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Portfolio @Sao Carlos GCDPs

  1. 1. AIESEC inSão CarlosGlobal Citizen Projects
  2. 2. Educational Project Global Citizen Educational Project – Wings 4th Edition The main goal of Global Citizen is to provide an international experience for young students without making them leave their city. The project aims to stimulate high-school students from public and private schools to think about their role and positioning on society. The sessions are going to provide them a better perspective of world, improvement of cultural tolerance and awareness about social responsibility through discussions of topics related to entrepreneurship, environmental issues, leadership and globalization. We hope to let them well prepared for the labor market, and to make them realize about their role as local leaders, doing their job as young citizens with more responsibility. The project also aims to make these young people more interested in extracurricular activities. Therefore, our mission is to bring multiculturalism, social responsibility and entrepreneurship inside schools. Also we are looking for being a positive influence for students on building and priorization of their values, providing an improvement of global mindset, both for students and volunteers from the organizations. GLOBAL CITIZEN EDUCATIONAL PROJECT AIESEC São Carlos - 2012
  3. 3. THEMESTHE PROJECT 2012 2012 PARTNERSThe educational project envisions working with 4 schoolsof São Carlos, private and public ones, in order toincrease our positive impact on students. TARGET GROUP The focus of the project is high-school, a student phase which has great opportunities to increase the global mindset of the students and to aware them about how much they can change their society. SCHEDULEThe program works with two cycles of activities: the first one occursin May/June, and the second one in August/September. In eachcycle we propose two weeks of activities per school. FACILITATORS The activities are going to be delivered by ten interns per cycle, and they will be allocated in groups to organize the activities in all schools. GLOBAL CITIZEN EDUCATIONAL PROJECT AIESEC São Carlos - 2012
  4. 4. THEMES 2012 FIRST CYCLE  Introduction: Interns presentation, supporting multiculturalism and cultural integration among different parts of the world.  Digital Globalization and Internet: Discussion of those themes in order to instigate students to use internet for being aware about world issues; Understanding about how can social media movements affect us and what are the limits of our freedom on web; How to make use of social media network and promote yourself through them.  Entrepreneurship: Introduction about the concept and examples of brazilian and international entrepreneurs, showing the current perspectives in the market; Which abilities are required to manage an enterprise and its connection with social and environmental responsibility.SECOND CYCLE  Introduction: Interns presentation, supporting multiculturalism and cultural integration among different parts of the world.  Leadership: Introduction about the concept and main attributes of a leader, reflexing about the impact of leadership nowadays; what is its importance in labor market, in our day-to-day and its relation with social entrepreneurship. Exemplification of leaders, how they lead, and their influence on students’ reality, who should think about what kind of leader they want to be.  Labor Market: The main goal is helping students to prepare themselves to this market, comparing old market with the new one (age of information, speed and focus on results); Contrast both markets (Brazilian one and from intern’s country) , showing how people see Brazil in another countries. GLOBAL CITIZEN EDUCATIONAL PROJECT AIESEC São Carlos - 2012
  5. 5. Third Sector Project Global Citizen Third Sector Project What is the project? The Global Citizen - Third Sector is a National Project which aims to improve the institutions in the Third Sector by bringing trainees from all over the world to apply their knowledge and skills to develop the NGOs and other institutions. In São Carlos, a town located in the state of São Paulo, well-known by being a technological pole as well as a city were more than 30,000 college students live, the 3rd sector is diversified and its needs are different depending on each NGOs reality. In our LC we’re experiencing the third semester of the project and we’ve already impacted many lives. We’ve brought people from all continents and helped to improve the conditions of several institutions. Last semester we brought 8 trainees who worked in 4 different NGOs. And this semester our impact will increase: our goal is to transform 18 lives, by bringing them to our city and providing a life-changing experience! GLOBAL CITIZEN THIRD SECTOR PROJECT What is t AIESEC São Carlos - 2012
  6. 6. JOBS 2012The jobs are usually related to the following areas:  Management  Financing  Fundraising  Marketing  Educational and Recreational activities With such activities, we strongly believe to be renovating the organizations and helping them to spread the change and the good to our community. Apart from that, the project will provide a multicultural vision to the organizations and evolve awareness about the global issues. LEARNING POINTSAND BACKGROUNDS The main learning points that the intern might obtain during the internship are:Leadership skills, Knowledge in Brazilian Third Sector, Team Work, Presentation Skills,Portuguese-Brazilian Culture, Social Awareness and Cultural Sensibility. For most of our TNs, there’s no specific background required. Goodwill, commitmentand proactivity are enough to help changing the NGOs’ reality. Most of the TNs require goodSpanish and English. GLOBAL CITIZEN THIRD SECTOR PROJECT AIESEC São Carlos - 2012
  7. 7. FINAL EVENT At the end of the projects, all interns will realize events called GLOBAL VILLAGE, in whichthey are going to meet students, parents and teachers, organizing a stand representing theircountry and interacting with them, promoting cultural presentations and talking about theirculture, in order to raise funds to the LC and enable the sustainability and improvement ofthe projects held in our LC. KNOW MORE ABOUT THESE PROJECTS http://www.myaiesec.net/content/viewwiki.do?contentid =10141859 http://www.myaiesec.net/content/viewwiki.do?contentid =10211063 KNOW MORE ABOUT SÃO CARLOS https://sites.google.com/site/discoversaocarlos/ GLOBAL CITIZEN PROJECTS AIESEC São Carlos - 2012
  8. 8. AIESEC São Carlos AIESEC in São Carlos provides a buddy for each trainee. Trainees can work in the Incoming Exchange area of the LC as a CEEDer, establishing cooperations with other LCs and attracting other EPs to our projects. We also organize a trip to a nearby town called Brotas, well known for being the paradise of ecotourism and adventure sports. You can check some pictures here: http://www.brotas.com.br/passeios.asp (prices should be paid by each trainee, if he/she decides to join). Host in student or family house is provided (it is possible that the intern may have to help with some costs regarding his/her own expenses during his stay, but not the renting). Welcome committee upon arrival and care for the whole period. TNsEducational Project Third Sector Project TN-In-BR-SC-2012-92 TN-In-BR-SC-2012-89 TN-In-BR-SC-2012-93 TN-In-BR-SC-2012-95 TN-In-BR-SC-2012-94 TN-In-BR-SC-2012-96 TN-In-BR-SC-2012-101 TN-In-BR-SC-2012-97 TN-In-BR-SC-2012-102 TN-In-BR-SC-2012-98 TN-In-BR-SC-2012-103 TN-In-BR-SC-2012-99 TN-In-BR-SC-2012-104 TN-In-BR-SC-2012-105 TN-In-BR-SC-2012-107 TN-In-BR-SC-2012-106 TN-In-BR-SC-2012-109 GLOBAL CITIZEN PROJECTS AIESEC São Carlos - 2012