compiler construction compiler design artificial intelligence professional practices swarm intelligence and particle swarm optimization particle swarm optimization swarm intelligence basic blocks and flow graph basic blocks and flow graph in compiler design address in the target code address in the target code in compiler constructio code generator in compiler construction code generator target language target language in compiler design heap management heap management in compiler construction storage organization stack allocation of space storage organization and stack allocation of space backpatching in compiler construction backpatching type checking type checking in compiler construction type conversion type conversion in compiler construction semantic analysis semantic analysis in compiler construction three address instructions intermediate code intermediate code and three address instructions lalr 1 parser lalr(1) parser lr 0 parser lr(0) parser slr 1 parser slr(1) parser clr 1 parser clr(1) parser lr 1 parser lr(1) parser powerful presentation components and skills terms of reference in professional practices code of conduct in professional practices misuse of computer 7 habits of highly effective people traits of leaders leadership styles leadership styles and traits of leaders interview techniques interview techniques in professional practices why soft skills are important? soft skills soft skills in professional practices soft skills in profession difference between career and career path career path career career and career path difference intellectual copy rights and patents copy rights proprietary software shareware software freeware software commercial software open source software ieee ieee code of ethics code of ethics acm acm code of ethics group work in professional practices team value system emotional intelligence in computer science emotional intelligence naive bayes classification naive bayes classification example svm support vector machines (svm) computer vision an introduction to computer vision deductive learning inductive learning learning from demonstration learning from observarions deductive learning) learning from observations and demonstration (indu pattern recognition introduction to pattern recognition ant colony optimization computer cnn in ai convolutional neural network (cnn) cnn convolutional neural network pso
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