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Proyecto RUDES


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Guideline for promoting and developing rugby strategy to childhood and youth in Santander-Colombia.

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Proyecto RUDES

  1. 1. PROYECTO RUDES (Rugby en Desarrollo para Santander). Propose by: Harold Rodrigo Ortega Mogollón P.E.
  2. 2. ¿What is PROYECTO RUDES? This project is a guideline of the Development Plan to incorporate the rugby in extracurricular activities and sports of the communes, districts and educational institutions in Santander (Colombia).
  3. 3. DESCRIPTION  Rugby development program in Santander is promoted, directed and sponsored by the Liga Santandereana de Rugby, advised, guided and monitored by the Regional Development Officer.  It is a project of deployment, diffusion and mass sport of rugby in the region.  It aims to generate a sport culture around Rugby, the creation of institutional settings, formal and informal practice of this sport at the entire department.  Its aim is to increase in number of players, coaches, referees and officials, and a result the level of play and participation of our athletes in the process of national teams.
  4. 4. MISSION  Spreading Santander population a culture of rugby by methodological pedagogical strategies that project mass, assuring representation generational change to over time. new and the and
  5. 5. VISION Proyecto RUDES will be a development model that will radiate in its functional structure and methodological strategy to members of the sports environment, social and governmental national and international level.
  7. 7. OBJECTIVE  Convey the basic tips of rugby and culture through training, technical assistance and sporting events to the current rugbístic santanderean community, as people who are linked to the process, with strategies to promote the sport, massing and leading to fix a social structure whose purpose is the exponential growth in the number of practitioners, players, teams, coaches, referees, officials and competition in order to seek to realize greater coverage in the departmental area, make an ever better representation at the regional level while emphasizing assuring the generational change of the sport in the department of Santander.
  8. 8. LINES OF ACTION  Programa 10/10 (Childhood area).  Programa Intercolegiado (Junior College)  Programa de Escuela de Formación y Tecnificación Deportiva.  Programa de Capacitación Complementaria.
  9. 9. PROGRAMA 10/10  Is an initial program of rugby development consisting of a functional structure of sport growth (10 coaches in 10 practice groups).  Be developed with children, between 8 and 15 years old which will make your sport initiation.  The performance area will be communal areas of the townships from Santander.  This program will be based on the process of motor development and individual and collective skills of children and young people, coordinated by a trainer who subsequently exposed through a series of events (4 Festivals) in their progress in it.
  10. 10. PROGRAMA INTERCOLEGIADO  It's a growth program that seeks to link rugby in extracurricular activities at educational institutions in Santander  Be developed with children since 10 to 17 years old.  The performance area will be schools in the department of Santander.  It is done through an event (Festival) in his first year with the possibility of institutionalizing a regular competition in association with the municipal sports entity. Furthermore, the contractual relationship and / or employment of coaches at the institution where this process is developed.
  11. 11. PROGRAMA EFD  It is a complementing program the basic individual and collective skills of practitioners in the municipalities from Santander.  Be developed with children since 8 to 17 years old.  The performance area will be in focus or practitioners of decentralized programs 10/10 and intercollegiate program in Santander.
  12. 12. Programa de Capacitación Complementaria  It’s a complementary activity training to the training cycle planned and executed by the Regional Development Officer for coaches and active rugbístical community members in Santander.  There will be in ways such seminars, forums or symposiums annually.  The speakers will be people who have developed processes for development of the specialty sports nationally and internationally.
  13. 13. Features of Divisions and Levels Levels and divisions for to start the rugby’s development program in Santander are following: Level/Division MOSQUITOS (U-7 U-8 y U-9). PRINCIPIANTES (U-10 y U-11). TRANSITORIA (U-12 y M-13). PREJUVENIL (U-14 y U-15). Number of players Time of Game Three periods Teams of seven of eight players minutes with brakes until five minutes. Teams of nine players Teams of ten players Teams of thirdteen players Scrum details Lineout details Size of field N/A. N/A. 20 X 30 MTS (1/4 OF FIELD). Three periods of ten minutes with brakes until five minutes. Three peple without push. Tunnel of four people with opposition but without elevation. 40 X 30 (HALF OF FIELD). Two periods of ten minutes with brakes until five minutes. Six peple without push. Tunnel of seven people with opposition but without elevation. Two periods of fifteen minutes with brakes until five minutes. Eight peple without push. Tunnel of nine people with opposition but without elevation. Game’s features ANARCHIC GAME: Concentration of the ball. Sub-functions. Problems in understanding the game. DECENTRALIZED GAME : The function depends not only on the ball. STRUCTURED GAME: 60 X 45. FULL FIELD. Consciousness in the coordination of functions. DRAWN GAME: Actions included in the team's strategy.
  14. 14. BUDGET General project cost in the first year is following:     Training: $ 3'000 .000 COP (USD$1.483). Materials for trainers : $ 4'250 .000 COP (USD$2.101). Certified coaches Fees: $ 67'200 .000. COP (USD$33.234). Events (Festivals) $ 11'280 .000 COP (USD$ 5.578). Project Total Cost per year: $ 85'730 .000 COP (USD$42.398). (The intensity of the project implementation will be directly proportional to the achievement of resources).
  15. 15. PROYECTIONS Short term-Stage Promotion (2 years): Promote, disseminate, identify and establish working groups, practice, structure and resources that lead to the achievement of this stage.  Medium term-stabilization stage (4 years): Maintain, and expand decentralized environments and competitions.  Long-term Performance Stage (4 years): Exchange and participation of players, coaches, referees and officials with other countries ... attainment of own field. 
  16. 16. BENEFITS FOR SPONSORING INSTITUTIONS This project has the following benefits for public institutions with private and / or nonprofit to sponsor or support it: • Promote your brand on media and programs for children and youth. • Build serious agreements that allow participation in sports programs constantly. • Set common parameters jointly benefit. • Apply the concept of benefits support, sponsorship and / or donations, established in Article 76 of Law 181 of 1995 and Article 126 paragraph 2 of the Colombia Tax Code. • Promote rugby as both the institution itself in events, institutions and articulated programs that work with sports.
  17. 17. “We hope that this proposal would be welcomed to the extent of finding not only the foundations of development and generational change in the rugby’s sport in Santander, but also that the state, private companies and institutions find it a greater strategy impact and social interaction”.