Penetration of conveyed messages in 77% of media clips.
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