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Rise of the Open Source Program Office for LinuxCon 2016


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Open Source Program Offices collaborate on open source, policy, governance, and github to help developers improve successful outcomes for open source strategy. We describe why OSPOs are emerging, how they work, and what this means to the open source industry. We highlight a Linux Foundation sponsored collaboration called the TODOGroup where program office directors are meeting to coordinate efforts and ideas.

The presentation was delivered at LinuxCon and ContainerCon in Tokyo, Japan in July 2016.

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Rise of the Open Source Program Office for LinuxCon 2016

  1. 1. The Rise of the Open Source Program Office Gil Yehuda Sr. Director of Open Source @ Yahoo Inc. July 2016
  2. 2. We declare Open Source has won “Open Source is more secure” “Developers prefer Open Source” “Open Source attracts better talent” “Open Source means lower tech debt”
  3. 3. Yet… Most code written is not Open Source Most Open Source code is not in a thriving community Many companies lack an explicit strategy to get Open Source benefits
  4. 4. This is not a technology problem
  5. 5. Open Source offers the potential... • To reduce tech debt • To improve interoperability • To reduce costs • To make software more secure • To attract better talent • To create de facto standards • To “make the world a better place”
  6. 6. Realizing potential in a dynamic system requires coordination. Otherwise, expect chaos. CC-BY
  8. 8. Consider the many players in the Open Source Ecosystem • Individual Developers • Software Foundations • Open Source Businesses • Academia • Governments • Vendors • … • and Corporate Open Source Individuals Companies Foundations Institutions
  9. 9. The Center of Thought for everything Open Source at your company • Horizontal • Senior • Staffed Strategy Governance Operations
  10. 10. You have a strategy, it might be implicit. Make it explicit. Strategy Governance Operations Technology strategy Technology assets Industry trends Technical debt Technology standards Business strategy Patent strategy Partnerships Acquisitions Foundations Talent strategy
  11. 11. Develop a consistent approach for each of the many cases you face Strategy Governance Operations Inbound Using Open Source code in projects Open Source Tooling Review of Acquisitions Outbound publications Publishing code to existing open source projects (CLA Review) Publishing code to new open source projects Outbound services Product pre- release obligation review Employee’s “private” publications Unauthorized publications
  12. 12. Inbound considerations: Web companies are also mobile companies; Mobile apps are distributed code.
  13. 13. Outbound considerations • Publishing code is only the first step to getting a community. CC-BY
  14. 14. Make Open Source part of the standard development process. Strategy Governance Operations Code Management Tooling Code scanning Code mirroring Incident Management Internal Security 3rd party Access and removals Teams and repos Metrics portals
  15. 15. Program Offices are governance, yet nobody wants governance Open Source Project Office is a service Educate with each interaction License and code whitelists don’t work Simplify: Ask & Get Help
  16. 16. How this impacts you: • Does your company have an Open Source Program? Are you the contact? • Do you wish to interact with corporate developers? • Open Source Program Offices help companies coordinate the activity of thousands of developers. • Eventually, we may help coordinate the many overlapping open source projects too.
  17. 17. Thank You! Yehuda/answers/Open_source And a member of